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8 Scientifically Backed Reasons to Sing ‘Om’

When I first started yoga, I was relatively surprised by how easy and natural it felt to sing along with the group ‘Om’. I’d seen it in movies before and I’d heard of the repetitive chanting in certain religions, but I’d never done anything with it myself until I was in yoga class. I have no doubt that Om is a mantra with a strong and high level of vibration, for you can literally feel it! Singing Om has multiple mental, physical and spiritual benefits. There is even scientific research to support its health benefits.

According to the Vedas, sounds such as the waves hitting the rocks and the wind blowing the leaves are a form of things colliding, creating waves of air molecules, which we perceive as sound. But the sound of ‘Om’ develops on its own, which is why it is also called the sound of the universe, which consists of all that is. As Yoganand put it, Om chanting is ‘representing all consciousness’.

The Sanskrit word Om is pronounced ‘Ohm’ and refers to the threefold division of time (the awake state, the dreaming state and the deep sleep). To also stands for God, Source and Universal Consciousness. It is seen as the sound of creation, thus referring to everything that exists. Om practitioners can cultivate energy that flows upward through the chakras and out through the crown of your head.

According to the yoga texts, Hinduism and Buddhism, Om is also the mantra for the chakra in your third eye, as chanting Om can help you cleanse and balance your third eye. Om also has to do with your crown chakra, which represents your connection to

8 Benefits You Can Notice When You Sing To:

It reduces stress

A study from the International Journal of Yoga found that singing Om decreases activity in the limbic system. That’s the part of your brain that deals with stress, emotions, learning, and motivation. By measuring brain activity with an MRI machine, scientists discovered that singing Om relaxes the brain and could thus reduce stress. Another study found that it can be used to help with depression.

It increases concentration

If you’re already into meditation, you probably already understand how chanting a mantra like Om can increase your concentration. Yoga texts speak of the eight parts or branches of yoga, the sixth of which is Dharana, which is Sanskrit for concentration. To train your concentration, you can meditate and chant mantras to bring yourself to your highest state of concentration. In this context, this means that the yogi is fully present and thus able to slow down the mind so that it either focuses on one thing or so that the mind is completely stilled.

It balances your emotions

If you’re feeling a little sad or uncomfortable, singing Om can help you connect with your Self and balance your emotions. You may find that your mind clears up while singing. That’s because you focus on one thing: the sound or vibration of Om. Om has the same frequency as everything in nature, allowing you to become more connected and look deeper into yourself.

It strengthens your spine

When you say the first part of Om, the ‘Oooh’ sound, the vibration comes from the lower abdomen, which supports your spine. It is said that the more often a person sings Om, the more efficient their spine can become.

It can relieve stomach upset

A Harvard study found that meditation can relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and boost gut health. The study showed that participants showed reduced symptoms of IBS and also had less anxiety, and thus an overall higher quality of life, when the Relaxation Response was triggered. Singing Om can also trigger this response, which often happens during meditation. So next time you have a stomachache, singing Om might help with that too!

It improves your heart health

Meditation has already been proven to improve heart health. Repeating Om is a form of meditation, especially since the sustained silence after Om is an essential part of chanting Om. A 2006 study looked at the effects of transcendental meditation (TM), a form of meditation in which the practitioner continuously repeats a mantra. They found that TM can improve blood pressure and the autonomic systems of the heart and nervous system, and lower the risk of coronary artery disease.

It increases your mental alertness

A 2010 study looked at the effects of chanting Om on your mind. The researchers found that singing Om resulted in a combination of both mental alertness and physiological calm. That makes sense, considering that meditation and chanting mantras can increase your concentration!

It helps you to think less negatively

Singing Om creates a positive vibration in your body, which can attract positivity back into your life. Singing Om allows you to focus the chakra of your third eye and look inward, which stills your mind. If you find yourself talking negatively about yourself a lot or having trouble stopping thinking, try singing Om a few times and see if it helps slow your mind a bit!

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to chanting mantras , there is no right or wrong: anyone can do it and everyone can sound a little different! Sometimes I sing Om a few times while driving, and often I do it after my yoga practice. It helps me calm my mind and look within, to remind me of all the love we all carry within us. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and give it a try!


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