2020: What the new era will bring you

2020: What the new era will bring you

In 2020, an acceleration of changes will start towards a new time and a new world that will last about 13 years. That creates extra chaos, which makes everything seem to get worse. But looks are deceiving. It is a transformation that will bring us a lot.

What is happening?

Everything is shifting and it will accelerate. Priorities change because the world is changing fast. The positive changes in the world will accelerate over the next 13 years. Fortunately, the reversal towards more connection and more together has already been made before. So things have been going in the right direction for a while now. Due to the acceleration, it will not always be easy and for some also heavy. But there are also many new possibilities.

Why can’t I see that?

It started in 2012 with a big change in energy. You don’t see energy, but you can see the consequences. The negative developments that you still see are about clearing up old traumas, such as the slave past, discrimination against women, gays, etcetera. Electing ‘wrong’ leaders also seem to have something to do with this. You may also recognize cleaning up in yourself: your body is often tired because you run into something old that needs to be cleaned up. When anger and frustration become less, only then can the vibration increase to love and connection.


Our children and young people already carry within them the DNA and the effortlessness of the new age. You are familiar with the term new age child. They often manage better to withstand pressure, keep to themselves, and feel connected: You are me in a different shape. And also: You can be there because you are good just the way you are. But they do need our help.

2020: What the new era will bring you

New balance in energy

Men and women become more powerful and work better together. Men make decisions based on responsibility rather than fear and ego. The divine and loving feminine is noticeable in society and also takes more of the lead. No stress and need, but live from the inside. You are good the way you are, you can be there!

You have influence

We influence each other more than you think. Can you imagine what would happen if you set a good example for the younger generations? For example, can you imagine a politician changing his attitude because his wife and daughter radiate love and awareness?

You will be helped

Trust that the universe supports you in this. As soon as you have made the choice to work on and develop yourself, help is available. I don’t know how it works. But I do know it works. If you take the first step yourself, there will be an acceleration and the next step will automatically become visible.


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