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3 myths about energetic self-protection

Protecting yourself energetically means for me personally: finding the balance between staying with yourself and staying in contact with others. When you have achieved that balance, you no longer have to take over the mood, emotions and physical complaints of others.
So you no longer have to run empty in large groups of people and come home exhausted after you’ve been in the city. It is therefore no longer necessary to get the feeling that you are floating, because at some point you become detached from your body due to all the emotional stimuli .

Only, finding that balance and protecting yourself energetically is not always easy. This is partly due to the fact that there are quite a few ‘myths’ about protecting yourself energetically. I want to discuss 3 of these myths with you, so that you can feel how you are in it and what you think of it yourself.

1. Protecting yourself energetically is like closing yourself off

There is a fine line between protecting yourself and closing yourself off completely, but these two things are really not the same in my eyes.

Protecting yourself means that you no longer take over the energy of another and stay with yourself. Closing yourself off means completely stepping out of contact and withdrawing from yourself.

Sometimes it is indeed necessary to withdraw yourself (into yourself or literally), but certainly not always. You can just quietly chat with a group of friends on a birthday and really be there and still keep enough distance to not get lost in the others.

That is also exactly what determines the difference between protecting yourself and shutting down: the distance between you and the other.

2. The only way to protect yourself energetically is through visualizations

The determining factor of good protection is how close you stay to yourself. If you keep your conscious and unconscious focus with yourself, you have already achieved a lot. A large part of the energy of others then no longer has an entrance to enter.

Visualizations certainly help with this. They help you create that conscious distance and focus and it works well in your subconscious, but then you have to visualize.

If visualizations don’t suit you, there are really plenty of other ways to stay true to yourself. One of those things is consciously making regular contact with your feelings and staying focused on your own opinion in conversations.

You will always have to protect yourself energetically

No, I don’t believe in this. As I’ve said before, I believe that the more you stay with yourself, the less you take over from others.

The only point that I have not mentioned here is that any unprocessed emotions and blocking beliefs that are still present in you, work like a kind of magnet. They draw in the energy of others who resonate with your ‘inner pain points’.

If you find your own way with this, you heal yourself and the natural balance in yourself comes back. When you have found this, you are, like a tree, well rooted in the ground and the energy of others can no longer get you down. That is actually a protection in itself: a natural protection.

Then you don’t have to consciously keep working on it.

Those are the 3 myths about protecting yourself energetically that I wanted to discuss with you. Feel what your own vision is, stick to your own opinion and keep the focus on yourself. You secretly know for a long time what you need for good energetic protection.


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