A man’s vulnerability


I see a lot of women dare to come forward and express their feelings more and the men are still very careful about this. This is the result of the evolution to date and that is not a bad thing. Men have learned to be strong and not to show their feelings. This stems from the time of war and medieval times, as men had to fight. In it, emotions could not prevail in wars. This culture has been accepted as truth over the centuries and has ensured that the men have had to take on a certain role.

Even though men are different from women, it is often forgotten that men have just as much feeling as women. Only men know how to hide this better. It is then difficult for a man to step forward and acknowledge, show and express his true feelings. Because when a man does, he is labeled weak by society.

That is, of course, outdated. A man can still be a strong man, but also show his vulnerability. A man is also allowed to show his feelings more, without judgment and without rejection. Something this society is still very good at: rejecting people.

A man's vulnerability


It’s something that comes naturally: people always reject something they don’t know or don’t want to know or feel. It is laughed off or waved away and not discussed further. But what’s fun about that? We all know what rejection feels like, and yet we keep doing it to someone else. We want a man who understands a woman; but when a man shows his vulnerability, the weather is not good. If a man breaks down his wall and lets go of his ego, it is seen as not masculine enough. But why is that? Can’t a man be vulnerable in his masculinity? Isn’t a man much more in line with his true essence and can that not create much more beautiful connections?

Much nicer, pure and honest relationships, in which real connection can be established. In which a man can be completely himself. And with this connection he has made with himself, he can inspire others to do that for himself. To spread his light, so that there are no more walls and ego. Which the children can learn from again, and will learn that it’s okay to be their vulnerable selves. In which new roles arise and these will cause a chain reaction of love and connection. And if a man goes back to his true source, his true essence, then he will be able to develop unprecedented talents. Because from the source you can create. From the source you can be who you really are. No more armor, no more mask, no more ego, because they no longer serve.

Follow the heart

From his true essence, the man can start following his heart, and perhaps take a completely different path than he normally would. Because it was expected of him, and because it was ‘normal’. But who says that a man cannot come up with very beautiful creations by following his sensitivity and by following his heart? Who says that a man cannot be a very beautiful source of inspiration because of his vulnerability?

Every human being is born with the potential to create something, although we have been put in a straitjacket by society. And the man is expected to take on a certain role. Of course, that too has long since become obsolete: emancipation has been called into the world for some time. Because everyone is equal and we all come from the same source. And we can all follow our hearts, even if we aren’t expected to. Because it doesn’t belong to a man or whatever society tries to talk you into. We no longer have to be slaves to the system. Everyone is allowed to break free from the imposed rules and the learned culture.

Break open

Create your own rules and your own culture, and you will break open. You will attract and inspire the right people on your path. We no longer have to do what is expected of us; that’s the head that tells you that. Let go of all expectations for yourself and society and create your life by following your heart.

The time for the vulnerable man has now come, and you can admit it.

Start this revolution and show yourself! Be the forerunner and trust that this is the process of the new earth. Show your true self: because if you come into your own, you will become such a beautiful inspiration for yourself and so many others. Now is the time for creation, time to express your true feelings. Now is the time to show your vulnerable self and follow your heart. Now is the time!



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