5 tips for more inner peace and relaxation

5 tips for more inner peace and relaxation

As a Rest in my head coach, I am regularly asked what I do to relax and what gives me inner peace. So here I share my top five.

Tips for more inner peace and relaxation

1. Hiking

Get outside, into nature.
Preferably early in the morning.
I only hear the birds chirping.
A wonderful start to the day.

2. Meditate

It is not always easy to ‘sit’.
But once I do.
I feel the difference.
My head becomes quieter.
My body relaxes.
Then I always remember why I do it.

3. Do less

I like holes in my calendar.
Not everything is planned out.
Something spontaneous can happen.
Or just hang out.

4. Cleaning up

I am not a household fan.
But a good cleaning session can give you peace of mind.
While I clean up, my thoughts are organized.
The result is a tidy house or garden.
And a clear head.

5 tips for more inner peace and relaxation


5. Need less, want more

We need a lot from ourselves.
But what do we really need?
I regularly replace must with want.
Wanting feels better.
I want to exercise. I want to go shopping. I want…..

And what do you want?
What are you doing?
How do you ensure peace in your life, peace in your head?

calm regards,



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