6 Drinks You Can Drink To Balance Your Hormones (Recipes Included!)

6 Drinks You Can Drink To Balance Your Hormones (Recipes Included!)
All food influences your hormones and therefore your energy level and health. So are the drinks you drink. Eating healthy is important, but if you regularly drink soda, diet drinks, fruit juices, yogurt drinks, dairy, energy drinks, coffee, or alcohol between meals, you won’t get the results you hope for. Fortunately, many women know this. “Marjolein, what do you usually drink?” is a question I get a lot.

Water, but not straight from the tap

Do you not like water straight from the tap? Me neither. I almost never drink water straight from the tap. Firstly, I filter my water with an EWO water filter, which filters out chemical substances, medicine residues, and other hormone disruptors, among other things.

The European Commission has registered about 10,000 chemicals that may be present in our drinking water.

Quality standards have been established for only 60 of these substances in the Dutch Drinking Water Decree.

This means that our drinking water is checked for only 0.6 percent of the harmful substances that can occur in it.

Then I transfer this filtered water (which comes from a separate tap on my counter) into a glass pitcher. I’ll leave it in here for an hour. This way the water can ‘breathe’‘. This may sound a bit crazy, but it is very unnatural for water to be squeezed through our thin water pipes. This causes it to lose its natural structure. We can experience this as having difficulty drinking water or not liking it. Letting it ‘breathe’ in a water pitcher can be a solution.

If at all possible try filtering your water and transferring it to a glass pitcher before drinking it

6 Drinks You Can Drink To Balance Your Hormones (Recipes Included!)

My lemonades: mixing and matching with water

Water that I drink at home is therefore always filtered. That’s why I think it’s fine to drink plain water, but sometimes I also want something different. One of the three main pillars of hormone balance is a stable blood glucose level. If there’s one thing that throws your blood glucose out of balance, it’s sweet drinks. I call that liquid candy. But then what?

Even if there is food in your stomach, any liquid you drink with it quickly disappears into your gut where, if it’s sweet, it causes a rapid blood glucose spike.

So something not too sweet. What I do is mix and match water with herbs (basil, mint, cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, thyme, lavender, etc.) and pieces of fruit (citrus fruit, apple, red fruit, peach, etc.). Sometimes I add a splash of sparkling water and sometimes a splash of organic fruit juice (no lemonade). If you add herbs or pieces of fruit, water will quickly take over the taste. So make sure you have several glass jugs or jars on summer days and let it steep in the fridge. Basil with strawberry and a splash of sparkling water is my favorite.

You can keep pieces of fruit in the freezer and at the end add them to a pitcher of water as an ‘ice cube’.

Herbal tea; hot, warm or cold and preferably without chlorine

I love herbal tea. I definitely drink a large pot every day and vary with all kinds of flavors. Plants and/or herbs form the basis of tea, and these can have a powerful effect. That is why it is important to vary this and not to drink the same tea every day. Vary with ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, licorice, fennel, star anise, St. John’s wort and much, much more. The choice is huge.

6 Drinks You Can Drink To Balance Your Hormones (Recipes Included!)

Herbal tea does not contain theine (the weaker version of caffeine) and therefore has no effect on your blood glucose. You can drink it unlimited. If you don’t sleep well, drink tea in the evening from herbs that help you relax, such as sage, passion flower, lotus flower, valerian, and St. John’s wort.

On cool days I often make tea with fresh ginger. Ginger contains the substance 6-gingerol which is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Women have known for centuries that teas made from specific herbs can help to relieve women’s complaints such as menstrual pains, stiff joints, and menopausal complaints. I will write an article about this soon.

Preferably choose loose tea or tea whose bags have not been bleached with chlorine and without a staple (metal) in it.

Water kefir (with delicious recipe)

Homemade water kefir is bizarrely healthy and incredibly tasty. It is a delicious, sparkling summer drink. It is really easy to make yourself with kefir grains or a bag of water kefir starter. It contains live bacteria and therefore nourishes your intestinal flora.

A healthy intestinal flora is one of the three pillars of a healthy hormone balance.

Kefir is made with some cane sugar, but the sugar is used as food for the kefir. Do not use any other sugar for this. I make my favorite water kefir with dried figs and lemon. It tastes like wheat beer but not so sweet. Really delicious!

Coconut water; be selective in your choice

6 Drinks You Can Drink To Balance Your Hormones (Recipes Included!)

I have had the pleasure of traveling around the world and drinking coconut water straight from green coconuts that had just been chopped from the tree. It can’t get any fresher than that. Not tastier either. In this way, coconut water is the most healthy and hydrating fluid in the world that also replenishes essential minerals. Unfortunately, it does not end up in the packaging that way.

Like all drinks in a bottle or pack, coconut water is also heated to prevent bacterial growth.

Unfortunately, many healthy nutrients and enzymes are lost with this. In the worst case, sweeteners, flavors, and preservatives are also added. Coconut water spoils very quickly. Often there is also a concentrate, even if it is stated on the packaging that it is 100% pure. Read the fine print!

Bone broth; for health plus hearty appetite

It is not for nothing that sick people used to receive this to strengthen. Bones, marrow and connective tissue contain many nutritious substances that are good for our female body, including calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A and K2, glucosamine and chondroitin. The latter two are important for flexible joints and cartilage.

During cooking, the collagen in the bones is converted to gelatin. Gelatin contains important amino acids such as glycine, proline and glutamine, which your body uses in the production of hormones and enzymes.

Thanks to these amino acids, gelatin is very good for your intestines and stomach lining: it has a positive effect on the recovery of the intestinal and stomach lining.

Gelatin ensures a healthy gut and a better absorption of nutrients; It therefore has a positive effect on your hormones

Bone broth is easy, but making it takes time. Therefore, make a large pan of stock on a day off and freeze smaller portions. Note, the stock expands when frozen, so don’t put too much stock in a bowl.

A cup of homemade stock is delicious on hot, summer days when you lose a lot of salt and minerals.

Golden Milk (with recipe)

6 Drinks You Can Drink To Balance Your Hormones (Recipes Included!)

Golden milk is vegetable milk that gets its golden color from turmeric, also called turmeric. Turmeric is a very powerful antioxidant that has been used as a medicine for centuries. Like ginger, it is highly anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. It even appears to be toxic to cysts and cancer cells.

With turmeric you not only support your intestines but also your liver; also an important organ when it comes to your hormone balance.

Some ground pepper in this drink enhances the effect of turmeric. Make turmeric with homemade plant-based milk to get as many nutrients and healthy fats as possible. Turmeric milk, like ginger tea, is warming. I also drink it to replace coffee and love it as a reward after a run or the gym. It gives a wonderfully beneficial feeling!


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