30 rituals to get joy and happiness out of everyday things

30 rituals to get joy and happiness out of everyday things

Wherever we want to go in our lives, the road to get there, today, is the only reality we have. Let’s take that road, our journey, as attractive as possible. Stripped of excess weight in the form of too much stuff, too many obligations, too much worry, too much weight.

And through the creation of rites. A rite or ritual is a celebration, experiencing something in a special way that makes our life richer and happier. Rites transform the ordinary, small, and recurring things of everyday life into experiences of joy and happiness. Boring routine chores become meditative, calming, or happy moments.

Often we consider only a few days a year to be special: Christmas, a birthday, a wedding date. Then we pull out all the stops, literally and figuratively. But that’s only a handful of days, less than ten percent of the days in a year.

The rest of the time we race through the weeks, with our heads full on the next thing we ‘have to do and with the unsatisfied worrying voice always in the background: it only becomes fun when… I’m slim, rich, a have a relationship, another house, my child has left the house, when I am completely healthy, no longer have to work, finally have time. While all we have is the ‘here and now’ and ninety percent of the days are days like today.

30 rituals to get joy and happiness out of everyday things

What is a rite? said the little prince.
That is another forgotten concept, said the fox. A rite makes one day different from all other days, one hour from all other hours –  
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

The road is reality

Living with attention – mindful living – makes your world lighter and happier, not only the world within yourself, your body and soul, but also the outside world. That includes rituals. Every ritual is an ode to patience. You take the time to look attentively, to stand still, to record, to feel.

How smart is it to spend most of our days making money? Money we want to spend on a comfortable life when we’re older, our bodies less strong and supple, and our kids are grown and out of the house. Isn’t that time much more valuable to spend NOW? If you calculate how much time we have left if we sleep eight hours, work eight hours (full time) and subtract one hour of traffic a day from our 365 days a year, we only have 6.5 months left! No wonder time seems to fly.

30 rituals that transform everyday things into experiences of joy and happiness

For inspiration to allow rites (again) into your life, here are thirty rituals that make your daily life more festive:

  1. Wear your best clothes as often as you can. Give away clothes that add nothing to your inner or outer appearance
  2. Use your grandmother’s china tableware. Tell your loved ones the anecdotes that go with it
  3. Check whether your underwear is intact and spotless and – as a lady – only wear complete sets. This way the first contact with your body feels more valuable, this is also attention!
  4. Complete your cutlery drawer. Look on the internet, go to the thrift store or second-hand store and trade your loose spoons, knives and forks for the ones you miss
  5. Spend a few minutes alone with yourself every day. In the context of The lines past, preferably outside – on foot, swimming or by bike30 rituals to get joy and happiness out of everyday things
  6. Buy a nice notebook or diary and keep it next to your bed for thoughts and dreams
  7. Put a bunch of picked or purchased flowers on the table or bedside table every week. Tape adhesive tape over your vase in a grid – put branches and flower stems in the holes – this way your bouquet will stay in place and you only have to replace withered flowers
  8. Use your father or grandfather’s fountain pen to write old-fashioned letters or do the administration. This way a chore becomes a mindful moment
  9. Organize your wardrobe. Make sure everything fits, is clean and intact. You can keep clothes that are too small, but in a closed box in the attic. Don’t ask yourself ‘Do I still fit?’ with every piece of clothing. but ‘Does it still suit ME?
  10. Purchase baskets for magazines, newspapers and mail. Fertilize the baskets once a week. Magazines finished but still current? Make stacks of it, put a nice ribbon around it and make someone else happy with it
  11. Make sure you keep up with the household – possibly with the help of others – and from now on spend an hour a day on the household. Let all housemates contribute – if necessary make funny cleaning contracts with children – and end the joint cleaning session, for example on a weekend morning, with a nice lunch
  12. Keep desks, living room and dining tables, dressers and bedside tables as empty and organized as possible
  13. Turn the toilet into a rest home. A scented candle, lavender soap, incense, Buddha statue, photos, sayings, emptiness, a clean towel, beautiful lamp and attractive reading or viewing material on the inside of the toilet door or on the wall increases the enjoyment of this daily ritual
  14. Fill your kitchen with fresh herbs, juicy fruits and fragrant vegetables. Place them in plain sight in beautiful earthenware bowls or wicker baskets. Cook yourself. With a beautiful cookbook, music and wine, this will be the highlight of your day
  15. Keep your fridge fresh, organized and stocked with natural products. You can find inspiration for this in the last chapter
  16. Don’t skip meals. Never eat standing up, in a hurry, from the fridge, kitchen cupboard, drum or at work at your desk. Sit at a dining table. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. This is how a meal becomes quality time
  17. Work on the table setting. A beautiful rug, candles, lovingly prepared, real food guarantee a moment that everyone will look forward to every day. Devices are currently off, reading material and games are off the table. Hands are clean – there is peace and attention30 rituals to get joy and happiness out of everyday things
  18. Cut your food into small pieces, eat with small bites, put down your fork in between. It takes a while – about twenty minutes – for your body to signal ‘enough!’ gives off, so eat slowly
  19. If you get hungry between meals, remember your last meal and how you enjoyed it. In experiments, subjects who did this ate less of the cookies offered than those who thought about something other than their last meal.
  20. Change your bed weekly with fresh cotton bedding. Inspect your covers and sheets. Do they have the appearance that you find important in this phase of your life? Put a nice glass on your bedside table for water and have a book you’ve wanted to read for a long time
  21. Throw out as much unnatural and cheap (non-) food and materials from your home as possible. Go for nature, quality and authenticity
  22. Buy a nice bathrobe. You will spend a lot of time in it if you start paying more attention to yourself and nurturing and nurturing your body and mind. Put it on when it’s Time for You
  23. Keep in touch with your body every day. Touch it, move it, watch it, feel it
  24. Also pay attention to yourself by spoiling yourself once a month with the book or CD you wanted, a hairdresser visit, massage, thermal bath, spiritual consultation
  25. Take a day off to paste in all your photos, save image/sound recordings, organize clippings and archive recipes
  26. Pay attention to your real friendships. Lovingly let go of time-consuming vague acquaintances30 rituals to get joy and happiness out of everyday things
  27. Make regular appointments with friends to combine talking and exercise. A Walk & Talk – a brisk walk combined with a chat – is good for body and mind
  28. End the day with a glass, a cup of milk or a mug of tea and a chat with your loved one. Or write an entry in your journal. Name or write at least one experience that made you happy
  29. Start a new hobby: your body! Pay attention to it, spoil it, challenge it, cherish it, nurture it
  30. Start the ‘rite of passage’: is something not going the way you want? Draw an imaginary line, stop it. Ride a bike or walk for a while and try again when you feel better. Fall is allowed. Don’t be too hard on yourself.



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