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10 Facts about “the unsinkable ship” the Titanic:

facts about Titanic-

It is arguably the most famous ship that ever existed and the inspiration for one of the most famous movies of all time. The sinking of the Titanic on April 14, 1912 is a real tragedy that has haunted people for years. How did the crew not see the iceberg coming? What could have been changed to save even more lives? The accident raises many questions. Do you also want to know more about the Titanic? Here you will find 10 interesting facts.

10. The Titanic Cousins

There were hundreds of people on the Titanic and coincidentally two of them were cousins ​​. Arthur Ryerson and William Edwy Ryerson were both on the ship, but did not know each other. Arthur traveled first class with his family and William was a crew member of the Titanic. During the evacuation of the ship, William was responsible for filling the lifeboats. It could just be that the two cousins ​​ran into each other at the time, but neither of them knew anything about it. Fortunately, Arthur and William both survived the disaster.

9. The Japanese Passenger

There were people of all nationalities on the ship, but only one Japanese man. This man, Masabumi Hosono , was on the Titanic because of his work for the Japanese Ministry of Transport. When the boat was sinking, he wanted to run to the deck to get into a lifeboat. However, he was blocked by the crew who assumed that because he was Japanese he was only a third class passenger. However, he traveled second class. He managed to slip past the crew and still get into a lifeboat. The Japanese thought the man was cowardly for fleeing and called him a disgrace to the country. He was fired, but was rehired soon after because his talents were too valuable. Nice and pragmatic…

8. The Fourth Chimney

Photos of the Titanic clearly show that the ship has four chimneys. Yet one of these chimneys is fake. The ship had enough of three copies. So why was a fourth chimney built that did not function? At the time the ship was built, the appearance was extremely important. Four chimneys look symmetrical, but also radiate a certain power, luxury and grandeur.

7. Jack Phillips

He may be the Titanic’s greatest hero, but hardly anyone knows his name. Jack Phillips was employed as a radio operator on the ship. When the Titanic collided with an iceberg, it was he who contacted other ships in the area. The messages he sent have been preserved and it is clear that Phillips worked all night even when his captain allowed him to flee. He unfortunately did not survive the disaster himself, but thanks to his work the 700 survivors were able to be rescued by a ship nearby.

6. The Conspiracy Theory

Some people think the Titanic sank intentionally . The ship was owned by the White Star Line shipping company. A few months before this disaster, this company had already had an accident with one of the other ships: the Olympic. The insurance held the owners liable for this accident, leaving them millions of pounds in debt. Just before the Titanic’s departure, insurance was increased by millions, giving the company a lot more money after the Titanic sank. Perhaps to pay off that towering debt?

5. Memorials

More than a thousand people died in the disaster, leaving all their bodies in the sea. White Star Line was unwilling to salvage these bodies for free and so asked the families of the deceased to reimburse the costs. A large proportion of the passengers came from extremely poor families who could not afford these costs. This is why so many memorials have been built for all the people who did not survive the disaster. The families could not bury their loved ones.

4. Fire in the basement

The Titanic was sailing very fast when it hit the iceberg. Some people think that this was not quite the intention and therefore suspect that there was more to it. It is believed that a fire started in the basement of the ship. Here were the coal ovens that power the ship. The crew would not have been able to get the fire under control, causing the ship to sail at full speed towards the iceberg.

3. An iron-eating bacteria

The wreckage of the Titanic still lies at the bottom of the ocean today. Researchers regularly visit the wreck to gather new information. Today they notice that the ship is slowly but surely disappearing. This is due to a bacteria eating the iron in the Titanic. This slowly but surely turns the ship into dust. Some researchers say that in 15 to 20 years the Titanic will be completely unrecognizable and will lie like a pile of dust at the bottom of the ocean.

2. The lifeboats

Most everyone knows that there were not enough lifeboats on the Titanic. This is why only 700 of the passengers survived the disaster, while there was enough time to evacuate everyone. Originally, there were enough lifeboats on the ship. The Titanic’s designers decided to remove these boats because they would ruin the view. Otherwise, the first class passengers would not be able to see out of their suite windows during the journey.

1. The price of a ticket

There were three different classes on the Titanic. The first-class passengers paid the top prize: their tickets would now be worth between 3000 and 80,000 euros. They did receive a private deck, squash court, gym, swimming pool and Turkish bath in return. The second-class tickets would now cost about 1,500 euros. These passengers could use a library and a smoking area. The cheapest tickets were for third class passengers. They paid around 700 euros and the exact price was determined by their origin. They did not receive any luxury extras in return.

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