10 x tips for rest during all the Christmas stress

10 x tips for rest during all the Christmas stress
Around me, as the holidays approach, I see the stress increasing and the energy decreasing rapidly. Despite all ideas and advice for planning differently (read: more structured) before the holidays, the holidays in an average family are often somewhat chaotic and before you know it you wake up with a confused head in 2019 and longing to rest and vacation.

The thing is, I don’t believe in ‘planning’, let alone arranging the Christmas spirit. Yes, there is a plan, a goal that you would like to achieve. Christmas dinner with the whole family at a set table, a banging end of this year. But as soon as you want to record this in planning, you immediately create a system that limits you from achieving your goal. Forced sociability, tense expectations

These 10 tips will help you stay true to yourself in all the hustle and bustle, enjoy the deeper meaning of Christmas and start 2019 with a new meaning.

1. Enjoy what you eat.

10 x tips for rest during all the Christmas stress

The holidays come with good food and I’m the last one to tell you to abstain from food. Most of all, enjoy it! Only, there is a big difference between eating a Christmas wreath with a sense of guilt or reproach and eating a Christmas wreath that you really enjoy. Same wreath, just a completely different energy and that affects your feeling of happiness and contentment.

2. Listen to your body and give yourself what you need at that moment.

By continuing to take good care of yourself, your energy and mood will be maintained. This is not only good for yourself, but also for the people around you!

3. Make meaningful choices.

Looking beautiful, an attractive house, a good conversation, delicious food, a family game or volunteer work for a good cause. You can’t do everything at once. Think about what is important to you, make choices that are appropriate and prevent it all becoming too much for you.

4. Don’t mind the time

10 x tips for rest during all the Christmas stress

(unless you’ve got a turkey in the oven!) Time clearly defines our day, which is nice, but can also be a huge stressor if it’s limiting you. Let go of the idea of ​​what time and in what order things should happenTea time, bedtime, breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner time, ‘is it time for drinks yet?’ time, it’s all relative. Just be yourself and follow your own preferences.

5. Take your time.

Now that you don’t have to pay attention to it, you have time to take it easy. Make your toilet visit a little longer. Breathe in and out slowly three times and enjoy this moment of rest in all silence. You now also have plenty of time for sincere attention and a more in-depth conversation. For example, ask your loved ones about their best moments in 2018 and be curious about their wishes for 2019.

6. Drink a lot and regularly,

and of course I mean alcohol-free; ) Especially if you receive visitors as a hostess, the catering for yourself sometimes falls short. Place a pitcher of water on the counter and top up regularly. By drinking enough, you keep a cool head and prevent you from sniffing too much out of an unpleasant feeling (thirst!). Extra tip: self-service. You serve the first round, then you invite the guests to grab their own drinks. Not only is this much easier for you, it also prevents everyone from getting stuck on the couch.

7. Dare to change.

Christmas is a great ritual. Because of the predictability of repetition, rituals give us something to hold on to and certainty. On the other hand, rituals can also be extremely limiting. It’s never too late to start a new ritual and break with what no longer fits.

8. Bring back the deeper meaning.

Christmas is so much more than the biggest tree, the most beautiful gifts, and the most culinary snacks. Share the underlying message of the Christmas story with your children. Share the meaning you give to this and take them to church or have them help prepare the food.

9. Move and breathe fresh air.

10 x tips for rest during all the Christmas stress

Indoors all day, on the couch, in the kitchen, and with the same people, that doesn’t make anyone happier. Play twister, dance to bad Christmas music and go outside for a game of football or the calibrated round through the woods, do what you like and let the energy flow again.

10. Look back and make room for new experiences.

The days after Christmas and before the celebration of the New Year are characterized by silence. This is the ideal time to look back at what 2018 has brought you and to make room for new experiences in the coming year. Learn from your experiences from 2018. Highlight what you want to remember. Thank people for their friendship or support over the past year. Let go of what no longer serves you and take with you what you can use to feel the way you want in 2019. Energetic, powerful, connected, radiant, satisfied, beautiful, relaxed, …

Which of these 10 tips appeals to you the most and what do you do to keep your energy and calm in busy times? Share your experience under this blog. You always get an answer or reaction from me and with your story you inspire others.


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