7 tips to feel zen when you’re restless

7 tips to feel zen when you're restless

We are in the midst of a period of transition – internally, in our relationships, and as all of humanity. Everyone feels the energetic tumult of this time. Within each of us is an intense life force – a brilliantly brilliant light with the potential to radiate with love and healing. Yet the sense of separation, physical and emotional pain, and the confusion in the collective consciousness make this time feel like too much of a burden.

Staying focused on the core of our love is especially important in times of turmoil and uncertainty. Changing this, in the midst of all the outside impressions, takes intuition, calm, and time to think. In this way, we can allow the connection with our deepest truth on a soul level to triumph over fear. It is essential to align our nervous system with our inner knowing so that we do not allow anger and reactivity to take over the natural love in which we are born. Here are 7 powerful, simple tools you can use to find your balance.

7 tips to feel zen when you're restless

1. Allow yourself to feel

Feel what is actually going on inside you, be aware of the chaos but don’t let the tumult be your reality. Give yourself the opportunity to let everything be simple as it is and turn your consciousness into the radiant light that is your essence. That essence is your deeper reality and your motivation.

2.Get up before sunrise

The hours before sunrise are a wonderful time to do your exercises, whether it be deep breathing, prayer, yoga, meditation, or any other way you choose to connect with your soul.

3.Try breathing square

This is one of our favorite breathing exercises. It is deeply transformative and balances the nervous system. Breathe in as slowly as you can on 8 counts. Hold your breath for 8 counts. Exhale just as long on 8 counts. And let your breath count there for 8. Focus on the energy your breath carries, and how it brings light and love to every cell of your body.

7 tips to feel zen when you're restless

4. Love trigger

When you say your prayers, finish your practice, walk in nature, or do anything that resonates with the truth of your soul, presses the tip of your tongue firmly against your roof for 15 seconds. Train yourself to do this more often, and it will become more natural. During the day, use this as a trigger to think back to the sense of connection with your soul. Whenever you feel challenged or angry, or off-balance, push your tongue back into the same spot. Your body will remember.

5 Take a cold shower

Rub natural almond oil all over your body. Start with cold water on your feet and firm your skin as you let the cold water flow higher and higher on your body. When you step out from under it, wipe yourself with a cotton towel, and massage your skin again with almond oil. Get dressed and let the fresh sensation wash over you. The cold water brings powerful healing to your body. A daily cold shower strengthens and balances your nerves so that you can better cope with stress throughout the day.

6 Take five authentic breaths

When you feel yourself panicking or losing control, take a break and give yourself five long, deep breaths to reclaim Love. Everything can wait for five breaths. Then continue with your heart as your guide.

7 Forgive Yourself

Shame is our lowest energetic vibration. When we feel guilty for our actions, we destroy our frequency more than when we forgive. Trust that you are enough. More than enough. Inhale deeply and release on your exhale.



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