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5 tips for parents/carers of a new age child

New age children are both children and adults. They are (highly) sensitive and come here to bring love in various forms. Their soul has a mission. They are sensitive, compassionate, nature lovers, love the sun, stars and moon and love to care for others.

They are close to the source of pure, pure energy, which also makes them spiritually open. However, this also makes them vulnerable. This openness exposes them to all kinds of energies around them, the positive and the negative.

Consequences of this exposure to energies.

This can cause their energy bodies to become clogged. Physical and mental complaints are often a result of this. Think of unexplained stomachaches, headaches and difficulty sleeping. But also pressure in their head, causing anger attacks or extremely shy behavior. Concentration problems, sudden change in mood and being unable to oversee situations.

Sleep problems are common and so is not being understood. They feel different, excluded from the ‘normal’ world. For these young children, this is confusing and very exhausting. To spend all day working on how others would like them to behave and to deal with the large daily amount of stimuli of emotions and feelings that they receive is exhausting.

Young New Age children are open to the energy of others.

Literally every person around him or her can transfer feelings and emotions, without both parties notifying. You as a parent/caregiver do not understand why your child suddenly behaves differently for no apparent reason.

Where does that anger attack come from or why does my child always sit on my lap, while the rest plays together nicely. If a new-age child enters a room where there has just been an argument, this child will withdraw or, on the contrary, will compensate for what it lacks in the room.

New age children are often very spiritual, which means that they can also sense the energies of deceased persons. This is often a cause of common sleeping problems in these children.

How do you deal with this as a parent/carer?

Because your child is more sensitive , you do not necessarily have to handle it with velvet gloves. However, some depth in this subject is desirable. Because if you read more about new age children (indigo, crystal, star, rainbow children and HSP) and how the sensitivity of these children plays a daily role in their lives , you may notice that these children are not standard. They think differently, see life questions differently, feel that they are different and often have trouble keeping up with today’s society.

Five tips, for you as a parent/caregiver, on how to deal with this:

  • Teach your child to ground and shield himself on a daily basis. This allows you to significantly reduce the amount of stimuli that enter your child.
  • Do relaxation exercises or meditate together.
  • Always take your child seriously when trying to explain how and what it feels like. Something that is not realistic for you, is real for your child at that moment.
  • Explain to your child why they need to do certain things, such as going to school, shaking hands, or eating with a knife and fork. New age children want to know why!
  • Trust your own intuition. Your child is not your child for nothing.

Don’t forget to enjoy.

In addition to the daily challenges you face, don’t forget to enjoy your beautiful child. New age children are beautiful and unique souls who can and will tell us a lot. They have the special power to connect and to act from love.

You are the parent/guardian of your child for a reason. Your child has chosen you because, he or she can learn from you and give lessons that you can learn from. Above all, enjoy your child and teach the child to be a child.


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