A bumblebee in your path means cleaning up, starting over and realizing dreams

A bumblebee in your path means cleaning up, starting over and realizing dreams

Bumblebee the bumblebee, what a thump I hear in the attic… (I believe it comes from a song and bumblebee in English turns out to be Bumblebee). This is about cleaning up, starting over, realizing dreams, and showing your soft sides. The bumblebee is a funny animal with a woolly coat to protect it from the cold, but also from the heat. In the spring it emerges from its hibernation site to start a new life. A new nest, a new colony with a new people. He has left his old nest behind.

April’s bumblebee and energy

When the bumblebee comes your way, it’s time for a change. That does not mean that you should burn all your ships behind you, but that you take a good look at what has become superfluous in your life. In the attic, for example, or behind those closed (wardrobe) doors.

What should you do with all those things that you haven’t looked at for years or that don’t fit you anymore or actually never liked at all? Take a good look at everything, select, see if you can make someone else happy with it, recycle and just throw the rest away. Create a tidy nest for a fresh start or if you want to tackle it rigorously, it may be time for a new home.

Old and new contacts

You may also notice that the people you have had a good relationship with for many years become further away from you. It all makes sense. Like the bumblebee, you come out of hibernation and a new season is about to begin. If all goes well, you have passed a time of (self) reflection, but the other person has also gone through this. Each in his or her own way and each way is good. Still, sometimes roads separate, but new people always come your way, who are better attuned to your ‘buzzing frequency’ at that moment.

A bumblebee in your path means cleaning up, starting over and realizing dreams

Room for your nest

Once found the right place, the bumblebee will build its nest in the ground. That nest is designed in such a way that it can optimally fulfill its function in the coming seasons. There is not only enough space for themselves, something that you should not forget, but also for the housing of the new people that arise.

Create a nice place for yourself where you can relax and where others are also welcome, provided they have the right ‘buzzing frequency’, because the bumblebee prefers to keep ‘strange buzzers’ outside the door. These pose a threat to the balance and survival of the bumblebee population.

So feel good who you allow into your life and who there is no room for any more, because the ‘strange buzzers’ will always throw you off balance or use your energy to fly further on your own. You will probably end up being left wing lame.

And when you’re settled on your bumblebee throne, take a look around you. Realize what you have created, how happy you can be with it and how many others you have made or will make happy with your creation.


A bumblebee in your path means cleaning up, starting over and realizing dreams

The bumblebee has a high cuddliness level. Real! It feels velvety soft, but be careful… It can also sting. Unlike other bees, he can only use his stinger once. After that, it will ‘hook’ in the opponent and the bumblebee will die. In the near future, this may mean that you would like to give out a good job here and there for whatever reason. Don’t be tempted, just keep flying bumblebee and see how things resolve themselves, without you taking yourself off balance.


When you have made the right base for yourself, you can fly out in search of the purest nectar. The bumblebee is selective and goal-oriented when it comes to collecting nectar. It might be a good idea to check the labels of the products you buy more often. The first ingredient on the label is the item that has the most in it, then the second, etc. Watch out for artificial sugars, E numbers, GMO grains (GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism), vegetables, fruits, and fish.

Food can also have another meaning. How do you feed your energy field? Go for a walk, go to the sauna, work in your garden, exercise, meditate or do yoga. Everything that makes you feel better and that enriches yourself energetically contributes to your balance. When you return to your tidy nest with a tidy mind, you will zoom into dreamland in the evening.


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