10 simple tips that can help you regain time right away


Do you often feel like you are running a race against the clock? Don’t have time for anything and have to do everything in a hurry? You have more control over your own time and well-being than you think. And on a different level than you think. This article describes how to make time your ally. With 10 simple tips that will help you regain time right away.

Time as enemy

Your body is not a victim of time, on the contrary, it directs time in your favor. But as soon as you force your fears and negative views on time on your body, the problems begin. A good example is a belief that you never have enough time.

This view leads to deadlines, a word full of symbolism with the connotation of mortality: if you are not finished when you reach the limit, you are done. Your body plays its part in this assumption.

Whenever you’re in a race against the clock, your heart rate spikes, your blood vessels constrict, and your mind races itself to keep up with your pace. Each and every one of these is a disturbance of body rhythms and therefore disturbances of the carefully created direction that your body maintains over time.

Time is not the trap

Ironically, side effects cause your body to break down at the level at which time is controlled. If you limit the anti-aging process to the physical level – by insisting on exercise, diet, vitamins, antioxidants, weight loss, cosmetics, and plastic surgery – you completely ignore the invisible level, which is much more important. Anything that disrupts your body’s timing causes aging. Time is not the trap.

Tune in to your rhythm of life

rhythm, happy

You can make choices that prevent decay. In other words, you can re-tune your body and make sure it regains its ability to control time. By taking the simplest step, you lay a foundation, making difficult choices feasible.

10 tips

1. Maintain regularity in working, eating, and sleeping.

2. Avoid drastic changes in your diet and activities.

3. Provide a well-arranged working environment and as little distraction as possible.

4. Take a short period of rest once or twice a day to give your body a chance to re-align.

5. Don’t expose yourself to stress for longer than necessary.

6. Take your time, don’t rush.

7. Make decisions as they arise. Don’t procrastinate and don’t get distracted.

8. Keep your focus on what you are doing. Concentrate on one thing.

9. Renounce violence in thoughts and words.

10. Live like you have all the time in the world.



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