5 decisions for a happy life

5 decisions for a happy life

Nothing we are more concerned about these days than living a happy life. However, we often look too far for this. After all, happiness or happiness does not come from outside. Neither an expensive car nor a castle or prince charming on a white horse can bring you 100% fulfillment or happiness. You are the creator of your own happiness!

Happiness is only half determined by your genes and your upbringing. In addition, the circumstances only play a role for 10 percent. The other 40 percent can influence you and has largely to do with how you look at things and how you live life. Happiness is actually quite simple, it is within you and patiently waiting for you to be lived. With the following 5 decisions, luck will be more on your side from now on.

1. Respect yourself

Nothing can make you more unhappy than not accepting yourself as you are. In our current image of society, we mainly grow up with what we are not good at and with the ideal image of ‘being human. It seems we never meet.

5 decisions for a happy life

Still, loving yourself is the best decision you can make when you want to be happy. Loving yourself means accepting yourself with your strengths and weaknesses, and appreciating yourself without judgment. The Universe has created you perfectly so that you can have the experiences that elevate your soul to a Higher Plan. So you are always good just the way you are.

2. Let go of expectations of how something or someone should be

We all have pictures in our heads of how something or someone should be. These expectations hinder us and let us down more than once. By being aware of your own expectations and letting them go (as much as possible), you create space for others and thus also for yourself. Remember that the other always react from his own framework and patterns. In that respect, everyone always does what is within their capabilities.

For example, many people are also unhappy about their past and think in terms of ‘If only that hadn’t happened’ or ‘If only he hadn’t done this to me. Keeping hope for a better past keeps you clinging to anger, disappointment, and sadness. That way you can never be happy in the present. Don’t let your past hold you back and heal yourself of ‘old’ wounds. Acceptance and forgiveness are powerful keys here.

3. Color your life with optimism and kindness

Going through life in a friendly and optimistic way makes your life brighter. Research has shown that there is a direct link between optimism and happiness. Optimism is a combination of belief and behavior. If you believe that something will end well, you act accordingly!

5 decisions for a happy life

The Law of Attraction is always in effect. The choice is yours to attract the positive or negative

4. Continue to amaze and surprise yourself

We, humans, are huge creatures of habit. We prefer to stick to habits and routines, but it’s also these that keep us rigid. Therefore, regularly break your routine.

For example, take a different way to work, ask the cook in the restaurant what he would recommend and order it, buy a different brand in the store or get your bread from another bakery,…
It’s those little things that make life more challenging, more playful, and more beautiful.

5. Make gratitude a priority

We have so much to be thankful for, but because of our worries and pain, we don’t see them.
By integrating gratitude as your greatest value, you see that the sun is always there, no matter how gray the day may be.

In a grateful heart, the sun always shines (Source of Inspiration).


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