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8 simple ways to get rid of negative energy

We all love that wonderful, healing energy we get from spending time in nature. Away from civilization. But eventually you have to go home. If we compare that feeling of peace and connection in nature with the stress, noise, crowds and negative energy of the city, everyone feels that there is a difference between them. In part, that difference is due to the energy programmed into the physical objects of those two worlds. In general, nature has more positive energy in it than our home or residence.

Why is nature’s energy so positive?

  • There are fewer people in nature. So it is further away from all their thoughts. Thoughts are energy and that energy sticks to the physical objects around us. Negative thought energy creates more powerful energy patterns. Therefore, negative energy lingers longer than positive energy. Worry, fear, stress all last longer than love, peace and happiness.
  • Sunlight is a stream of positive energy that washes away all negative energy. It’s like pouring cold, pure water from a mountain stream over a sponge. The sponge releases everything that was already in it. Have you ever felt sad from a day at the beach?
  • Nature is usually full of plants. Plants radiate positive energy . They are alive, so they have a positive vibration. And because they can’t really think, no negative energy is added, as it does with humans. Plants don’t worry about their work, their bills or their relationships.

ways to get rid of negative energy

Before we fill our home and aura with positive energy, we must first get rid of all the negative energy that has built up. Below is a list of eight simple and proven techniques and ways to get rid of heavy, negative energy.

8 ways to get rid of negative energy

  1. Salt carpet . This is the simplest way. Just sprinkle some dry table salt on the carpet and wait an hour. Then vacuum up the salt again with your vacuum cleaner. The average room needs about 3 to 6 tablespoons of salt. Salt crystals have the fantastic, natural ability to erase the nature of energy. Salt works for energy like an eraser on a blackboard. The information on the board is simply erased.
  2. aura spray. This is mainly grounding and protective and it creates space around you. It raises the vibration in your energy field, as it were, so that you are no longer susceptible to influences from others. You can find a really good spray here.
  3. Clean up the mess . Things like old magazines and dirty clothes can hold a lot of negative energyThrow away everything you no longer need. Keep your coffee table neat and clean. Put your dirty laundry in a laundry basket. Wash the dishes and put everything away neatly. Negative energy needs objects to stick to. By keeping your living spaces neat and clean, the negative energy disappears automatically.ways to get rid of negative energy
  4. Loud noises . This is why the Chinese love popping fireworks so much. Loud sounds break energy patterns, causing the energy to disperse and disappear. Mother Nature does exactly the same when lightning strikes.
  5. Put on spiritual music . My favorite is Snatam Kaur . Buddhist monks themselves use tingshas , ​​ancient cymbals, to break up unwanted energy. You can also go a long way with your stereo. Combine this technique with number 4 for a deep cleaning of your room.
  6. meditate . By meditating well in a room once or twice a day , you send out a powerful positive vibration. The vibrations from a meditative state are much more powerful than normal. This is because you consciously make the positive energy much more powerful than the negative energy. With a good meditation your room will be filled with nice energy within a few hours.
  7. Rearrange your room . The Chinese do that with Feng Shui. As I said, negative energy needs something to cling to. By furnishing your room with as much open space as possible, you drive the negative energy apart. But simply moving your furniture also causes that harmful energy to evaporate.
  8. Put plants down . Plants give your house color, life, oxygen and positive energy. So only good. But then you have to water them and take good care of them. Water treated with intention can affect plant growth rate

There is of course another way to get rid of negative energy: with smudging ! Even in the happiest family, negative energy enters our home. That happens without you realizing it. Suppose you go to the supermarket, for example. What you buy there has already been touched several times: by the stock filler, by the cashier. The shopping cart you put your stuff in is also still full of the energy of everyone who used it for you.

If you’ve ever bought something at a flea market, through an advertisement, on Marktplaats, you name it – all that stuff can still carry the energy of the previous owner(s). And from everyone who touched it between when you bought it and when you got it.

3 ways of smudging to clear negative energy


We usually do sage smudging to cleanse, bless or heal a person or object. When a person enters a ceremony, or a sacred space, we use sage to cleanse the energy. Sage is the most commonly used herb to cleanse objects of old energies, so for example when we buy something second-hand or when we have gone shopping. You buy White Sage here online at



If you smudge with cedar wood, you want to give something protection. You usually use it to clean an apartment or house before moving in. Cedar wood protects your home from unwanted spirits. You can also use it to protect yourself, a sacred place or a room from unwanted influences. You can buy cedar wood online here.

Sweetgrass (sweet grass)

Sweetgrass is the breath of Mother Earth. It spreads her holy love. Smudging with sweetgrass reminds us of the love and presence of the Sacred Feminine and how She gives us everything we need. You can find it online here.


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