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11:11 is a specific frequency to awaken you.

11:11 Is a topic that has been on my list of pieces to write for years. Many people have asked me to write something about this. But only recently did I feel the timing for an 11:11 article was right.

11:11 As a topic, it’s mostly discussed in private, between people who are already familiar with it. I haven’t come across many pieces online on this subject, at least not of the quality, depth and clarity that feel ‘true’ to me. A few people, including Uri Geller, have covered this topic, but most of the pieces you find on the internet about it are a bit obscure.

For years I have had the combination 11:11 on my website in a corner at the bottom right of my website. It was a nod to people, who already know what it means, but I suspect most visitors have not noticed it.

And when I got emails from people asking me what it meant, I usually replied that if they didn’t know that themselves, they could simply ignore it. And for those who do know what it means, the number combination serves as a recognition and can be the basis of interesting events.

What exactly is 11:11?

There are many levels to explain 11:11, but let me start at the most basic, physical level we can perceive and go up from there. This comment alone, of course, requires an explanation.

11 is obviously a number and 11:11 is the time you see on a clock. A fairly small percentage of people begin to see 11:11 more, as well as the number 11, than can be attributed to mere probability. And more and more often, when you notice it, it seems like you’re at the center of some crazy conspiracy.

If you’ve seen Jim Carey’s movie The Number 23′, you’ll understand that there’s a similar concept behind this movie, although this movie is far from the actual experience. In the beginning you might indeed get the idea that you are going a little crazy, but eventually that will pass and you will be ‘led’ to some fascinating insights into what we call ‘reality’.

Numerologically speaking, you can add up regardless of any number or sequence of numbers that appear in your life. Then, when you arrive at a number greater than 11, keep counting until you end up with a number that is equal, or no greater than 11.

A few examples of how I came across all those 11s?

First of all, my zip code, which is 89138. That would be 8 + 9 + 1 + 3 + 8 = 29, and 2 + 9 = 11.

My previous zip code was 89129 which is 8 + 9 + 1 + 2 + 9 = 29, and 2 + 9 = 11.

My phone number is 991-1252 , resulting in 9 + 9 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 5 + 2 = 29, and 2 + 9 = 11.

And when I include the prefix of my phone number, it’s 702 991 1252. And these numbers add up to 38 and 3 + 8 = 11.

The fascinating thing about 11:11 is that it seems to move back and forth in a person’s life. So when you deal with these 11s in your life, you will find that they run right through your past, as well as the present and the future. When I first encountered this thought, I thought I was going crazy, finding out that my whole life was infected with these hidden 11s…

I became aware of this phenomenon in early 1994 and just before that I had with my friend Erin. I discovered hidden 11s everywhere. I lived in apartment 119 and my first computer game was then sold in the store and had a barcode that added up to 29. At that time I had 92 CDs and my favorite rock group had made 11 albums.

The previous 4 phone numbers I had also ended in 11. My watch’s model had serial number 5600 and my television had model number 2729. My computer’s hard disk had a capacity of 245 Mb but when I used a program to compress software, I am looking for a capacity of 380 Mb…

And on top of that comes the time, which alarmingly often indicates 11:11! I notice that sometimes I suddenly look at the clock and then get this time exactly on my retina, often a few days in a row.

But there are also days in a row that I don’t even see 11:11 on a clock. Interestingly enough, while writing this piece, I just went into the kitchen to grab a snack, and the microwave clock read 11:1. My daughter Emily was actually born at 11:11 in the evening. And that seems like a fact that is quite difficult to ignore.

The ‘virus’ coming in through the back door…

Now a healthy skeptic will ask to stop at this point and tell you that this phenomenon is quite simply the result of self-suggestion. Quite simply, it means that you have put yourself in your head that you see more 11’s, and your unconscious attention system looks for this combination or number in your environment and brings it to your conscious level.

So there is a higher awareness of 11s because you are simply seeing the existing 11s more. You can even create some of these 11s unknowingly, and you might even unconsciously pick a correct number combination and then subject it to the 11 count.

These logical explanations are totally OK. They are neat, fun and orderly. Of course you can claim that I unknowingly saw more 11s because that was what I expected to see. I’m not going to argue about this statement because it really doesn’t matter. I’ll go even further than this statement, because it’s exactly how ‘reality’ happens when you’re a skeptic…

The logical explanations are all OK, neat, fun and orderly. You can claim that I unknowingly saw more 11s because that was what I expected to see. I’m not going to argue about this statement because it doesn’t really matter.

I’ll go even further than this statement, because it’s exactly how ‘reality’ happens when you’re a skeptic…

You know, it’s part of nature that everything you believe is automatically projected into your belief system. So if you’re a hard-core skeptic, the 11:11 phenomenon still fits perfectly into your current belief system. It cannot do violence to this system, because that is precisely what affects the cosmic principle of free will. The universe cannot show you anything that you initially chose to ban from your system.

Skeptics have plenty of explanations for the 11:11 experiences, and from their perspective all of these explanations seem correct. And so they are, from their frame of reference. Because there is no other explanation, according to them..!

And that’s exactly one of the reasons why the 11:11 phenomenon is such an interesting phenomenon. Precisely because it takes place in the dimension from non-probability to impossible (as observed from an objective standpoint), it is possible for this phenomenon to seep through the filters, which ‘normally’ prevent the phenomenon from reaching reality at all.

There are many phenomena that are blocked by an objective belief system. This means that events take place in time and space that can never, ever be perceived by persons with an objective belief system, because their belief system blocks these events 100%.

But due to its high probability, the 11:11 phenomenon is still able to get through our filter systems. Why? Because it is simply not possible to attribute it to luck, probability, chance, or the result of auto-suggestion or hypnosis.

That’s why the 11:11 phenomenon is such a smart gate. It is the way of ‘reality’ to place a thought virus, through a back door, in an objective belief system! And once this virus takes root, it begins to dismantle your objective belief systems.

To gradually replace these systems with more accurate models of ‘reality’. The purpose of 11:11 is positive, although it may not seem like it, when it gets to you at first. Its purpose is to ultimately undermine your belief system, the system of the physically grounded, objective way of viewing ‘reality’.

You may do your best to explain in any way why these 11s are coming your way. But once you’re infected, it’s only a matter of time before your old belief system starts to crack at the seams. Week after week and month after month, the 11s will come to you.

You keep seeing the 11:11 on the clocks and it looks like you are being stalked by the number 11 and it’s like you can’t get rid of this stalker.. Your logical system is not able to stop the appearances of this phenomenon .

Just give yourself a few months, maybe a few years, but eventually you’ll get to a point where you give up. Because what do you do when 5 years have passed, and these 11s and 11:11 just keep popping up, like they’re planning to break a record? Do you then hang on to the logical reasoning why these appearances might take place, within your objective universe, which is otherwise always so neatly tidied?

And the more often you try to avoid these 11’s, the stronger they come your way; they practically demand your attention… The 11’s are like some kind of annoying ghost that continues to announce its presence. And when you turn your back on this mind, it will only become more persistent in getting your attention; you can deny its presence and you can try to explain away its presence.

You may even convince yourself that it is your imagination that creates this mind yourself. But no matter how you try to box the apparitions, the ghost persists! Eventually you will give up. At some point you will turn around and ask the ghost what it is actually doing; why he bothers you so constantly. And the faster you do this, the better it is for you.

The Blue Pill versus the Red Pill…

11:11 operates as a short power outage in the reality matrix. Trying to spot its appearance through the regular activation system will give you some solace at first, but if you take your time, this answer is ultimately unsatisfactory. And with that, there are a few options that are open to you.

And option 2 is that you consider that ‘reality’ isn’t functioning as you previously expected it to, and that maybe, just maybe, these 11s keep popping up for a reason, with an intention that you simply can’t quite place. Option 1 is to conclude that you have been defeated by a certain determination and that you are infected with this crazy mental virus, which continues to filter your reality in a very special way.11 11

Option 1 is the Blue Pill and Option 2 is the Red. Most people do their best to keep taking the Blue Pill and continue to depend on the Blue Pill for the rest of their lives. But many have swallowed the Red Pill and are looking to see what will come of this. I am someone who has taken the Red Pill and I am now going to give you a look behind the scenes, what happens next…

A look at the Matrix

My first reaction to all those 11s was this: ‘Reality can’t be put together like that; it’s simply not possible.’ But then I asked myself: ‘ But what if it is possible..? What if something creates these 11s in my reality in a way that demands my attention?’


The continuous appearance of these 11s serves as a wake-up call. These 11s make it impossible for you to continue living everyday life the way you did. Whenever you suspect that you have got through life reasonably well, there are the 11’s again, which remind you that you are missing ‘something’.. Only to eventually come to the conclusion that your view of reality must actually be broken. become. It becomes clear to you that many of your assumptions about how the laws of the universe work are wrong. You’re almost literally clinging to a worldview that’s shattered, but you don’t yet have a new model to hold on to and replace the old one.

Losing your grip on reality can be – to say the least – a frustrating experience.

But the truth is that you are not completely losing your grip on reality, you are just letting go of your incorrect assumptions! And this in turn results in you opening your mind to new possibilities.

All in all, it will be a tumultuous time and you may start to feel confused and unhinged. The best thing to do then is to try to relax and let yourself be carried away by the current. I wish I could promise you that this process will happen quickly, but the truth is, it can take years. One cause of the problem with this is that there are other forces trying to pull you back, such as your old conditionings. They regularly try to convince you that the old model still offers a refuge.

11:11 is a specific frequency to awaken you, but there are many others. Such as the recurring number patterns 111, 1234 or 444. But some wake-up calls are also non-numerical events and you will experience these events as a recurring power dip in the reality matrix. And as they continue to perform, you can start to react very differently to this; surprised, with a smile or abiding in the silence of recognition. Eventually you will learn to observe the phenomena in gratitude .

Your intention to perceive.

When you are ready, the next step is for you to ask for the truth about ‘reality’. You have to do this consciously, otherwise it will not become clear to you. Say to yourself, “I get that my old model of reality is broken. I ask that I be shown that which I have missed. Let me start by seeing reality as it truly is. Let my assumptions correctly reflect the real character of reality. ‘

Give shape to your intention through your thoughts, but make sure that you also feel it; you really have to want it. You have to really long for the truth to really see ‘reality’, as a drowning man craves intensely for his next breath; if you don’t really desire the truth, nothing will change in your life.

It’s a decision not to be taken lightly; the truth about reality is completely different from the one you are taught in our society. It can be very uncomfortable to watch the construction of your old reality break down, even if you know it was rickety. Most people still cling to the familiar rather than having to turn their lives inside out because of such an immense shift in their outlook on life.

Unfortunately, it is also a journey that you have to make alone; it is a decision you make of your own free will and no one can force you to make this journey. 11:11 can force the door for you, but it’s up to you to go through this doorway.

There’s no point in asking for evidence of what’s on the other side of the doorway. Indeed, seeking evidence is in itself a contravened way to maintain an objective belief system. It is a choice you make of your own free will and no proof can be obtained in it, because that would influence your choice.

If you ask for proof, you will be shown something unclear every time. And as long as you stand in the doorway, you won’t get any proof of what’s behind the doorway. If you were presented with evidence, it would affect your freedom of choice, and that is a great cosmic contradiction!

This cosmic law says that your reality must align with your beliefs. If you choose to hold on to your old beliefs, you cannot and will not be shown anything that affects those beliefs.

However, when you want to throw your old beliefs overboard and embrace new ones, the evidence you sought so hard will be fully visible to you. When you consciously ask to see reality accurately, amazing things will show themselves to you, gently at first, but with ever-increasing presence and power.


The first change you will see is a wave of coincidence/ synchronicities in your life, more than ever before. Highly improbable coincidences will begin to occur in ever increasing numbers. This is a friendly way to put your old beliefs in a shed. Instead of immediately destroying your old reality, it will slowly begin to show cracks. This happens because more and more, almost improbable, but not impossible events and circumstances will occur in your life.

You have entered the 11:11 portal and many of the coincidences will be related to the number 11 or the 11:11 time stamp, especially in the beginning. At this point in your journey, you can think of these 11s as wayfinding signs to follow.

For example, when you look up and see 11:11 on the clock, become aware of the thought you had the moment you saw this 11:11. This 11:11 is an indication to you that your thoughts were aligned with the truth. For example, if at that moment you had an idea that you were thinking about to realize it, that idea is indeed worth carrying out..!


And when you look up and see 11:10 on the clock, that’s a sign that you’re one step ahead of yourself. The thought you had might be good, but the timing for executing it isn’t right; it would be too early to implement the idea.

If you look up and see the 11:12 time stamp, it means you are lagging behind your flow in the big flow. The thought you had was good, but the timing is just a little late. Other energies associated with your ideas and thoughts are already in motion. So make sure you are quick, otherwise you will miss the boat…

These kinds of ‘coincidences’ will be a powerful system for you and they will act as two-way traffic between you and the cosmos.

But of course you are not bound to these 3 times. You can wish for any structure, as long as it aligns with your current assumptions. If these are still very superficial, looking up to a specific time of your choosing is a good signal. It is a signal that fits into your belief system and that you can use again and again.

But when you expect, for example, a sign of confirmation in the form of a human flying through the sky, it doesn’t work, because these kinds of signals are normally blocked by your belief system.

If you want to open a two-way channel with the cosmic intelligence, it’s a great start to start with coincidences that you discover while telling the time. Think of it as the first step of a toddler learning to walk.

Eventually you’ll manage to get a broadband connection to the universe, but again, simple coincidences are a great way to start. It may even take a few years before you feel so comfortable with this matter that you want to take the next step at ease.

Coincidences will come your way completely randomly and unpredictably at first, but then you will be able to create them with your intentions.

When you have a strong intention and ‘let go’ it, the reflection of this intention will initially show itself to you as a ‘coincidence’. Then follow this path, wherever it may lead..!

In the beginning, the coincidences you encounter will come your way completely randomly and unpredictably, but eventually you will be able to create them with your intentions. When you have a strong intention and ‘let go’ it, the reflection of this intention will initially show itself to you as a ‘coincidence’. Then follow this path, wherever it may lead..!

For example, if you have set your intention to find a new hobby, such as public speaking, and later that day a friend asks you as a guest to a meeting he or she is going to and you see the clock at the same time 11 :11 AM, make sure you are present at this meeting.

11:11 is a portal, a doorway to a new level of consciousness. One of the many portals. It is the prelude to a greater understanding of ‘reality’. Instead of going through life as an unlucky victim, 11:11 shows you how to start creating your own ‘reality’.

And there are countless lessons you can learn along the way, far more than I could list here in this article, or even in a book! But taking the step through the doorway of 11:11 is a most amazing step for you.

Final Thoughts

One of the reasons I hesitated to write this article is that it is likely to be read by many people. Just by reading this article, many of the readers will begin to experiment with the 11:11 phenomenon. Because that is going to be a really big event, I didn’t want to publish this article until I got a clear indication that the timing was right.

At the beginning of this year, 2009, I began to feel that the right time to write about 11:11 was approaching, so I asked for confirmation from the Universe.

While pondering how I was going to write this article, I looked up and sure enough, the clock read 11:11. Later that day I got an email from someone who asked me what exactly that 11:11 in the corner of the homepage on my website meant.

This happens to me about once a month at most. Then I also noticed that someone on a forum had started a discussion regarding 11:11. And on that same day, I just got an email from someone who works at 11:11 magazine involved, a magazine I didn’t even know existed. They were interested in putting an article of my hand in their magazine. Touche..!

Then I wrote the 11:11 article on my To Do list, with a question mark. I had put this question mark after it, as if to ask, ‘Are you sure? Is this really the right time to write an article on this matter?’ Shortly afterwards I received a package from the postman with the magazine 11:11 in it and on the cover of this magazine it read in big letters: ‘ Say YES’ Ok, Ok, I am already writing this article…

And when you start seeing 11’s and 11:11 everywhere now, you’re ready for a solid ride. For me, this ride started about 15 years ago and the end is far from in sight. My apologies in advance if I let your “reality” rip. If so, you will probably wish me dead in 1 month, doubt these ideas in 1 year, and hug me in 10 years. I’ll hold out until you hug me!


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