10 reasons it’s great to be (almost) fifty. Or older

10 reasons it's great to be (almost) fifty. Or older
We would almost forget. But of course, there are great advantages to being (almost) fifty. Or older. And you just need to know that. So here they come, girls. Let the good times roll!

10 reasons it’s great to be (almost) fifty. Or older

1. You’re going to look good ‘for your age’

This is a great well kept secret. And the truth as a cow too. If in the past you weren’t the direct cause of people twisting their necks in utter admiration when you walked by or if you were just mediocrely attractive like most of us, now you can finally get some worthy revenge.

Because those wrinkles also affect the beauty queens of that time. So for them, it really only goes downhill, when you start behaving according to your age. And that age is one of style, grace, and class. In your own way, that is. So it’s no surprise to any of us that letting your gray hair grow out is suddenly super-hip in fashion and hairdressing land. Old trendsetter you are there. This is also due to the following:

2. You need less

You now know exactly what suits you and what doesn’t. So miraculously you can do more and more with less. So with three beautiful dresses, instead of seventeen net-staples. With that two or three pairs of shoes that you really want, and that does something for you. Suddenly, your closet is full of one-third of what you used to have, you’re done getting dressed half faster and you also look better than ever. tada.

10 reasons it's great to be (almost) fifty. Or older

3. You’ve found out certain things

No, but really. And then you mainly find out what is just complete nonsense. So after about fifty years you really know by now that: Black is the new brown; Brown is the new yellow; Yellow is the new black; And so you wear what you like and what you feel good in.

4. FOMO is not your problem

Anything but, say. Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO), the fear of missing out or being skipped, is the least of your problems. Secretly you sometimes find it wonderful when appointments do not go ahead, and that couch is also great if you lie on it by yourself. With the cat. And Netflix. And that one glass of red wine. That may be ALL NOT be ALLOWED by the transition mafia. But today you are so nice.

5. You don’t care (anymore)

So you tell me how it is. Friendly, yet clear. Against pushy or unkind saleswomen. Against people who collect at the door on Friday evening at 10 p.m. for the cat fund. To that hairdresser who cuts your hair just below your ears when you just said you were growing it. Against staff in restaurants who make you wait for hours for a table without making a sound. Or a drink. Or eat. Or a smile. You don’t call that complaining, we’re not those types. That’s what you call clear communication. Should more people do?

6. Some people just don’t do it for you

And good friendship cannot be measured by the frequency in which you meet. You don’t have to please everyone (nor can you, even if you wanted to). And who you do see, you see with all your heart. And you take the time for that.

10 reasons it's great to be (almost) fifty. Or older

7. You will appreciate your body (more and more)

Because a woman over forty who wakes up in the morning with no pain anywhere in her body is probably, um, dead. Yes, this was a cynical joke, but a true joke. Aches and pains are normal after ‘a certain age’, and with a bit of luck you can get them out with some exercise (we just can’t get the word morning exercise out of our mouths). Actually, you are already happy if you manage to get out of bed in the morning in a decent way. The rest will come naturally.

8. You are not so easily (anymore) impressed

Because you’ve seen it all before. Or heard. Or
experienced. So you can’t do much with prestige, or a lot of money, or a big mouth, or
boasting, or fame.
Although thank God you can be impressed by something else. From nice people. And they come in all shapes and sizes.
You already know.

9. People suddenly ask you for advice (hahaha!)

And that is the first time to are shocked and to look over your shoulder to see if someone might be approached who happened to be standing just behind you. But one day it happens: a (younger) person asks for your advice. Or your opinion. Or your help. Based On Your Age. And you actually think that’s pretty nice. And rightly so, of course. But we won’t say that out loud. Because you have not only grown older but also wiser. haha!

10. You are no longer pretending

So you are now able to say kindly but firmly: Super nice that invitation. But I’d rather not go kitesurfing on a Sunday morning in February in a wetsuit on the swirling North Sea on the occasion of your divorce party. I’d love to see you at lunch, let’s have a glass of champagne!’ And this answer, of course, applies to everything and everyone that you wonder about its usefulness.

But we thought it was a good metaphor. For just about everything. But especially before turning fifty. Or older. Because if no one takes the trouble to pass on how great aging can also be, we would like to be the first. A matter of showing a bit of style, grace, and class. But we don’t have to tell you that.


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