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7 signs that you are not in touch with your intuition

I have writtenabout intuition before. However, it remains an important topic for me, because your intuition is your compass to make the right decisions for yourself.

From home I learned to make decisions and set goals based on your ratio. Most people learn this in the western world. Since the Enlightenment, we have a glorified reason. Unfortunately, this does not bring us what we need most, such as inner peace.

We have to do everything from our ratio. This that we spend little time on how we actually feel. While feeling is the key to abundance in every area, such as your health, your finances, your relationship(s), your work and your sense of purpose.

7 signs that you are not in touch with your intuition

Listening to and especially trusting your intuition ensures that we make decisions that do not come from our ratio, but from our Higher Self. And our Higher Self always knows what is good for you. Because of this, we make decisions for our highest good. It tells us when something is wrong, for example with our health, indicates when someone needs us and helps us to live our best life.

But how do you know if your intuition is speaking? If we are too much in our heads or if we are ‘taken over’ by an emotion, such as fear or anger, it is difficult to discern our intuition and hear what your best step is at that moment. Below I describe 7 signals that indicate that your intuition is (temporarily) blocked.

1. You are often confused and you doubt yourself

You have trouble making decisions or making choices and you often need outside confirmation to take the next step. This is a clear sign that you are not attuned to your intuition.

If you are regularly attuned, you will see that all kinds of ‘coincidences’ arise in your life that help you make the best choice possible for you. And you experience less self-doubt and the decisions you make.

Of course it is important to always check what you are feeling. It is not about blind trust, but about building trust by seeing what making decisions based on your intuition yields you. This allows you to keep better with yourself and you rely more and more on your own inner answers.

2. You are not very flexible and you often experience resistance

If you follow your intuition, it is important to accept what is and to let go of control. This may mean adjusting your plans or making different choices. If you want to keep too much control, it means that you have a certain fear belief that you can let go.

Many people in western society want to be in control of almost everything in their lives. This ensures that you regularly have to force yourself, which causes a lot of stress.

Ask yourself what you fear, why letting go is hard for you. Letting go is one of the most important elements for a relaxed life based on trust.

3. You give control of your life to others too easily

If you’re not in tune with your intuition, you may be tempted to let others make decisions for you.

I often have clients in my practice who don’t really know what they like. They are so used to doing what others want. You also ‘believe’ that someone else knows better, such as your partner, your parents or a doctor. It’s about learning to trust your own body and what it tells you.

A few weeks ago I was bitten by one of my cats (it was a startle reaction, he couldn’t help it) and my thumb and forefinger started to swell quite a bit right after. I had the feeling that this would not go away on its own and went to the doctor the next day. He told me with good intentions that I needed a tetanus shot and a course of antibiotics. The shot felt okay, but the antibiotics didn’t. I had been given three boxes and had to take three large pills a day for two weeks.

This felt unnecessary, so I started asking my body. I felt that the first three days 2 tablets a day was okay and the three days after that 1 tablet a day, in addition to magnetizing the spots. After 6 days my thumb and index finger were completely okay again and I only had to take 9 tablets instead of 42. My intestines thanked me.

With this example from my own life I do not want to indicate that you should never listen to your doctor again, but that it is important to start taking your own feelings into account in your decisions.

4. You suffer from regrets

What I also love about following your intuition is that if you do what feels best for you, it is also best for others. Even if the other person does not see this right away, in the end I have the experience that this is the case.

Intuition always leads you to what is best for your own soul and therefore also for the soul of the other. Even though your ego may not agree, it is for your highest and best good. And then regret is no longer necessary.

5. You feel knocked down by others

If your partner or one of your closest friends does something that really hurts you, you can feel quite betrayed. If you start to trust your intuition more and more, you will get ‘warnings’ at an earlier stage about other people who don’t want the best for you. This does not mean that you should become a suspicious person, on the contrary, but to take the inner signals seriously.

We’ve all had times when you don’t feel comfortable with a certain person, but your mind starts interfering with it saying things like, “Don’t think like that. That’s not polite. Everyone deserves a chance.” I used to do that too, until I gave myself permission to follow my intuition here too.

6. You adapt too much to others

You have the idea that to be accepted you have to be or act like the other person. Or that to belong you have to follow the rules of the group. As a result, you get further and further away from yourself and from what is good for you. Ask yourself why you have to be like the other person and why you can’t just be yourself.

I have conformed myself to others for much of my life and it has never brought me what really makes me happy. When I became aware of this pattern, I could increasingly feel what I wanted and what was good for me. Because of this I learned to say ‘no’ to the other and more and more often ‘yes’ to myself. That saved me a lot of energy.

7. You don’t take your own feelings seriously

In our Western society, not much attention is (yet) given to our intuition or our feelings. Most of us often learn from home that we should make decisions from our minds and get over our feelings. And thus we are missing our best source of information, even if it is not based on scientific facts.

My life has completely changed for the better when I started following my intuition. In the beginning I found it difficult, because I wanted to have control from my ratio. But when I noticed that my intuition was never wrong, I started to trust this special form of communication with myself more and more.

You can also experiment with it yourself. Listen to what your head says and listen to what your gut says. This time follow your gut and see what happens. And who knows, you might choose your feeling next time.


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