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7 Effective Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs with ADHD


If, like me, you’ve struggled with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder ( ADHD ), you’ve probably felt anxious, restless, and off-center. These are emotions that people with ADHD often feel on a daily basis. You may also have had bad experiences with high school teachers who didn’t understand your way of learning.These confusing emotions can lead not only to stress, but also to a lack of self-confidence and even depression .
Do you know these experiences? Then I would like to share with you that ADHD can also help you instead of hindering you – if you know how.Many entrepreneurs with ADHD are successful precisely because they have ADHD. To be clear, I would like to state that success has nothing to do with money and wealth. Success is everywhere, it is in everything you experience, in everything you create from it.


Being completely absorbed in the purpose of your soul and expressing it is already a huge success. So remember: be kind to yourself when chasing ‘success’.

Do you want to know which characteristics of entrepreneurs with ADHD can give you a head start in the business field? Then read on:

Be master of your time

Entrepreneurs with ADHD often have a hard time organizing and managing their time. That’s because they have so many great ideas and thoughts to process at the same time that they have a hard time concentrating.

But once they are motivated to manage their time effectively, they perform at their best.

Many entrepreneurs with ADHD have taught themselves mastery of their time to stay in their rhythm and just as many have even developed new methods of time management for themselves. You can benefit from that.

You are therefore much better organized than others who do not struggle with time control.people with adhd

Avoid using Adderall or other stimulant-regulating agents

For young students, it can be tempting to use prescription stimuli like Adderall or Vyvanse. Nowadays it seems like everyone has tried this drug or that you know people who use or have used it.

And as long as it continues to be prescribed and use continues to rise, there seems to be no end to it either.

While stimuli can provide rapid relief in treating ADD, their use is only temporary and may prevent you from looking for a longer-term solution.

There are numerous over-the-counter natural remedies available for Adderall , many of which have the same ADD-controlling benefits, but without the unpleasant side effects (anxiety, nervousness, dependence).

Show your creative talent

What I’ve learned in my field from people with ADHD is that they have an extraordinary ability to think “out of the box.” That is a very valuable talent for start-ups that want to excel or in the PR world.

As someone with ADD/ADHD I can advise you: use every opportunity to show this talent and use it during meetings and in team projects.

Don’t go out of your way, but do make yourself heard. You will see that the right moment for it spontaneously announces itself.

Avoid distractions so you can focus

One of the positive sides of an entrepreneur with ADHD, but also a pitfall, is that you can suddenly switch from being hyper-concentrated to being unable to concentrate at all.

To avoid this pitfall, it is important that you avoid as much as possible any form of distraction that can distract you from your concentration.

Start the day by making a list of real and practical assignments that you can complete that day. Schedule a set amount of time to read and reply to email and then let it go for several hours.

Avoid meetings where your presence is not really needed. delegate. These are all easy ways to avoid distractions so you can focus on the task at hand.

Practice Mindfulness Regularly

Everyone – not just people with ADHD – can have more peace in life. But you may also have a lower tolerance for frustration.

The best method to experience less stress and feel more peaceful (Zen) in your workplace is to practice mindfulness training regularly .

There are various programs (apps) that can help you with this (I prefer Headspace myself ). For example, you can take time for a breathing exercise a few times a day.

Then when difficult moments arise, just step out and breatheGo outside regularly, even if it’s just for a few minutes. This has been shown to reduce work-related anxiety and stress .

If you find yourself ruminating on a problem over and over, shake yourself awake and turn your mind to something else by holding an ice cube to your forehead or pinching yourself. Also, find out what makes you feel peaceful during the day.

Place a basket with ‘absolutely take’ at the front door

Do you often lose things ? Then make it a habit to collect all the important things you will need the next day and place them in a basket or box by the front door. This makes you feel more confident and calm, as you have all the essentials for your work directly within reach.

Concentrate on one thing at a time7 Effective Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs with ADHD

Someone with ADHD like me often has countless incredible ideas that go through your head like whirlwinds, but you can’t realize them all at once.

Instead, you can create a document in your computer/tablet/smartphone in which you store all your ideas (or jot them down in a booklet) until the right moment of revelation spontaneously announces itself.

Then focus again on what you are doing and finish it first. Research has shown that when you focus on getting the most important tasks done first, it makes the rest of your work a lot easier .

So focus on one project at a time and you will feel more confident and empowered as a result.


I have worked with many entrepreneurs with ADD and they are people who are still full of energy and ideas at the end of the day that help them succeed in the fast-paced business world. Because people with ADHD find it difficult to sit or relax, they are often always on the go.

They want to see immediate results – and have success – and will continue until they reach their goal. People who don’t understand ADHD might think that someone with such a ‘disorder’ is on the way to their demise, but research proves otherwise.

Entrepreneurs with ADHD are highly motivated and passionate. They like to see where a single idea can lead and they keep on working hard to get the results they want. They are often very smart and driven and simply need to learn to sit still, focus on one thing at a time and then move on to the next great idea.

If this feeling resonates with you, then you can use your ADHD to make it big in business. Keep my seven tips handy so you can learn how to pool all your energies and visions to commit yourself to a single project. You will have a lot of fun with it and maybe regain some lost confidence with it.

Who said ADHD would hinder you from realizing your dreams?


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