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8 Traits You Learn When Raised By A Strong Mother

During my childhood, whenever I had experiences such as fear, sadness, confusion, judgment, or lack of self-confidence, it was always my strong mother who calmed me, lifted me out of my dazed mood and guided me to a place of love, light and strength.

But it wasn’t just her words that shaped me into a strong-willed woman, it was mostly the actions in her own life. Her way of responding to challenges, the way she presented herself – as if she could cut glass with her confidence – and her all-knowing attitude that every breath on this planet is worth it.

That shaped me into the person I am today in so many ways. And I know I’m not alone in that. If you have a strong mother, you will appreciate these eight traits she may have taught you:

You learn the importance of being independent

If you put your happiness, success and well-being in the hands of someone else, you lose your power over how you want to present yourself in the world. No one should have the opportunity to determine for you what feels right for you and what doesn’t. From falling in love to starting a family, from building a career to choosing the people around you and the hobbies you enjoy, the decisions about your life are yours for continuous growth.

You learn the value of selflessness and unconditional love

Sick or healthy, in difficult and easy times, your mother was there for you. No problem was too big or not noticeably small, everything was negotiable and commendable. She gave her time to take care of you in every way she could, she never complained because everything came from unconditional love.

You learn to love yourself unconditionally

The older you get, the less you allow things to affect you. Everything that doesn’t serve you doesn’t get room in your life, so you don’t pay attention to it. You know that the fundamental value of your being cannot be determined by negatively charged people, failed relationships and difficult circumstances. What matters is how you respond to all of this. Despite all the hardships, you remain undisturbed by yourself, because your mother taught you that if you want to move forward, the only way there is right in front of you.8 Traits You Learn When You Are Raised By A Strong Mother.

You learn that you can be as soft as you are strong

Did you never see your mother cry when you were little? Never see her eyes roll in despair and her heart melt at great or small events? That doesn’t mean she wouldn’t have feelings. Her strength was in her ability to hold everything together. Her sense of compassion to nurture you and follow your growth shows her gentleness from her heart. She taught you to accept life with your head held high, but also to maintain your relationships with people who matter to you.

You learn to manifest your own happiness

Your mother taught you that you can be happy even under the most difficult circumstances, because life cannot be measured by a few moments. She found even in the darkest days a smile, a burst of laughter, proof that when all hope is lost, all you have to do is look deep inside to see your true self, filled with pure love and joy.

You learn not to look back

The past has shaped you, but you are not your past. Your mother never thought about a missed opportunity, because she knew it was a wasted effort. She just accepted how it felt and used that feeling as fuel to do better next time and take a different path. She taught you that putting one foot in front of another is the key to progress and that everything that happened in the past has pushed you forward.

You learn that her understanding of love is still greater than yours

With every fight, every broken heart, every new relationship, you felt that you were learning more about what true love is. And as you learn, you still have faith in your mother’s answers, because everything you’re going through, she’s already experienced at least twice. Even if your choices don’t meet her approval, it doesn’t mean you ignore her advice, because she’s proven to be right every time.

You learn from a strong mother that it’s never too late to be who you really are

While in life you can sometimes lose yourself, you will always find your way back. Your strong-willed mother is living proof. Through the pain and sorrow, she never gave up, even if it felt that way. Being happy, feeling free, feeling beautiful, being successful and staying true to yourself is unlimited.


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