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6 ways to live from your heart

How nice would it be to move smoothly through life, to live from your passion, to follow your dreams, and to do what you love. It sometimes seems impossible to live in this state of being, but I believe that we are here on earth to learn to live from our hearts.

Step by step. Because living from the love of your heart is not something you learn in one day. It’s a way of life. One that you should be aware of every day. With every choice we make, we move ourselves closer or further away from our heart. We choose between love and fear. Ourselves and the other. Fast and slow. Rest and restlessness. It is not always easy to choose for your heart, but these tips will certainly help you to live more from your heart.

1. Follow your life rhythm

Everyone has their own rhythm, a speed of life and movement that suits him or her and where he or she feels comfortable. We experience this optimally when we are ‘in the flow’, the moment when positive emotions flow through us and life seems to carry us. We then live in the moment and experience inner happiness. To follow your rhythm you can move more slowly, enjoy more and above all do what feels right for you. If you do more and more things that resonate with your heart, you will experience that you get into a flow more and more. The universe will also support you in this through synchronicity, seemingly coincidental events that signal you that you are on the right path. When you resonate with love and follow your heart, the whole universe is behind you.

2. Create more peace in your inner world

If you focus more on your inner world, take the time to breathe calmly and consciously and feel what you need in the moment. This makes you increasingly able to create more peace and space within yourself. From this space you can do everything: it is easier to stay with yourself, tune in to positive feelings and connect with positive feelings.

Start your way in today and take the time to tune in to your inner world. Your body, emotions.

3. Take the time to attune yourself to loving feelings

Positive feelings have been proven to make you smarter, more open, and calmer at the same time. This is because positive feelings tell your whole body that you are safe, you become more open and your consciousness expands. Take the time to tune in to feelings of gratitude, love, and joy. You can think of a loved one or other beautiful images that evoke a happy feeling in you. You can also think of things you love or are grateful for. This will immediately make you feel more positive!Love Wave

4.Slow down

The speed with which you walk, make movements, your breathing. Slow yourself down. The slower you do things, the more your body and mind relax. Take some time to pack your bag, walk, breathe easier and see what good it does to your body.

5. Listen to your own heartbeat

Listening to your own heartbeat tunes your head to the rhythm of your heart. First see if you can attune yourself to positive feelings in your inner world. Just like with the third tip, you can think of a loved one or other beautiful images that evoke a happy feeling in you. After that, it is nice to breathe in and out slowly, this way your heart rate will also become calmer and you will find relaxation within yourself.

This technique provides immediate stress reduction, the activation of your immune system and the relaxation of your body. Listening to your heartbeat also ensures that you take better care of yourself because you become more aware of your body, what feels good and what does not feel good. So your heart can tell you a lot about what you need, your just need to develop the sensitivity to listen to it.

6. Connect with others from peace and love

Connect with others from the inner space and positivity that the previous tips have given you. Eye contact is of great value here. If you look someone in the eye for a while, you really connect. With positive conversations you will notice that you have more and longer eye contact. Take the time for eye contact, and enjoy the contact. You can do this by seeking eye contact more and looking away less. Connect with others if this feels good, you will get more energy from this and your heart will blossom!


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