6 tips to relax in a world that is always ‘on’


The world we live in does not make it easy for us. We seem to have to be constantly ‘on’ and are flooded with stimuli and information. More than ever, we have to adapt and be flexible. This requires a lot of energy from our body and mind. When I ask people how they are, a large part of them answer with the words: ‘Hey, busy…’ As if being busy has become a status symbol?

In this bustle, many people also complain that they no longer find inner peace anywhere, that they no longer find peace or have even lost the connection with themselves. Also the feeling of being lived and even having to survive is something I, as a relaxation coach, hear more and more.

Busyness, tension and stress, unfortunately it can be disastrous for health. In addition to fatigue, overstimulation and a hunted feeling, the complaints can also be much worse. Burnout rates continue to rise. More and more people are burning up. It is high time we do something about this. And because change always starts from within and within yourself, I would like to share my 6 most important tips for more inner peace.

1. Conscious breathing

Our breath is the essence of everything. Without our breathing there is no life. It is a self-evident process in our body, which we do not have to put any effort into, which we do not have to think about. Yet it is important to give our breathing the attention it deserves.
Take a few minutes (consciously!) every day to connect with that breath. With every inhale you imagine that space is being made, with every exhale you let go. Feel what is happening in your body, how you will relax in this exercise and how the energy can flow back from here.

2. Pause

Taking the occasional break isn’t just invigorating and relaxing. It also makes you more creative and productive afterwards. Both our body and mind need a balance between action and relaxation, between stress and rest. Continuing to do so will ensure that your energy level falls far below the minimum and that it takes much longer to build up.

3. Exercise

A gentle way of moving in combination with conscious breathing deserve a standard place in your daily routine. There are different forms of gentle exercise: yoga, tai chi, pilates or walking. They can all help you become more aware of your body and that’s what it’s all about in the first place. The more aware you are of your own body, the better you learn to recognize the signals.

4. Get out into nature

Spend some more time in nature. In nature there is no room for crowds or social media. There is only room for yourself and the moment. For example, (in good weather) go weeding or planting in your garden, take a walk by the sea or in the forest. Don’t get lost in worrying while walking, but become aware of the sounds and smells around you. And above all: enjoy!

5. Silence creates peace and space for your own self

You can find peace and space by literally standing still (or sitting) and, for example, staring out in front of you. In the silence you create space to listen to your inner voice, to your soul speaking to you and telling you who you really are. It lets you hear which path you can follow to make yourself come true, to be who you are deep inside. Listen to this and embrace this loving voice. All kinds of meditation can also be helpful here.

6. Stay yourself in everything you do

All too often we are lived based on the needs and expectations of the other. We strive every day for the highest perfection and in this way we overstep our own rhythm. Look for a way to let go of any perfectionism, fear of failure, performance and control urges. Be grateful for the person you are today and the road ahead. Follow your own path and don’t let anyone distract you from it.

Need some rest, a moment for yourself? Do you want to (learn to) come home to yourself?



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