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20 clues that you have found your soul mate.

Finding a soul mate is the number 1 priority for many people. Personally, I think there are plenty of opportunities to actually find one. Your soul mate does not necessarily have to be just one person. There is one theory of reincarnation that I have always resented and that is the belief that when a person dies, the soul breaks into countless pieces.

Those pieces are randomly merged with the pieces of other souls to create new souls and new people. So when you meet someone you really click with or someone you feel very strongly about that you have hit your soul mate, then in reality you find pieces of your soul in the other person and the other person finds pieces of his/her soul in yours .

Handy isn’t it? No matter how it happens, these are 20 signs that you’ve found your soul mate:

  1. Your soul mate is endlessly loyal to you.
  2. Your soul mate is always your advocate.
  3. Your soul mate has a rectified compass.
  4. Your soul mate awakens intense passion in you.
  5. You can communicate comfortably with your soul mate.
  6. Your soul mate makes you feel special.
  7. Your soul mate transcends spiritual boundaries with you.
  8. Your soul mate appreciates your affection.
  9. Your soul mate thinks you’re just irresistible.
  10. Your soul mate makes you feel safe.
  11. You feel like you can trust your soul mate completely.
  12. Not only do you experience endless love from your soul mate, you also feel it.
  13. You are more spiritually connected with your soul mate than with anyone else.
  14. You can spend time in silence with your soul mate and still know what the other person is thinking.
  15. Even in difficult times you find strength in your soul mate.
  16. Your soul mate shares with you all secrets, hopes and dreams.
  17. Your soul mate has the same ideas about raising children as you do.
  18. Your soul mate always involves you in decisions big and small.
  19. Your soul mate stimulates you to improve yourself and vice versa.
  20. You and your soul mate thrive together in human terms of being ‘happy and successful’



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