15 Most Common Types of Breasts

15 Most Common Types of Breasts

Every woman has a different breast shape and each breast shape is unique. The chances are quite small that as a woman you will ever meet someone in your life with exactly the same breasts as you. There are big breasts, small breasts.

Saggy breasts, breasts that are straight ahead. Breasts with piercings and tattoos. Women with 2 different breasts. Whatever boobs you have, be proud of it. They are yours and most likely one-of-a-kind. Some breasts take a little more effort, especially the larger sizes.

Small breasts are again very easy and are never in the way. Everyone also finds something different beautiful, so there is no best or most popular form of breasts. Most of the breasts we see in everyday life are on advertisements or in fashion magazines and they are nothing like the average breasts of women who don’t make money wearing expensive lingerie.

1. The Symmetric

Just as full from above as from below. A rare phenomenon and very easy if you need a new bra again. The best part is that you don’t see any difference with up or down when you do a handstand. Always useful. Don’t get insecure if you don’t have perfectly symmetrical breasts. Like the number 8 on this list, you’ll find these breasts almost exclusively on lingerie models and heavily edited Instagram photos.

2. The Watermelons

In some circles better known as The Coconuts. Round and hard. Often seen on the beach with bikinis that probably still fit, before the appointment with Schoemacher. Somewhere in the distance you can always hear the theme song from Baywatch. Sometimes also found in natural form, although this is not very common.

3. Feelers

Found on women of any age. Make no mistake, a woman with these breasts does not necessarily have to have been a horse rider for many years. The chances of that are high. Looks a lot like De Splitsing, only with slightly larger nipples.

4. The Split

Do you have breasts that resemble De Splitsing and do you actually have no idea which way you want to go in life? Then you are made for each other. Just make sure you keep everything together a bit, that will make it a lot easier later in life.

5. The Headlights

Gravity doesn’t seem to have any effect on these breasts. Walking straight ahead with your chest instantly becomes very literal with this shape. Make sure you buy the right bras. When you come home from shopping with bras with way too much push-up, there is often more visible with one wrong move than most women are comfortable with.

6. The Apricots

The Apricots hang a little and look straight down, as if they are always watching where you walk. Hence the English nickname for these breasts is ‘The Watchers’. Often with this shape you can no longer see where you are walking, let’s just leave that aside.

7. The Church Bells

Most women with this type of breast have a larger than average cup size. They are very similar to the milk bottles, only they do not have to be a child. Back pain is not uncommon with this type of breast and good support is therefore very important.

8. The Full

Many men will describe this wholeheartedly as the perfect facade. These are the breasts you most often see on lingerie brand advertisements. The stereotypical beautiful breasts. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry if you have other types of breasts, these are very rare, just like De Symmetrice.

9. East West

These breasts are both to the outside. You also need a larger cup size than most women for this type. Not to be confused with Stomach Sleepers. The East-West is the natural shape, however you sleep. It is best to wear bikinis that close well at the side.

10. The Torpedoes

Better known in Australia as The Ian Thorpes. For those who don’t know him, this set of breasts is named after the famous Australian swimming hero Ian Thorpe. Just like the nickname of these breasts, the nickname of Ian Thorpes is The Torpedo.

11. The Athletic

As the name suggests, you often see this couple in the gym. Just like in well-trained men, this chest has more muscle than fat. One thinks it’s beautiful, the other doesn’t like it. Fortunately, you can choose to go for this, or not. Few women have this shape of breasts without much exercise.

12. Milk Bottles

These breasts have been nicknamed Milk Bottles because they are most often found in mothers with a newborn. Milk production is then in full swing and it shows. The growth can go so fast that your body cannot get used to it quietly and this often leads to neck complaints.

13. The Asymmetrical

Each pair of breasts is unique. However, these breasts are unique in their own right. With these breasts it is almost impossible to find a standard bra or bikini that fits perfectly. One is too free, or the other is too tight. Fortunately, there are plenty of places where you can order custom sizes, in this case two sizes.

14. The Stomach Sleepers

Often these are very large breasts where sleeping on your stomach is the easiest. On your back they sink to the sides and on your side it can sometimes hurt a lot. Especially inconvenient if you don’t wear bras in bed. When doing office work, sit up straight to protect your back. You can always put them on the table.

15. The Relaxed One

Just nice nothing. These boobs look like there’s nothing wrong with that on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Relaxed on the couch, hang out with a movie and a glass of wine, maybe do something later. But probably not.


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