A home altar: your own place for contemplation

A home altar: your own place for contemplation
Due to the fast time and rushed society in which we live, there is an increasing need for more inner peace and deepening. Making an altar in your house can give you something to hold on to. A home altar is a personal power place where you can consciously turn into yourself and meditate at any time of the day. At your home altar, you give your intentions a physical form.


An altar does not have to look like a real ‘altar’ at all. It can be very simple: setting up a small table or corner is enough. Choose a place in the house where you feel comfortable.

There doesn’t need to be a lot of stuff on the altar. It can only be a candle with a card or a flower. Or, for example, a statue or a souvenir. What feels good to you. An altar is meant to create a resting point in your home. You can meditate, set an intention, think of a deceased loved one, or just recharge.

Decorate your altar according to feeling with things that you find beautiful. But be careful not to overcrowd your altar with photos or objects: putting everything on the altar at once can shred the energy. Just alternate the items on your altar every now and then. In this way you have all the attention for what is on your altar at that moment.

The four elements at your home altar

A home altar: your own place for contemplation

There are four elements that ensure the growth, flowering, and development of all life on earth. These are the elements of earth, water, fire, and air. I personally find these four elements a good starting point for my home altar. Various forms of meditation make use of the teachings of the four elements. Perhaps this is also a good starting point for your home altar.


Earth symbolizes stability, foundation, and connection. With crystals and gemstones, you add earthly energy to your altar. Just be sure to place a stone on your altar that is right for you at the moment. Choosing the right gemstone is very easy: just follow your intuition. See which gemstone you like the most or which appeals to you the most. That is the stone that attracts you and that suits you right now and can help you. Then look at what this stone stands for, you will see that it is correct!


Water symbolizes our emotions and feelings. You can add the element of water by placing a vase with a flower or branch. Living nature at your altar also purifies the energy at your power spot. So plants and flowers are always a good idea.


Burn a stick of incense at your home altar. The smoke represents the element of air and is associated with the mind and (logical) thinking. Choose a nice scent to meditate or relax with. You can also opt for Purification Wood incense or burning Palo Santo wood, this smoke immediately cleans the space of negative, unwanted energies. First smell and experience what you like yourself.


The element of fire stands for transformation and (creative) power. The element of fire is represented by burning a candle at your altar.

Empowering an intention

A home altar: your own place for contemplation

Are you working on a particular intention? Do you want more peace, love, or harmony in your life? Formulate your intention, speak it or write it down at your altar.

An altar works best for you if you pay attention to it regularly because what you give attention to grows. Choose a moment each day, even if it is just 5 minutes, to sit at your altar. Light a candle and/or an incense stick, close your eyes, and look inside for a moment. If necessary, express your intention at the beginning of your meditation. The more often you visit your home altar, the more powerful this place becomes.

Working with insight cards

At your home altar, you can also draw a tarot card or oracle card every day. These cards are both used to connect with your intuition and as an aid to meditation. There are a few differences between tarot cards and oracle cards. For example, a tarot deck always has 78 cards and a fixed structure.

Oracle cards do not have a fixed structure and the amount of cards varies per deck. Oracle cards have a clear theme and the meaning of each card is clearer than that of tarot cards. For oracle cards, therefore, no prior knowledge is actually required: you draw a card and the message on the card is your message. Tarot cards need more prior knowledge and practice.

Laying crystal grid

Another nice thing to do at your home altar is to lay a crystal grid. A crystal grid is a grid on which crystals can be laid out in a geometric manner. You consciously place these crystals with attention and intention. The crystals in this grid give even more power to your intention.




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