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16 things you can say goodbye to for good in 2016.

The new year has only just begun and, as always in the winter season, we are busy making all kinds of great resolutions to improve our lives, grow and make dreams come true. Whether you’re the type who thinks in solutions or you prefer to look back and see how you can improve things from the past year, there are always things we can do to develop ourselves, which in many cases make our lives easier. and will be more enjoyable.

Below is a list of 16 things, which I personally think we should say goodbye to in 2016 (and indeed, I chose 16 because of the year 2016):

  1. Stop running away from problems.

You can’t keep running from your problems and you can trust me, the longer you keep running away from something, the harder it gets to take the bull by the horns. Challenges come your way for a reason and no matter how difficult it can be to meet the challenge, you always come out victorious over yourself, with a better version of yourself. There is nothing more wonderful than the liberating feeling of finally having solved something that you have dreaded for a long time.

  1. Stop fooling yourself and others.

I think lying is a cumulative process. What begins as a “white white lie” (possibly with the intent not to hurt anyone) spirals into a completely false reality, where the biggest factor stopping you from sharing the truth is the fear of being called a liar . Besides the fact that we sometimes lie to someone else, we usually lie to ourselves, to protect our oh-so-vulnerable ego.

We even tend to lie to ourselves while reading this list so as not to admit how many of these pitfalls we fall into on a daily basis. Remember that the past ultimately helped shape you to be who you are now, but it doesn’t define you who you really are. There is always an opportunity to switch to full honesty and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much lighter and freer it makes life feel.

  1. Stop being afraid of making mistakes

Making mistakes – or making mistakes – can be very frustrating, but it’s not worth stopping you from doing something you really want to do. We all know we can learn from our mistakes, but remember that we learn even more if we are willing to step out of our comfort zone and do something completely different or completely new.

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others

Whether it’s an icon, or a friend, or a colleague, many people have a natural tendency to compare themselves and their circumstances with those of another. Just think how many times you don’t say to yourself while watching someone else’s fun life, “I wish I could too…” as the famous saying goes, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” Whether or not the grass is greener, it doesn’t affect the grass under our own feet—the only grass we should be focusing on. From the moment we stop comparing and focus on our own experience, peace descends into our minds, we see things as they really are, and find the motivation to change if we need to.

  1. Stop living in the future

Whether it’s something temporary like a planned vacation or something permanent like your retirement, living in the future has one important consequence: keeping us from being in the NOW. One thing is absolutely certain: we will never get any younger in this life than we are now, so now is the right time. This is not to say that you can no longer make plans for the future – because that can certainly be useful – but that we concentrate on the NOW and trust that the future itself will determine when something is the right time.

  1. Stop pitting others

Nobody is charmed by a negative Nico or a pessimistic Petra, while many people make it a habit to regularly share only unpleasant and unpleasant things with others. As good as it may feel to receive sympathy, we know very well that it doesn’t change the situation we are complaining about. In fact, it becomes a much larger part of your own reality because of it, for now you are no longer the only one who knows. Just accept the situation as it is and choose to change yourself instead of burdening others with grievances or emotions.

  1. Stop living in the past

As previously described, the past has helped shape you into who you are now, but not exactly who you really are. This applies to your positive view on it as well as to something that you would prefer to forget.

Reminiscing can be both enjoyable and depressing, in the end it doesn’t matter to the NOW. Instead of blocking yourself with comparisons between the present and the past, try focusing your energy and attention on the person sitting across from you right now.


  1. Stop procrastinating on everything

You could also just call this ‘laziness’, which is a plausible description of what preoccupies the largest percentage of us humans. Laziness is a deadly pandemic that originated and still manages to trap us—more often than we would like—in idle idleness.

Remember that there is no time except the NOW and if you choose to show laziness who is in charge here, you will be amazed at how contagious it is to be active in the NOW. You will undoubtedly be more productive, but also more motivated to do many more things than you could ever have imagined.

  1. Stop blaming others or anything

Although we all sometimes feel ourselves the victim of a person or a situation, most of the time (and wrongly) we like to put the blame elsewhere. While this can be an effective means of avoiding another person or situation, in the end it won’t work if you’re trying to avoid inner conflict.

After all, deep down you know very well what is the cause of even the biggest lie and continuing to bypass it really does not make your life path any easier. Take responsibility for what you have caused or what is blocking you, so you have more control over your own reality and you will feel a lot more comfortable.guilt


  1. Stop letting the past dictate how you feel about others

Your boyfriend may have unnecessarily called you a jerk three years ago, but that doesn’t mean you should still find him a jerk today. Always use your own intuition to determine which people you want to associate with, but don’t let the past play a role in that.

No matter how difficult or fraught something may have been, the past is just ‘luggage’ that has no bearing on the NOW. Think about how you have changed and grown in your life over the years. It would be very foolish not to want to see that the same applies to everyone around you.

  1. Stop cherishing expectations

Let’s face it, our fantasy loves to wander and in most cases our fantasy creates expectations that are many times greater than we can humanly realize. As nice as it can be to get lost in tralala land every now and then, it is better to stay grounded and in the NOW, even if that seems less appealing.

Countless people have told me that the best things in life always happen when you least expect them, so why put your expectations too high? It comes as it comes. Stay in the moment, this makes events seem much more exciting (if you didn’t happen to think of them already).

  1. Stop looking for the perfect partner

Not only is our idea of ​​perfection heavily influenced by advertising, entertainment and popular media, but our idea of ​​perfection changes day by day, so ultimately perfection is untraceable. Instead of concentrated searching for the perfect partner, it is better to ask yourself what exactly you need to feel complete and at home with yourself.

We all have the capacity to love ourselves completely, relationships are simply an extension of that. Letting go of the need to strive for perfection will also make you a lot more spontaneous in connecting and sharing experiences with all kinds of people who cross your path – reminding you that true love can often be found in the strangest places. can be found.

  1. Stop pretending to be different than you are

Again, whether it’s the influence of public opinion, advertising or media, or simply the preference for someone you’re trying to impress, we’re certainly not doing ourselves any favors by pretending to be someone you really are. Even if all your charades get you what you wanted, it’s still a false version of who you really are. Focusing on fully understanding yourself, knowing yourself, knowing who you really are, will take your life far beyond anything that is artificially created.

  1. Stop hurting yourself

As insulting as other people can be, no one is capable of being more evil to us than… ourselves. Whether you’re trying to forget your crashed high school crush, lost a game, or something else annoying, there’s no need to let the NOW be influenced by things from the oh-so-painful past. Being able to choose any moment for a new NOW, instead of blocking yourself with all kinds of irrelevant thoughts, is really liberating!

  1. Stop living in the digital world

We all love the digital world. How do I know? Just by reading this article you are in the digital world. Of course the internet, mobile phone, tablet and all other electronics are wonderful tools, but in 2016 let’s make sure we don’t get lived by them. Use them when it is really necessary, but let’s also regularly provide our normal lives with activities in nature, sports and games, a good conversation…

  1. Stop just reading and doing nothing

As great as books, quotes and also articles like this can be to remind you of everything we actually already know, you’re also supposed to put all this knowledge into action. Use this information as a starting point for new things to do, rather than reading and rereading over and over to remind yourself of them.

In the here and now, I wish you another great 2016, with many new challenges and experiences.


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