3 tips for your feet during your pregnancy

3 tips for your feet during your pregnancy

When you are pregnant, a lot changes in your body. The hormones rush through your body as your baby grows. Your body is also preparing for childbirth. Because of all these crowds, you can get problems with your feet. Three tips to help you with this!

Tip 1 – You can retain moisture!

During your pregnancy, you can start retaining fluids. You will see this first in your feet and lower legs. Therefore, regularly place your feet higher than your hips. Even if you don’t suffer from moisture retention! This way your feet can relax completely. Any excess fluid in your feet and lower legs will also go back into your body. If you notice that you retain a lot of fluid and have quite swollen feet, be sure to contact your doctor!

Tip 2 You can suffer from fungal infections!

Because your body is super busy growing your little one and keeping it safe in your belly until it is fully grown, it can happen that your immune system is put on the back burner. Your body wants this little miracle to last and not be pushed out too early by your immune system. However, because your immune system can be put down by your body, it can happen that you suddenly develop an athlete’s foot or a fungal nail.

When you want to get started with this fungal infection, it is important to know that what you put on your feet or nails also ends up in your body. And that’s not good for your unborn baby!

If you notice that you have an athlete’s foot, contact your doctor for an anti-fungal cream that is not dangerous for your unborn child.

If you have a fungal nail, I strongly advise you to wait with tackling it. So wait until your baby is born and you stop breastfeeding. There is a chance that as soon as the little one is born, your immune system will come back into balance and the fungal infection in your nail will be tackled by your body.

3 tips for your feet during your pregnancy

Tip 3 Your feet can change size!

Your body is prepared for it as the delivery draws nearer. Your body does this by, among other things, loosening the ligaments and tendons in your pelvis. To avoid mistakes, this happens to all ligaments and tendons in your body! So also with the ligaments and tendons in your feet.

What this means in concrete terms is that it can make your feet bigger! Therefore, have your feet measured properly during and after every pregnancy so that you do not walk around in shoes that are too small.

I wish you a very good healthy pregnancy!


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