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2018: the rediscovery of the Feminine

2018 = 2+1+8 = 11=2

Numerologically we have arrived in 2 years since the turn of the year. And not just in a 2 year, but in an 11/2 year. The two is the first and most pronounced feminine number; So this year has a very strong feminine vibration. The master number 11 guides this feminine vibration and is about cosmic powers, higher insights and intuition. 11 is also about leadership and cosmic consciousness. And for this year, I also suspect about female leadership and the revival of ‘the feminine’.

A topic that raises many questions: What does it mean to be a woman? What is femininity in the present day? And what is my femininity, what is my added value?

Imbalance between the masculine and feminine

This article (which consists of two consecutive parts) is not about demanding women’s rights or about blaming the man. It’s about the masculine versus the feminine energy . About the imbalance that is currently on our planet. The imbalance in each man and woman individually. About us all.
In the second article I will discuss the consequences this has for the feminine. And what it takes to balance that imbalance.

Our Yang-dominated world

But this first part is about the current imbalance of our society and how this came about.
The world we live in is largely conceived, designed and built by men. For thousands of years, men have been at the helm of shaping our society. The current politics, our economy, the social structures, everything was a male design. It is a world that functions from masculine energy and principles. Based on male thinking models and qualities and that’s how it’s been for thousands of years.

Feminine vs Masculine Energy

The masculine energy is the energy of the outward looking. It’s about action and purpose and creativity. The masculine includes the distinctiveness, seeing the differences and categorizing. In this way the masculine searches for truth.

The feminine energy is the energy of receptivity. Of the attention, the energy that wants to feed and care. It is the energy of nurturing, expecting and trusting. It senses potentials and knows what something needs to mature and develop. The feminine stands for connection, synthesis and fulfillment in the relational. In this way the feminine searches for truth.

Torchbearers of Yin & Yang: woman & man

Yin and Yang both contain very valuable elements that keep each other in balance. For us as humans, but also as a planet as a whole. When it is in balance, it reflects this through health. Everything that lives in our universe carries both the Yin and the Yang energy. The man has Yin energy just as much as the woman, and the woman has masculine energy just as much. But just as men are torchbearers of the Yang energy, women are torchbearers of the Yin.

Shadows of Yang

Like everything in our relative earthly existence, every value has its opposite. Its light and its shadow side. The masculine outward orientation can turn into wanting to fight the outside world and urges such as egoism, bluntness and condemnation. This results in aggression, domination, and dictatorship. 

The passing of the action- and result-oriented expression is expressed in wanting to put a stamp on everything, display of power and territorial drive. The healthy competitive, when it breaks down, tends to be aggressive, competitive, and belligerent. When status and showdown go too far, it results in addictions to success, power over others, and conquest. Distinctiveness and the search for truth have the shadow side of discriminating, excluding and creating contradictions and encourages rigidity.

Shadows of Yin

The same goes for the feminine, her Yin qualities can break in a destructive way. The feminine value of the nourishing and the nurturing can strike out in a way in which the woman forgets and sells herself short. This leads to insecurity, dependence, fear of rejection and a lack of self-esteem. Being patient, expectant and full of confidence can turn into uninitiated waiting and passivity. 

The receiving, nurturing has the dark side of effacing oneself for another, for the family, the community or for something greater. The accepting then becomes apathetic and lifeless.
The connecting, relationship-oriented feminine side can spill over into wanting to merge with loved ones, or suffocating or symbiotic relationships in which she makes the other and herself dependent.

So both energies have indispensable qualities, but also have their own shadows when they overshoot. They are almost stereotypical personas that we can categorize according to these qualities and their downsides. Something that is eagerly used in movies, soap operas and literature.

Historical causes of the imbalance

In our western societies there are very powerful masculine qualities, but she lacks her balance. She lacks the balance between Yin and Yang.
This imbalance is easily explained from a historical perspective of socio-economic relations. Due to a long-term primary focus from the male initiative, in the construction of our world, the male energy has become too big and has gone too far in its shadow. The Yang-oriented individualism, putting yourself down and profiling yourself in the world, has received a very high appreciation in our society.

Through careers or enterprises, we try to achieve a high status. Competition and competition permeate many aspects of our lives. And the right of the strongest, smartest, most beautiful, fastest or most creative triumphs in our lifestyle. We have come to see life as a competition. A race with each other in which we try to stay at the forefront. This is reflected in today’s society in which it is all about speed and effectiveness. About result orientation, logical analyses, (technological) domination and the exploitation of nature and people. And this way of life, as we are all beginning to realize, has come to an end.

The degradation of Yin

The current design of our social institutions and structures is at odds with the female Yin values. Yin values ​​in society express themselves in the nonviolent, the sustaining and the community spirit. It’s about including differences, it’s about reciprocity and connections within life as a whole organism. These feminine values ​​are not only lived by women. They are simply values ​​that both men and women have the potential to carry within them.

Hunting the Feminine

However, century after century, generation after generation, over thousands of years these feminine values ​​and energies were suppressed, subordinated and even mocked. Both in men and in women.
And with the rise of churches they were completely banned. The personification of this energy – powerful, intuitive and sensitive women – posed a threat to the religious authorities. For a long time, women who expressed strong Yin qualities were even hunted, known as the ‘Witch Hunt’. Between about 1480 and about 1700, an estimated 40,000 to 100,000 women were murdered. Killed for their witch-like qualities. Because of their femininity.

Recent developments

In some places, this hunt for women continued into the late 18th century. But even after that, the woman – the symbol for the feminine – remained disadvantaged and hidden away. In the 18th, 19th and part of the 20th century, women were made extremely difficult to live their authenticity or to develop personally.
Women were not allowed to interfere or participate in decision-making in the public domain. They were expected to do the housework, bear children and take care of their families. They served as facilitators to the man. In addition, the woman was the lust object, on which the man could unleash his potential. Again, it is not a question of guilt, but a perspective on cause and effect.
Because of these historical developments, women lost connection with their original Yin values ​​over the centuries. And so the connection with their inner strength, self-confidence and power.

The tide is turning for women

Very slowly, women were taken more seriously and given more rights. It was admitted with difficulty, but in 1922 the first woman was allowed to vote on the world in which she lived.
It all seems so long ago, but in all those centuries – since 5000 years before our era the feminine was slowly but surely expelled from society – a mere hundred years is of course a pittance.

The tide seems to have turned, our grandmothers and mothers gave women equal rights in this world. But equal rights does not mean equality. Because how equal is it actually that women are currently still paid less than men for the same work?

Can Yin really be Yin in a Yang world?

But more importantly, do women really want this job? Work in which they have to profile and prove themselves? Does that upward career ladder suit women? Or have women been saddled with ‘this way’ of working because the work they came to do was taken from them thousands of years ago? How fulfilling is it to participate in a world where you had nothing to say while designing and building? How at home can you feel in a world that is not designed with female nature in mind?

Remembering and Redesigning Yin

I see, hear and notice that this can be quite a struggle for many women . A search where we often don’t even know that we have forgotten something. Let alone that we know what we are looking for. In my opinion, much more awareness is needed on this subject. Insight and understanding of the influence, consequences and imminent finiteness of our Yang-dominated way of life. And then initiative to rediscover and redesign Yin values ​​throughout our society. And in ourselves, men and women.

Great Consciousness Transformation

This requires a major transformation of our attitude and way of life. Of the design of our world. And like any great transformation, this one begins with personal consciousness transformation. We are all individually part of that right now. We each contribute to that. By means of the life you are living now, by being there; to be aware. By widening, broadening and sometimes focusing our consciousness we can make this transformation manifest.
But first of all it is necessary to become aware of the imbalance between Yin and Yang. To see through how Yang dominates our social structures and how it breaks into its shadow.

Looking for feminine qualities

All of us, both male and female, can contribute to more balance between Yin and Yang. By becoming aware of their own roles, mechanisms and automatisms. But especially by looking for the feminine qualities and values ​​in yourself in your work, family. The roles in your everyday life.

In the next article , I’ll talk about what happens when women don a “masculine suit.” What is the result of denying your feminine nature and how to recognize this in yourself. But also how women can remember their forgotten role, wisdom and value. And how femininity can be redesigned in 2018. 


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