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6 Things You Should Never Do on Facebook, Twitter or Other Social Media Platforms.

Social Media, who doesn’t know it. It has now become a concept that everyone is familiar with and that is used worldwide, from young to old. Social Media is a powerful means of communication that affects our lives every day. Millions of people are part of various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Vine.

The popularity of Social Media is due to the fact that we humans are news addicts; We are afraid to miss the latest news so we try to keep up with the news all the time. And there is also an ego need in us to want to share all our news and audience and to maintain an image.

Don’t think I’m negative about Social Media because the opposite is the case. On the contrary, I am a firm admirer of the connecting and cross-border factor of Social Media. Without Social Media, we would be less likely to have access to important sources of information and alternative media platforms like ours would be completely invisible and able to thrive.

There is a downside to Social Media, which is that Social Media can respond enormously to our ego needs of approval or control, which leads to unhealthy behavior. It is this ego-driven behavior that I want to explore in more detail in my article.
Below is a list of 6 things you should never do on social media in our opinion.

1. Stalking Your Ex

We’ve all done it and some of us don’t mind doing it but rather enjoy it. Let me first say: Stalking your ex via Social Media is really not healthy behavior. Why? First, you stay connected to the past. Second, you create unnecessary drama in your life by comparing your life to the life of your Ex and you stay connected to him/her mentally or emotionally.

It’s one thing if you’re using Social Media just to keep in touch with your Ex, but it’s quite another if you’re doing this out of a need to check on your Ex. Your Ex is not your Ex for nothing and so you owe nothing to your Ex. Trust me it won’t get you anywhere by continuing to follow your Ex. By hanging on to your Ex, you are preventing yourself from starting a new chapter and moving on with your life.

2. Creating the Perfect Image

I must confess that I find Social Media very useful for creating a false personality. Only through Social Media can we create profiles that do not correspond to reality. How do we do that? very simple; We choose very carefully what and how we post. For example, only the best photos are uploaded or we make ourselves look nice by writing witty comments.

Furthermore, we also do our best to be part of certain groups and to follow people who exactly match this perfect image. Isn’t it smarter to use Social Media to really show yourself and therefore connect more easily with like-minded people than to devote time and energy to creating a fake personality?

3. Making fun of people or reacting out of anger

As a writer of an alternative media platform, I see a lot of commentary that is not always so nice. It strikes me that it doesn’t matter how well an article is researched and substantiated, because there are always one or two know-it-alls who give their honest opinion.

I don’t think everyone has to agree with everything, but I do see a difference between giving constructive criticism and commenting out of hatred, jealousy or resentment. The next time you disagree with something, be reasonable and act reasonable because this way you become more serious and that’s what your goal is, isn’t it?Social Media

4. Comparing Yourself to Others

Facebook gives us instant access to the private lives of millions of people. With a click on the profiles, we immediately know the latest news about a person.
This fact means that we are constantly comparing our lives with the lives of our Facebook friends, family and acquaintances.

Instead of constantly comparing yourself to other people’s social media lives and feeling bad about it, just be really happy for what’s going on in that other person’s life, or if this affects you too much, just ignore it. The fact is that there will always be someone who wants to share their life on Social Media; be it about a new relationship, promotion or his perfect body. Remember that You always have the choice of whether you will heed the voice of lack from your ego.

5. Using Social Media as Your Only Form of Social Interaction

However hip and connecting Social Media may be, it will never and can never replace real human contact. Keep this in mind when you take the umpteenth time to read someone’s news update. There is really nothing like personal contact, so make time for that too.

6. Post things just to get attention/get approval

It’s a great experience when your post is liked, shared, retweeted or appreciated in other ways, and it’s even better when the comments posted are on something that is genuine.
There’s nothing wrong with this either. What concerns me is if we post things earlier just to get attention and whether we do this out of a desire for approval.

to do. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about me wanting to ban people from posting based on this need, because I don’t want to and can’t do that either. I also write to get attention and that is human.

Rather, my intention is to make you more aware of the intent from which you post. I think if we focus more on our inner world and give ourselves the love that we seek on the outside, we become less dependent on outside approval because we have already approved ourselves completely.

Tips for which we can use Social Media
Below are some tips to be more aware of Social Media:
• To keep in touch with friends and acquaintances
• To connect with like-minded people all over the world
• To support each other
• To to follow and share posts that are inspiring
• To develop awareness for alternative media
• To create unity and thus more easily initiate change

If there are any points missing from this list, or if there are points with which you disagree, please let me know.


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