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8 Disgusting Truths You Still Need To Hear To Get Your Life In Order

As much as we are convinced that we have our lives in order, life still has some hard truths for us. Running away unfortunately is not an option, we must take these truths to heart to really take responsibility for our lives.

You may already be aware of some of these truths; as for the others, I’d rather be the blunt one she tells you. Hate me today, then thank me tomorrow.

Oh by the way, this isn’t going to be a super cranky piece about how awful life is. It is intended to encourage you to get started with this knowledge.

Here are 8 horribly honest truths that you need to hear, in a video and written down.

1. You Will Regret All The Time You Spend On Social Media

Social media, super fun, I’m just as addicted as you. But because of all that social media, we are a lot less connected than ever before, while it seems that we are more connected. Yes, we can get in touch with thousands of people, that’s easy, but does it have such depth?

Social media robs us of real connection and real life experiences. Instead of looking around us, out into the world, while walking somewhere or in public transport, we let ourselves be taken in by what the digital world offers us. If we stay as addicted as we are now, things could turn out really scary, regardless of how harmful all that technology might be.

2. Your Comments Are The Problem

Yes, nasty things happen. And often it is difficult to deal with. As tough as a challenge is, it’s our response that matters how much of an impact it has on our lives.

It’s up to you to decide how grumpy it gets when you get cut off on the highway. If someone thinks badly of you, it’s your choice to hide in your shell insecurely. Let your spontaneous reaction be there for a while, so that you can then consciously choose how long you want your reaction to affect the rest of your life.

3. The Most Dangerous Thing You Can Do Is Avoid Danger

Whether you see yourself as someone who seeks danger or not, nothing is more dangerous than being complacent. Not that your life is so stupid that you absolutely have to get up now to do something about it, but in general, risk-averse behavior is really super dangerous.

If you have big goals, go for them, don’t aim for something small. Don’t settle for “pretty okay” when you know inside that you would love to do, create, have so much more. If you don’t take the risk, it will cost you your happiness.

4. Make Sure You Always Have Enough Money For What Matters To You

“Oh, I’d love to go to that lecture or class that could change my life, but hey, I’m pretty tight!” Yes, that’s fine, but then you have to make sure you have more than enough to do those important things.

Often it is because we do spend money on unimportant things. If we spend 5 euros on a luxury coffee, we don’t think that that money will never come back, while we do make a fuss about those few hundred euros that we could really find great happiness with. You don’t have to spend your very last cents on a seminar, and you can spoil yourself every now and then, but think about where your money is going.

5. People Will Hate You Anyway

You can do your best to please everyone, but you’ll see: there are always people who don’t like you. So instead of spending your valuable time doing what you think other people would want, just accept yourself fully . That’s much more fun.

6. Blaming Weaken You

In the moment it often seems attractive to blame the environment, or someone else, but in the long run it becomes a bad habit. The less responsibility you take for what you do and what decisions you make, the weaker you become spiritually.

Initially, if you take responsibility for your actions, you may encounter some bumps, but if you persevere, you will live on the basis of honesty. This will strengthen your ability to take on challenges.

7. People Don’t Think About You As Often As You Think

The way we see it, the world revolves around us, but there are seven billion people who think the same way. We’re not all terribly selfish, but in general we are more concerned with how others see us than with how we see others.

Again, embrace your true self, find peace in the realization that people are far too busy with themselves to give you as much attention as you might think.

8. Even The Perfect Relationship Doesn’t Complete You

In my life I have a few friends whose long-term relationships I admire, I hope to have one myself someday. But even these people, who seem to have found the True Love, are aware that true happiness comes from within yourself, not from the other.

Relationships are an extension of our happiness, not its foundation, so focus on solidifying your True Self and the rest will come naturally.


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