7 reasons why avocado is indispensable in your kitchen

7 reasons why avocado is indispensable in your kitchen
Everyone knows the avocado. Maybe you already use this fruit regularly in your dishes and maybe not. This article gives 7 reasons why avocado is indispensable in your kitchen.

Avocado! It’s been on my list for so long; a blog about my love for avocados. It should be done this week. I’ve actually only been eating them for about six years, but from that first day, my life changed. Real! I found that an avocado gave me a feeling of satiety that I couldn’t get from other foods. Now I know that it contains a lot of nutrients. And of course, I was afraid that it would make me fat (avocados are ‘fat bites’, women told me) but the opposite turned out to be true: from that moment on, the kilos started to slide off. Read here why.

Avocados contain healthy fats and they don’t make you fat

7 reasons why avocado is indispensable in your kitchen

The biggest nonsense we have come to believe together is that eating fats would make us fat. Believe me; that’s old information! Fat in food is not automatically converted to fat in your body. In your stomach and intestines, healthy fat is converted into nutrients and sent to all cells of your body via your blood. It is no longer fat but a building material for your cells. We get fat from all the sweets, chemicals in our diet, too few vitamins and minerals, and a body that is constantly in survival mode: too much stress  (in all its forms) and too little relaxation.

Avocados largely contain healthy, unsaturated fatty acids. In particular, omega 9. Your hormones are made from healthy fats, including omega 3, 6, and 9. We often get far too much omega 6 through processed food products and too little omega 3 and 9. Certain studies suggest  (1 ) that eating avocados can actually contribute to a healthy weight because of those healthy fatty acids.

Avocados Can Help Improve Your Cholesterol

Cholesterol is another subject that needs to be reviewed. Cholesterol is not a culprit, your body really needs it. That’s why your liver makes itself if you don’t eat enough healthy fats, ie cholesterol.

High cholesterol does not mean that you have eaten too much fat, but it can mean that something in your body is out of balance. It is often the result of eating too much sugar, refined carbohydrates, and processed foods. Do you take statins to lower your cholesterol? Please do your research on cholesterol and make sure you are well informed. To get started, read this article:  The Great Cholesterol Maze, Don’t Be Fooled.

That said,  research  (2) shows that avocados can actually help you lower your so-called bad LDL cholesterol if it were really too high.

An avocado contains plenty of fiber and is food for your intestines and liver

7 reasons why avocado is indispensable in your kitchen

An avocado contains plenty of fiber  (3) and is, therefore, healthy food for your intestines. Your health starts in your gut, I always say. Especially the combination of avocado with ginger improves the peristalsis of your intestines and can therefore contribute to persistent constipation. Add some (freshly ground)  linseed and your constipation is solved!

If your intestines can’t do their job properly, you put extra strain on your liver. If you have weakly functioning intestines or a less well-functioning liver, an avocado on your menu on a regular basis is actually a must. One study  (4) showed that half an avocado with lunch gave a feeling of fullness for longer and in that sense contributed to a healthier weight in overweight people.

Raw avocado: bomb full of healthy nutrients (so don’t heat)

When I look at my plate or bowl of food, I often think in terms of nutrients. If you want to count something, count nutrients and not calories, I always say. There are few foods that provide as many nutrients for your body as an avocado. The list is impressive  (5). By the way, this only applies to raw avocado. I regularly see recipes for warm avocado soup or grilled avocado. Always use avocados raw; heating gives oxidation and that just doesn’t make your body happy.

Especially the high amount of vitamin K is impressive; along with vitamins D and E, you eat important antioxidants for your heart. Lutein is also good for your heart but also for the health of your eyes. Tyrosine is another important fuel for your thyroid gland and the raw material for the happiness hormone dopamine. So I can go on for a while. Avocado is really a bomb full of nutrients.

Avocados can help with painful joints

Many women suffer from painful and stiff joints as a result of osteoarthritis and/or arthritis. This is seen in regular medicine as wear and tear, but it is in fact often the result of chronic inflammation in your body. And chronic inflammation can be reduced and even made disappear with your diet. I speak from experience as I have also suffered from painful joints. When I changed my diet six years ago during my burnout and discovered avocados (!), these complaints disappeared and I hear from many women that they have had the same experience. This could be because of the powerful antioxidants that avocado contains. Antioxidants fight inflammation.

Research  (6) also shows that diet and nutritional supplements can help to combat joint pain. There is no hard evidence that avocados are especially suitable for painful joints, but since they are so healthy and delicious it is definitely worth a try. However?

You need healthy fats to absorb vitamins and minerals

7 reasons why avocado is indispensable in your kitchen

What many women don’t know is that your gut needs healthy fats to properly absorb vitamins and minerals. Eating a raw vegetable salad without healthy fats is therefore a missed opportunity! Ultimately, it’s not about what you eat, but what your body can absorb. Otherwise, you just poop and pee all those healthy nutrients out. I call that expensive shit.

Research  (7) shows that avocado helps in the absorption of carotene, a powerful antioxidant that can be found in carrots and tomatoes, among other things. So eat it preferably with an avocado on the side. This also makes it easier to absorb vitamin A, among other things.

Also, keep your liver healthy with avocado

To keep your hormones in balance, so that you feel healthy and vital, you need a healthy gut as well as a healthy liver. Many people struggle with liver problems, often without knowing it. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and liver problems due to diabetes are becoming more common. Avocado contains glutathione  (8), a very powerful antioxidant that your liver desperately needs to perform all of its 400 important functions. Several studies have been done in rats  (9) that show that eating avocado and ginger counteracts oxidative stress on the liver and other studies show that glutathione is a possible treatment (10) for liver problems in humans.

How many arguments do you need to regularly put avocados on your menu? Because of the neutral taste, you can go in all directions with it; from spicy guacamole to a sweet avocado pie.


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