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11 ways to raise your vibration

As you raise your energetic vibration, your nervous system learns to hold and transport higher frequencies of light. As a result, your appearance increases, and your capacity grows; your energy is no longer spent on survival, but you have energy available for expression, creativity and design of the life you envision. How do you do it? Including the eleven practical ways below. (Want to know more? In part 1 you could read what exactly it means: raising your vibration.)

1. Find out where you are stuck

A Zen teacher once said, “The question is not whether you are stuck, but where.” Each personal energy field consists of higher and lower vibrations and flowing and less flowing parts. The energy of a lower vibration is immobile and probably suppressed, frozen or stagnant due to beliefs and patterns, emotions that cannot be felt, traumas that still want to be healed and myths in the collective energy field with which you resonate. This energy holds you in an old reality and it is not based on love, but on separateness; not on high, but on low frequencies. Ask yourself: where is my energy not flowing yet?

2. Self love

You raise your vibration by constantly turning your attention inwards instead of the outside world. Consciousness opens and gives space, energy starts flowing from it. Where do you feel a knot, cramp, pain? Where do you store fear or anger? Allow the feelings from the non-flowing area to well up within you, without judgment of yourself or the situation. That is an act of self-love and you immediately notice the effect: it becomes softer and calmer inside. If you repeat this often enough, your vibration will automatically rise. Over time, anger, sadness and fear transform into strength and (awareness and indicating) boundaries, compassion and gentleness. Moreover , you strengthen your nervous systemif you also make room for the low vibrations. And that is necessary, if you don’t want to be overwhelmed all the time.

3. Breathe, move, make sound

Once pain is touched and old patterns are activated, not only will your thoughts and emotions respond, but so will your body. You may start to breathe less, very shallow or high, you tighten or become still. In addition to attention and awareness, breathing, movement and making sound are the three best ways to get the flow in your body going again and to activate your life force.

4. Break Patterns

Old patterns are literally shapes in your energy field. They cause energy to travel the same route over and over, and most of the time it is not fulfilling. With each repetition, they also anchor themselves even more firmly in your field. Breaking through therefore immediately provides new energy. You do it, as soon as you feel a reaction coming on, by moving yourself to do something different than usual. Make a choice that may be the opposite of your regular pattern. Put on music and dance, talk backwards, beat up a pillow or divert your energy into a creative expression. Paint, sing, describe your restlessness, anger, or loneliness. That’s how you start changing the neurological pathways in your brain.

5. Raise your vibration

Even more important than changing your thoughts (with positive affirmations ), is changing your feelings. Here’s how you do it: Suppose you suffer from loneliness. Then contact it. Sink deep into your body, to your heart or stomach to meet the rawness and the pain. And then, from that lowest vibration, bring the frequency up to the other end of the feeling spectrum. You begin to move in the direction of love, as it were, you ramp up the energy. Use your imagination. You can imagine that you are accelerating the vibration and making it lighter, as if you were accelerating.11 ways to raise your vibration

6. Put yourself in a healing space

Breaking through old (heavier and narrower) realities and creating new (lighter and wider) realities is best done from a meditative state. Your ordinary, day-to-day consciousness is not really suitable for that. Sometimes during energetic sessions people enter a different state of consciousness, somewhere between sleeping and waking, a dreamy state; that is where healing takes place deep into the subconscious. You can use the moment when you just fall asleep or just wake up. Connect with your intentions and see or feel the wider and more loving reality that is in store for you.

7. Reach out to the light

The main characteristic of low-vibration energy fields is that they stimulate secretion. Negative energy wants you to believe in your isolation. While you can experience from the bright side of your life how you are connected to everything and everyone, once you get here, you will tend to disconnect. You can withdraw or get into conflict. This makes you even more convinced that you are alone or different and that no one is waiting for you. Reach out to the light. Find someone with a high vibration so that you can be reconnected to the mains. (You immediately break your pattern of disconnecting.)

8. Self-care

Self-care is an important part of your life. It is everything that makes you feel good and comfortable in your body. Go to the sauna, take a salt bath, get into nature, walk in the rain, sit in the sun, make time for intimacy, sports, dance, yoga, meditation. You drain old energy with it and recharge your energy field. Moreover , follow your own rhythm . Know when it’s time for action and relaxation. With a tight and tense nervous system, it is impossible to live a life full of love and light. Furthermore, limit computer and telephone use and avoid stressful environments. The human aura really resonates with the energy around it.While nature lifts your energy, electronic devices lower your vibration. It’s just physics.

9. Watch your intake

Smoking, alcohol and drugs ensure that energy in your field is suppressed and stagnated. In addition, the substances can create holes in your aura through which energy forms with a lower vibration enter. You support your light power with fresh (organic) fruits and vegetables. The fresher it is, the more light it contains. Also add medicinal herbs to your diet such as ginger, ginseng, ashwaganda, turmeric and sage (the list is endless). Homeopathic remedies (that are tailored to your specific constitution) and essential oils work on deep layers of your energy field and raise your vibration, making you more authentic and powerful. There is a lot of information available.Dig into what interests you and find out what your system needs.

10. Orgasm

Orgasm is the strongest energy force available to us. You can use the moment to raise your vibration and light up all of your chakras. The more time you take to build up the sexual charge in your body, the greater the effect. When the orgasm comes , feel yourself pulling the energy up from your base. With that you bring energy that settles in the lower chakras, in the direction of your heart (or higher) where it can be transformed. You may feel sad or lonely the next day. That mainly means that trapped emotions have come to the surface.

11. Live your life

And finally: for a higher vibration you don’t always have to do something. Sometimes that comes naturally. Because you get older and your spiritual chakras develop naturally. Or because your heart or your crown chakra suddenly opens. But it can also happen because of pregnancy; the baby comes in with a higher vibration than your own and therefore a major cleaning takes place in your system: the lower vibrations are vibrated loose and old energy is cleared.


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