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A Conversation with God – the Little Soul and the Sun

Somewhere in time there was a Little Soul who said to God: ‘I know who I am!’

God said, ‘That’s very beautiful. Who are you then?’

And the Little Soul cried: ‘I am the Light!’

God smiled broadly and said, “That’s right. You are the Light.’

The Little Soul was overjoyed, for it had discovered what all souls in the Kingdom need to discover.

“Woopie,” said the Little Soul. “That feels good!”

But soon the Little Soul wanted more than just to know what it was. Now it wanted to be what it was. That’s why the Little Soul went back to God. (All souls who want to be what they essentially are should do.)

The Little Soul said, “Hi, God. I know who I am now, but can I really be that?’

God replied, “Do you mean you want to be who you already are?”

‘Well,’ said the Little Soul, ‘it is nice to know who I am, but to be it, that is something completely different. I want to know what it feels like to be the Light.’

“But you already are!” repeated God with a smile.

“Yes, but I want to know what that feels like,” the Soul insisted.

‘Ah well,’ God chuckled, ‘I should have known. You always loved adventures.’

But then suddenly God looked serious. ‘Alone…’

“Just what?” asked the Little Soul.

“Look, there’s nothing but the Light. I have created nothing but what you are. Therefore, it is not so easy for you to discover who you really are. After all, what you are not isn’t there at all?’

“Hey?” said the Little Soul, stunned.

‘You have to look at it that way,’ said God, ‘you are like a candle in the Sun. You are there, along with a million other candles that make up the Sun. And the Sun wouldn’t be the Sun without you.’

No, it would be a sun with one less candle – quite different from the Sun, because then it wouldn’t shine as brightly. But to recognize yourself as the Light when you are surrounded by Light is a problem.’

‘Well,’ said the Little Soul a little more cheerfully, ‘you are God. Just make something up.’

God smiled again. ‘I already did that. Because you cannot see yourself as the Light if you are a part of that Light, I will surround you with darkness.’


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