10 benefits: the positive side of being alone

10 benefits: the positive side of being alone
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There is a difference between being alone and loneliness. When you’re alone at home or missing your loved ones, these 10 positives about being alone might be a boost.

The difference between being alone and loneliness

Fritz Riemann, a psychiatrist from Munich, describes the difference this way: “Haven’t we all been alone without feeling lonely, perhaps we haven’t even sought out being alone in order to engage in something without being disturbed and distracted? love, to be alone with ourselves, without feeling lonely? And we all may also know that other experience where we were in the midst of people and still felt lonely – for example because we found the people around us strange or uninteresting or because something difficult to describe, like an invisible glass partition between them and us seemed to stand in’. So you could say: that being alone is a state, and loneliness is a feeling.

The positive side of being alone – 10 benefits

Lifehack collected ten benefits of being alone to accept and enjoy it. These ten benefits are described below.

10 benefits: the positive side of being alone

1. Recharge your energy

When we are surrounded by other people, we often expend too much energy. To please others, to make them laugh, to stroke their egos, or to read their emotions. Then there are things that you are constantly working on. It can bring your energy level all the way down because you are often in contact with other people. Spending time alone can recharge.

2. More self-reflection

Life goes by so quickly that there is hardly time to sit down and reflect. Being alone gives you the perfect opportunity to think carefully about your actions. Since you are not processing the thoughts and feelings of others, this is the ideal time to take a deep look inside yourself.

3. You get in touch with your own emotions

If you are always busy reading the emotions of others, you risk losing touch with your own emotions. Those who enjoy being alone will get to know their own emotions. You better realize what makes you happy, sad, or upset.

4. You will do more things that you really enjoy

It’s easier to enjoy being alone when you realize that being alone gives you more freedom to do the things you want to do.

10 benefits: the positive side of being alone

5. You become more productive

The time you spend alone is the most productive time in your life because there are fewer distractions. At least…

6. You will enjoy your relationships even more

Those who are alone regularly and eventually start to enjoy it will find that they value their relationships with other people more.

7. You feel more independent

Once you can enjoy being alone, you will feel more at ease when you are truly alone. And this naturally leads to a sense of independence. When you can enjoy being alone, you no longer feel fear or the feeling that you have to be among people. You can still desire it, but you are no longer dependent on it.

8. You don’t have to keep making others happy

10 benefits: the positive side of being alone

Life is a collection of relationships that will only last if both parties are kept happy. That can be real exhaustion at times. When you are alone, the only person who needs to be made happy is yourself. You can reward yourself with something that makes you happy.

9. You don’t always have to apologize for everything

Sometimes we hurt someone. When you’re alone, you’ll see that it means you don’t have to keep apologizing for what you’ve done.

10. You stop looking for recognition

We often crave approval from friends or family. Sometimes it is important to ask for advice first, but there are also plenty of times when we are well able to act ourselves. When you are alone you learn to trust your instincts and you are less dependent on the opinion of others.


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