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4 tips to experience less stress for tests and exams!

It was a nice holiday a few weeks ago. The new school year has now started. Diaries are starting to fill up with homework. And the first keys are also in sight. Are you already stressed?

Everyone has their own approach for homework and for learning tests. Can you concentrate well with music playing in the background? It definitely helps me concentrate better. I am less distracted than when it is quiet. However, others like it when it is completely quiet. Try out what you prefer today. That’s the first step!

1. Plan, plan, plan

Do you want less stress for your test week or exam? Then start learning on time and make a good planning. Good planning prevents stress! It is useful to divide the learning material into small blocks. Repeat these blocks regularly! Rehearsal makes you remember!

2. Enough break

Studying for hours in a row makes no sense at all. It’s boring, exhausting and totally useless. Do you want more effect from your effort? Then learn in blocks of about 45 minutes. Then you take a 10-minute break. This way you clear your head again. Have a drink, go to the bathroom or just move. It’s nice when you’ve been sitting still for so long! After this it is easier to keep your attention on your work.

3. Alternative

So endless learning is really pointless. Moreover, it is best to alternate making work and learning work. For example, learn English for half an hour before your test and then focus on maths for fifteen minutes. That’s how you stay focused!

4. A great place to learn

A fixed place to do your homework and a tidy desk really help. Provide a nice place where it is light enough and where it is not too cold or too hot. Also invest in a good chair. If you sit up straight and adopt an active posture, it will also be easier to work.

And finally, perhaps the most important tip: Keep believing in yourself and have faith in it. By trusting in yourself and in your abilities you will certainly succeed!


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