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9 Signs of Spiritual Awakening – Have you ‘woke up’?


What is Spiritual Awakening?

When we awaken spiritually, we literally “wake up” to life. We begin to question our old beliefs, habits and social conditioning and see that life is much more than what we have been taught.

It is common to ask questions such as, “Why am I here?” “What is the purpose of my life?” “What Happens After Death?” and other questions that explore the fundamental nature of life. Spiritual awakening raises the deepest and most important questions in us.

When people awaken spiritually, they often don’t understand what is going on. They think there is something wrong with themselves or with their lives. They do not feel ‘whole’, incomplete and may feel trapped in the structure of their lives. This brings discomfort, a feeling that ‘the jacket no longer fits’. And from there they go in search of ‘themselves’, as we can say so beautifully. This is the path of consciousness development. Jentien Keijzer

Spiritual awakening can happen at any time in your life . It can be spontaneous, but it can also be caused by major life changes, diseases , tragedies and traumas such as life-threatening illnesses, car accidents, divorces, war, midlife crises and much more. In general, the spiritual awakening process is accompanied by an experience known as The Dark Night of the Soul.

Spiritual awakening has also been associated with ascension symptoms or ascension phenomena. Here you will find a checklist of 51 symptoms.

There are many signs of awakening. Here are my 9. See how many you can identify with.

9 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

1. You create your own beliefs

Many people who call themselves spiritual can spend hours talking about the spiritual beliefs of others. But when it comes to their own spiritual beliefs, they often turn out not to have them. If you really awaken spiritually, you will indeed get some comfort from existing beliefs and systems, but in addition, your own new ideas and beliefs will also arise, perhaps during a deep meditation or yoga.

2. You want more freedom

During your spiritual awakening, you will wake up one day, look around you and suddenly feel chained by your home, your work, your possessions and possibly even your relationship. Don’t jump out of bed just yet to throw everything away, or buy a van to follow your favorite band on tour. First, think about the things in your life that are dragging you down and taking away your freedom. Think about what life would be like and what you can do without these things.

3. You are strongly attracted to personal development

Previously, someone’s vibrant tales of escaping slavery or curing a disease probably didn’t interest you. But suddenly stories about personal developments and triumphs are important to you. You are attracted to it, because you are now also striving for this yourself.

4. Being in nature makes you feel more connected than ever

Maybe you used to find a walk through the woods boring. Or were you annoyed because you missed that important game on television, or couldn’t play video games. However, during your spiritual awakening you forget all this once you are in nature. You suddenly feel so much more connected to nature and the entire Universe when you are outside. It seems like you can feel the heartbeat of the planet.

5. You find yourself talking more to yourself or praying more

It is a subconscious change that takes place during your spiritual awakening. Suddenly you feel the need to express your thoughts and feelings, either to yourself, to a higher entity, or in prayer. There’s nothing wrong with that. Speaking your thoughts out loud causes them to end up in the Universe. Who knows how the Universe will react to this.

6. You experience synchronicity

Synchronicity is a rather strange experience. You experience meaningful, interconnected events that don’t seem to be just coincidental. These experiences often seem to send us in a certain direction, but sometimes they just remind us that we are already on the right path.

7. You feel a deep unity with your fellow man

Am I waking up? – 9 Signs of Spiritual AwakeningCongratulations. You have entered the empathic realm. All human beings are equipped to some extent with the ability to feel empathy. Empathy is the feeling you have when you notice the pain of the other person and then feel it yourself. It makes you feel unwell or pass out when you see blood. You feel the pain of others. You experience what they experience. During the spiritual awakening you notice that you are more connected with your fellow man. Not just in the way Moby sings about in his song “ We Are All Made of Stars” , but you start to understand that everyone is going in the same direction, that people are going through about the same thing and that we are really not alone.

8. Taking care of your body is more important than ever

You smoke , you drink and you get food at the snack bar. But then you discover that you are awakening spiritually and suddenly you find none of that attractive anymore. You want fresh orange juice and a salad with fresh vegetables. In fact, you may want to grow your own vegetables, be one with the land and nourish your body in the purest way possible.

9. All your emotions are felt on a deeper level

Of course, every person experiences a wide variety of emotions. But people who are in the midst of spiritual awakening feel this on an even deeper level . Spiritual people are characterized as happy, cheerfully frolicking angels, but spiritual people also feel anger and depression. And they experience these emotions more intensely than the average person. You can’t say they don’t experience joy and contentment as well, but they simply feel the whole range to a higher degree.


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