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A Course in Crystals: Why do I take stones to bed?

When I moved to San Diego I was in a mid-life crisis, not accepted by most of my family and friends and it felt like the whole world was resting on my shoulders. I ate and slept badly and lost a lot of weight. It seemed that I had reached the lowest point in my life.
Arkansas quartz
Arkansas quartz

What I had with me and what became an important source of comfort to me were my crystals. After I moved, I took 3 special stones with me to bed.

A thick layered sheet of clear selenite the size of a hardback book, a barrel-shaped piece of Arkansas quartz the size of a palm, and a short, thick and gray sword-shaped piece of selenite with a water bubble in it.

I slept on my back with the selenite plate on my heart and the quartz and selenite “sword” in both hands with my arms crossed. Lying there I probably most resembled a relief on the lid of a sarcophagus. What I found was that when I slept with those stones, I woke up refreshed and filled with a little new hope every day.

Even though I didn’t know and didn’t really care why I was so attached to those crystals, the choice from then is completely clear to me now. The selenite helped banish the negativity I was carrying and protect me from absorbing more discordant energy. The quartz enhanced the effect of the selenite.

It also increased my ability to communicate on a different plane, which for me meant connecting with my children on a different level at a time when daily telephone conversations were not always possible. Another benefit of sleeping with selenite was that it helped keep my spine straight despite sleeping on a rug on the concrete floor. Over time, I felt better and better and slept less and less with the stones.

Eventually the crystals found another place in my room. The plate has become part of my altar, the quartz gives energy to the living room and the “selenite sword” is in my healing box and is used for smoothing and cleaning auras. They still occupy an important place in my life even though they don’t have to rattle in my bed at night anymore.

In recent years my spiritual growth has been supported by many minerals. For some it was for a few days or weeks, others have been active for one or more years.

Many have been sleeping stones, others pocket/bag or personal healing stones. You may be wondering about a stone that you are especially attached to, one that fits you most in a particular place, or one that you always want to take to bed or out with you.

If so, then you are using the crystal energy on a very personal level. Intuitively and instinctively you look for an energetic partner who is best for your own growth and healing. If you want to find out why you are especially attracted to certain stones, there are a few things you can do to learn this.

One of the first things to understand the purpose of a crystal is to read a good book about the meaning of that particular stone. There are many good books on the qualities and uses of stones and crystals; from worldly to mystical. When you read this kind of information, there are often words or phrases that stand out to you.

While some information may not be important to you, if you are open to the possibilities, other parts may be relevant. You may be surprised to find out how well a particular stone fits in with your current physical, emotional and spiritual journey.

Don’t ignore the ordinary “mineral guides” either. They provide information (such as locations, hardness and how certain minerals are formed) that can stimulate your intuition, give you ideas and deepen understanding of your stones.

For example: If you need healing related to an accident in a state like Utah, knowing that the stone was mined in this state may be decisive for you because it has the energy of the state and mine where it was found carries. While some information may not seem very mystical or spiritual, it can be important for a better understanding of your own stones.

Another way you can learn to learn more about your stones or crystals is to write in a kind of “free stream of consciousness”. Sit down with your rock, pen and paper, set the intention that you want to learn more about the personal purpose the crystal in your other hand has with you, and let whatever comes to you come to you on the paper.

Whatever it is, write it down. Even if you are reminded that the suit is at the dry cleaner’s or that Aunt Mabel has really bad breath when she talks to you. What will happen is that you will go through your messy thoughts and you will start writing down things related to your set intent. Maybe they are single words you used, phrases,

raw selenite rods
The selenite helped banish the negativity I was carrying and protect me from absorbing more discordant energy

Another way is to meditate with them and find out what they want to tell you. You don’t have to be a famous medium or sensitive person at all to get personal information from crystals that you won’t find in books. Even if you don’t think you’re good at meditating, you might be surprised what happens when you try this with a crystal or mineral.

If necessary, create a short ritual around your meditation to direct your intent and don’t forget a pen and paper to write down the details that tend to fade quickly from your memory. Part of my ritual was lighting a candle and putting on some headphones to calm music (the headphones came in especially handy when my sons were playing karate champions and my daughter yelled for her doll class to be quiet).

If you can create peace for yourself and get into the right frame of mind through a ritual, you can make clear the intention that you want to communicate with your crystal and deepen the relationship. Then sit quietly and listen with your heart and with your mind. Is there a thought, word, color or experience that comes to mind?

Don’t judge what you receive. There are people who channel very easily and get a lot of information, but it’s not the same for everyone. We generally receive information in a way that fits our personality. This one doesn’t have to be complicated or hard to understand to make sense. So if you have colors, thoughts, memories, etc.,

don’t judge them; let your mind bend over it. For example, if you are working on a crystal and you have a feeling, thought or inner image of the color blue, your next wish is probably to find out what the color blue means to you. What words or feelings come up with this color? What other thoughts and memories manifest when you think of and image the color blue?

How do they fit in with your current personal life? Write down these bits of information as you get them. You can look back later to see if you can find any more keys in your meditative writing. It will not be long before your understanding of why you and your crystal have chosen each other will grow. Behold, we managed to communicate with a crystal! It’s that easy! Behold, we managed to communicate with a crystal! It’s that easy! Behold, we managed to communicate with a crystal! It’s that easy!

The more you practice, the more common your own style of “stone talk” becomes, and the deeper your relationship becomes. Just like between people, your stones/crystals will also be able to move within “the intimate circle of your friends” and also come out of it. You can always check with them how they support you on your personal path.

Now that we have chosen our crystals and stones and learned how to better communicate with them, it is time to learn more about the maintenance and nourishment of crystals and minerals.Here’s an article from me on how to clean, cleanse, recharge, and care for your favorite mineral friends.


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