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A crystal as a bridge between here-and-now – and higher frequencies

Crystals come in all shapes and sizes, for every physical complaint or emotional wish there is a supporting stone. It sometimes seems as if by indexing on a complaint, you buy a matching crystal that relieves you of your problem. But it doesn’t work that way, of course. A crystal is not a panacea, it is a tool.

It is not that you solve your headache by just carrying a suitable crystal with you. Or your heartbreak disappears like snow in the sun because you have rose quartz on your bedside table. What do you need to do to receive the healing and healing powers of a crystal?

A crystal essentially has healing and healing power. Whether that power actually reaches us depends to a large extent on ourselves. As the owner of a crystal, you also have to open up to the energy. For some people this comes naturally where others first have to consciously tune in to experience the energy of the crystal.A crystal as a bridge between here-and-now - and higher frequencies

In order to work with the energy of the crystal, you must first connect. The crystal is a being in itself, doing its own thing. The part that is here on earth in the third dimension is simply standing somewhere ‘stone’, while the crystal being, the being that is connected to the crystal, dwells in the higher dimensions.

A dimension is an energetic layer of consciousness, where other beings live and where there is a different atmosphere than the one we experience here in daily life. By tuning in to such a layer, you make contact with it and an exchange can arise. You can do that attunement by asking a question and letting the answer come to you, or by meditating, by holding and ‘examining’ the crystal and of course by a visualization in which you encounter the crystal being.

What does the crystal being do for you?

A crystal as a bridge between here-and-now - and higher frequenciesWhen you have made contact with the crystal being and your intent is clear, you usually gain access to the higher dimension of the crystal. The crystal being is opening a higher frequency to you. Only you may not have contacted the higher dimension where there is the vibrational frequency you need to heal a ‘physical’ complaint, process emotional pain, or empower your intuitive abilities. Once you have access to the energy you need, you can tap into a new resource.

The crystal is a helper, a watchman at the gate. It gives you access to a field that you could not reach before. In that field you will find the right energetic frequencies that you need to get rid of your complaint or whatever your wish and intention is. In addition: crystal is one entrance to that field, there are several. For example, there are therapists who can bring you into contact with the field, remedies, herbs, music and so on. If you are attracted to crystal, this is a suitable ‘tool’ for you to start with.

The effect of crystals on your own vibrational frequencies

You live in a physical body, but you are an energetic being. All parts of you, your thoughts, your feelings: they make you send out energetic vibrations to the world around you. If you are in lower frequencies, you will notice a lot of effect when you focus on your higher frequencies. The effect of one crystal can be quite intense, because you quickly increase your vibrations. It is also possible that you are currently carrying too many old hurts or old patterns, or burdensome family energy, or have blockages that make it difficult for you to access higher dimensions, including the frequency of the crystal being .

Making contact with a (crystal being) only works when you can make a connection with higher frequencies. Old ballast sometimes gets in the way, because that actually pushes you down, to lower frequencies. Skepticism, fear, distrust, procrastination, poor focus, fatigue, insecurity, doubt are examples of ballast that stands in the way of making contact with higher frequencies.

Sometimes the ‘distance’ between higher and lower dimensions is simply too great to bridge at the moment. If so, you can start with another crystal that will now allow you to take the first step towards “lightening” in every way. Our tip: Rock crystal and rose quartz are very suitable to start with.

How do you feel if you get access?

A crystal as a bridge between here-and-now - and higher frequenciesIf you cannot connect to the higher frequency of a crystal being, you will notice very quickly. If you’re holding the crystal, it won’t affect you. You don’t feel anything, it’s neutral. You notice no changes in your emotions, you get no images, no hunches and nothing changes in your body. If you do experience something, for example a desire to work with the crystal or the feeling that it can help you, then you do have a connection. However ‘small’ that first feeling is, if something flows between you and your crystal, it can grow into a beautiful mutual exchange.


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