5 signs the universe is waiting for you

5 signs the universe is waiting for you
A medium once said to Tracey “the universe is waiting to tell you what you want”. While she was walking her dog, she ended up in a shop where they give tarot readings. She had a difficult time in my life. Her father had a terminal illness and she felt lost. Carried away by her emotions and the uncertainty of what the future holds, the medium told her exactly what she needed to hear at that moment.

“The universe is always with you and listening.”

The first step towards easier and effortless living, associated with the flow of the universe, is simple: tell the universe what you want! The universe is always with you and listening. It is patiently waiting to facilitate your events and create your best possible life together.

Here are five signs the universe is waiting for you. It’s ready to listen to whatever you want.

1. You react more to what is than living in the now

When you feel overwhelmed with every fleeting moment, instead of standing firm on the earth (energetic and figurative), you feel out of control. You may experience symptoms such as daydreaming, feeling dazed, sick, clumsiness or forgetfulness. You may lack focus, be irritable, or be physically, emotionally, or spiritually exhausted. You go through your daily life carefree as if external experiences were happening to you, without any order or control.

5 signs the universe is waiting for you

2. You bottle up negative feelings

The body is influenced by powerful emotions, which influence how we react in each moment. But the mind or soul of the body is made of pure positive energy and does not accept and judge every moment.

The mind understands that there is an ebb and flow in life and that not every moment will be a positive one. The perceived negative aspects in life (ebb) are a gift for us to learn from so that perhaps we can appreciate the positive (flood) better. The mind does not experience negative emotions due to the ebb, as it is only able to express love and acceptance.

If you constantly bottle up your negative emotions, your thoughts will affect your heart and muffle the voice of your mind. This is a sign that you are ready to listen to the voice of the universe.

3. You are fighting the now

Negative emotions such as fear, anger and bitterness are symptoms of resistance to the present moment. Anxiety means that we focus on the future and fear that we may experience pain – physical, emotional or spiritual. Anger and bitterness mean holding on to the past – anger or bitterness from a past experience.

If you focus on the future or the past, you are not living in the present. This is a sign that you are ready to align with your mind in the present moment.

4. You feel lost

5 signs the universe is waiting for you

You are in a constant state of uncertainty and confusion, wondering which way to go. Spiritual interventions and telltale coincidences will pass you undiscovered. The universe is on your side, encouraging you to correct the course at any moment, but it all goes unnoticed.

You are unaware of your spiritual purpose and the path to finding your purpose is fuzzy and unclear. You search blindly around you for answers, even though the answer you seek is already within you. This is the sign that you are ready to discover the truth.

5. You are indecisive

You are constantly faced with indecision, unsure of what next step to take and which path to take. You blindly ask your friends and family for advice, to help you make your own decisions. There are constant obstacles in your path and you are never sure which direction to take. Wherever you are, it feels like you need to be somewhere else, but you can’t quite figure out where that is.

You don’t recognize the importance of the journey and you focus only on the destination. This is a sign that you are ready to walk your spiritual path.

If you’re still unsure about where to start, affirmations are a great way to start a conversation with the universe. Affirmations are most powerful when said out loud, rather than taking them as thoughts. Now start by saying out loud, “I trust the universe and let go of all resistance to what it is. I joyfully attune to the flow of the universe.”

Give it a try. great results will follow, I promise.



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