10 Secret Weapons Of The Nazis In WWII

Secret Weapons Of The Nazis In WWII

At the end of the Second World War, panic set in: Hitler realized that the end was in sight. Hoping to win the war anyway, he tasked his associates with developing the most powerful and advanced weapons. This, of course, was all done in secret so that the enemy could be surprised with these new weapons. The result was a collection of “miracle weapons” that were supposed to save the Nazis from destruction. Here you can read more about the 10 secret weapons of the Nazis in World War II.

10. Fritz X

It was the precursor to the modern “smart bombs” that are almost the standard today. The Fritz X was radio controlled and designed to hit hard to reach targets. The bomb could carry no less than 300 kilograms of explosives, which made the Fritz X a very effective weapon. This is evident from the attack on an American warship in 1943. Once the ship was hit, the repairs took no less than a year. So the Fritz X did not remain a secret weapon for long.

9. The Sun Rifle

During the development of this weapon, the Nazis already found out that the technology was still a little too far behind for the solar gun to work. The idea seems to come straight out of a comic book. The developers of the solar gun wanted to send a 100 meter wide mirror into space. Once the mirror circled the Earth, it could be controlled from a distance. The weapon was supposed to catch the light of the sun and thus fire an incredibly strong sunbeam at a hostile country.

8. The Sonic Cannon

In any case, the Nazis were very creative when developing new weapons. The sonic cannon was supposed to be a very deadly weapon that used sound vibrations. In fact, this gun was just a ten-foot-wide loudspeaker with an awful lot of power. The idea behind this weapon was that the sound vibrations would be so strong that enemies from within would vibrate apart. The weapon was never actually used, as the Nazis realized that a giant loudspeaker was not the most effective weapon.

7. The Whirlwind Cannon

It was Austrian doctor Zippermeyer who worked out the ideas for this whirlwind cannon. The Nazis had managed to make a small model of this weapon. This scale model could actually fire small gusts of wind that could break wooden planks in half. The Nazis just couldn’t make a large version of the weapon. The whirlwinds were almost impossible to control, which made the risk of this weapon far too great.

6. The Bounce Bomb

It is of course possible to attack an enemy ship with a bomber, but the Nazis looked for other creative solutions. This is how the bounce bomb was developed. This bomb could bounce over the water and would only explode when it bounced against a ship. Controlling the bomb turned out to be a bit more difficult than expected. When a missile test on the bomb didn’t work either, the Nazis decided to give up the dream of a bouncing bomb.

5. Horten Ho 229

Not every Nazi invention turned out to be a big flop. For example, the Horten Ho 229 is actually a forerunner of the modern “stealth” aircraft that are almost impossible to discover. The small shape and sleek design of the Horten Ho 229 made it almost inconspicuous, making it a perfect bomber. However, the bomber was not a great success, as it was not used for the first time until 1944. At that point, the Nazis already knew that the war was almost a lost cause.

4. Schwerer Gustav


The name Heavy Gustav of course already indicates how big this cannon was. With a length of no less than 80 meters and a weight of 1350 tons, this is the largest gun ever made and used. Schwerer Gustav could only be transported on train tracks, which made this gun extremely impractical. Despite the gigantic shells the cannon was able to fire, the weapon was only used successfully once in the war. The Nazis managed to attack Russia with Gustav.

3. Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus

Weighing in at 188 tons, this is the heaviest tank ever built. The Panzer VIII Maus was not completed until 1944, but it turned out not to be the most effective weapon. For example, the tank was much too heavy to drive fast, which meant that it didn’t go much faster than twenty kilometers per hour. The weight did ensure that the tank could easily drive through water. Only one complete Panzer VIII Maus was made in total, as the Nazis found the production of the tank far too expensive.

2. The Goliath

Weight and size aren’t everything, because these small arms were incredibly effective. The Goliath was actually a remote-controlled vehicle, but a lot less innocent. The vehicles could carry 100 kilograms of explosives. The Nazis controlled the Goliath from a distance and drove the weapon directly to bunkers and other enemy hideouts. Countless enemies were killed at the touch of a button.

1. Sturmgewehr 44

The Nazis created many different precursors to popular weapons during World War II. For example, the StG 44 was a forerunner of the modern machine gun. Adolf Hitler was so proud of this invention that he named the weapon Sturmgewehr. The weapon also came with some useful accessories that made it even more effective. This made it possible to convert the gun in such a way that you could safely shoot around the corner. An infrared lamp was also added to the rifle to make fighting in the dark easier.

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