Monday, December 5, 2022
Imagine that anything is possible…

So what’s stopping you from going for your optimal living conditions?

I myself am convinced that everything, really everything is possible. If we look at the principles of physics, all atoms of any substance are made up of the same particles. They just move in different ways on a microscopic level.
But did you also know that the movement of these elementary particles, which make up matter, can be influenced by the person who looks at it. ( Joe Dispenza; the observer effect )
Pretty shocking isn’t it?

It has long been proven that every substance can be influenced and starts to ‘behave’, as it were, to form in the image that the observer expects. And that can work out for you in different ways in your daily life.

To give an example: Do you also recognize that as a child you were in the same situation with a sibling or other child, but at the end of the day remembered it completely differently? That you were sure that the game had gone a certain way, while the other person was also very sure that it had gone differently.

From your own perception you will always see and experience your truth.

Your truth at that moment rests on the truth that your brain can handle . Because that’s just how it is. If you have certain thoughts about what you think can and cannot be done and someone you love does something that you really can’t do, then there is a chance that you perceive it, but your brain registers it differently. Because you don’t want to know that the person you love so much is doing something that you can’t stand behind.
In this way you create a safe way of perceiving the world, a survival mechanism.

A very different example of the same idea:
Do you also know of those people who always seem to be doing well? Nice job, happy, healthy, everything always seems to go smoothly and they get exactly what they want.
How come some people seem to have it so easy, while other people seem to have to fight for everything? You can throw it on the vicious circle; if you’re not healthy, you can’t find a good job and you can’t be happy.creative power

You can also choose to believe in your creative power!

Imagine that everything around us, even our bodies, is made up of the same structures. And that these structures can take any shape you can imagine/allow for. Can you imagine where the limiting factor lies then? Precisely!

The limiting factor in your creation process is purely your ability in your thinking; allowing certain forms into your life.

A lot of people say they want to be happy, be healthy, really want to make a lot of money, or attract a nice partner. But can you handle that at all?

Are you willing to allow yourself to be rich, happy and have a nice partner standing by your side?
Initially we all say loudly ‘Yes!’. But many people (un)consciously have a judgment, bad association or a brake on certain possibilities in their lives. Because, in addition to all the benefits of being rich, your brain may also think: ‘Rich, then I’ll be a rich stinker and my family will think something of that’.

Or ‘being happy, people will see me standing there. Then I don’t need other people anymore, so then I’m alone’. Or ‘then people take advantage of me because I am rich’. They seem like very crooked associations, but they are very common. And if it doesn’t feel safe to be different from the rest, it can sometimes be easier not to go for your desired options.

You may assume that if you do not fully experience your life as optimal, you will stop yourself from allowing other forms in your life. You may experience lack of support, strength or love, but if you can allow it into your life, life can support you in its entirety again. The only limiting factor is you.

Of course, I can imagine that many people may find these words offensive or misplaced, especially with regard to, for example, childhood experiences. How could you have created certain experiences as a child?

Yet I am also convinced there that someone can have in his unconscious convictions that he would rather be a victim than have to be powerful. Or very young children may “attract” certain experiences because they have “inherited victim beliefs from their parents, or because it may be their way of keeping a parent happy in a self-sacrificing way.”
These are just possibilities and not an answer, nor approval for all the bad experiences you experienced as a child. We live in a quantum world where many realities and truths can be true at the same time.


imagine. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if children in the future could become aware of their strength as young as possible? Every thought carries a certain (electrical) charge. Naturally, this charge will want to convert or transfer its energy; a reaction in the environment is the logical consequence.

So if children learn at a very young age that every thought triggers a reaction in their immediate environment and body, they learn to become aware of their creative power at a very young age. Do you realize that if children learn this at a very young age, they also learn to pay attention to certain thoughts much more consciously.

My point is that people should become aware of their creative power. Because it is currently being used unconsciously and not always for the most optimal form of the person himself. Sacrifice and suffering is not necessary. you can really teach yourself that it is safe to stand in your power and give yourself the best, without doing others a disservice!

Sometimes fears can arise from experiences that you have not yet fully processed and that prevent you from moving forward. In that case, I always recommend that you seek support from someone who can learn to convert thought forms and remove fears from your system. For example with: Theta Healing, NLP, Hypnosis therapy, EMDR there are of course several other options.

If a thought, belief or fear prevents you from enjoying and creating optimal situations in your life, choose to let it go. He may have served you for a long time, protecting you from pain or loneliness. But you can also convert that link that your brain made at the time. Choose to accept new connections and know that all possibilities are given to you.

The question is: Do you allow yourself those opportunities?

Stop identifying yourself as weak, clingy and unhappy
Stop identifying yourself as, for example, better than everyone else and always strong.
Start by allowing yourself to decide how you want to experience your day, every day.
Start by allowing yourself which thoughts you want to pay attention to.
Start by lovingly allowing yourself to consciously create your life the way you want it, without wanting to hold on to who you really are.creative power

If you start to allow all possibilities into your world and your perception. No approval and disapproval, you are just right as you are and from there you can create with all your attention what you want at that moment.

What would that do to you? Can you distance yourself from the suffering in your world and from your identifications that no longer fit you? Can you step into your power and see what you actually want? Every moment is a moment full of new possibilities, can you allow yourself to start over?

I give it to you wholeheartedly! My wish for you is that in 2016 you can fully enjoy your creative power!
A better world starts with you.


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