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A message from the Crystal Children to the people of Planet Earth

Through and Beyond the Armageddon Scenarios move toward Earth’s Rebirth.

Dear people of Planet Earth, we the Crystal Children are arriving among you in great numbers. We have come to assist you with the birth of the New Earth. It’s time. But as we work so hard to hold and bring in the new energy, we want you to understand the current energy dynamics on Earth.

So many of you wonder why nothing seems to “move” anymore and why you feel so tired and unhappy. It seems that you can no longer connect with your guides and angels and you do not know which direction to go.

We want to let you know that those of you who are Lightworkers and Indigo – Crystal Beings have grown incredibly fast. Many of you have opened up to become multi-dimensional and fully awakened beings. This rapid growth has taken its toll on you and we request you to relax and rest; at this stage it is not required to grow so much to be fully aware of what is happening around you.

In this message we want to explain to you what is happening on Earth right now and how we are here to help you at this time. As more and more of us arrive, it becomes easier for us and you to hold the energy of a New Earth.

Programmed for Self-Destruction?

We want you to understand that Earth was programmed for self-destruction at this time.

By who?

Well, by yourselves, even though this happened a long time ago and you have probably forgotten it during your long journey of incarnation.

The most powerful program currently running is the Christian “Armageddon” program. The Christian Bible prophesied that there will be a time called the “Last Days” and that there will be a final world war that will bring great destruction, hardship, poverty and death.

Then there are other programs and “calendars” that indicate that this is the “end times” and that humanity will now experience destruction and a violent “end”.

Part of the Christian and New Age programs involves the arrival of a planet called “Wormwood” or “Niburu”, which will give rise to great catastrophe and destruction for the human race. These programs are all based on a belief that people are fundamentally “evil” and “destructive” and that they will eventually destroy themselves.

What has now become…

We, the Crystal Children, want you to understand that these programs do not have to become a reality. They do not come from a “Higher Source” – they come from your own Collective Consciousness. YOU ARE THE CREATORS of your own reality and you have created these programs.

We, the Crystal Children, have come to show you that it is time to let go of these FEAR-inducing programs and replace them with new programs of renewal and rebirth.

The Three Questions… and the Thought Form War…

There are three questions we would like to ask you and discuss with you:

1. Can you understand that these programs you hold onto and fear are not inevitable “truths”? They are nothing more than THOUGHT FORMS that have gained power because they have been fed with energy for many thousands of years.

2. Can you understand that these Thoughtforms guide and control you?

3. Can you understand that you have created these thought forms and that you can CHANGE them?

Right now, at a very deep level in your Collective Consciousness, a “war” is being fought between the Old Thoughtforms of “Discontinuation” and the New Thoughtforms of Rebirth and Renewal.

If you had been left to your own devices, you would probably have already reached the End of the Planet. But there were those of you who grew and began to understand that this was not necessary. And so help was sent from the advanced souls of the Star Children, who would help you resist this Termination frequency that feeds on fear, and replace it with a Creative frequency based on love.

The New Earth does not have to be born through destruction and fear, it can be a peaceful progression where one way of being is replaced by another. We, the Crystal Children, have come to assure that it can be so.

The “End” is not an Inevitability…

Already there are many “awakened” people on the planet who understand that religion is a powerful force. Religion grew up in the human need to understand the sacred and divine aspects of life. It began as a celebration of human life and its relationship with Nature and All That Is.

But after a while it became a control system based on fear. It began to teach you that you were somehow evil and sinful and that living in the Spirit was so much better than living in a human body. And so you began to be dissatisfied with Earth life and preferred to be in Spirit. And you lost your hold on your Physical and Material reality because you had lost the pleasure of material life. And so you allowed illnesses and shorter lives because in reality you didn’t want to be on this Earth anymore.

And so you invented concepts like “sin” and “karma” to explain why life was indeed so “difficult” and why you were “trapped” here when you would rather be in Spirit. These you added to your religions and they became part of your belief system for why you were here.

But you also started separating from the Planet and seeing the Planet worthless, as it was too material, and you despised material life, you despised the Planet and so you started to see them as “sick” and “worn out”. prestige and also compelled to be terminated. And so you began to foretell “the end” so that you would be free.

But the irony is that you were never caught. You WANTED to be here, you only forgot when you arrived on Earth and were told all the stories about how bad you were and how sick Earth was.

It is time to realize that these stories are not true – and that you do not need to get involved in these belief systems. Please understand, dear ones, that YOU created religion and religious belief and that the Angels and Higher Beings who worked with you were no more than aspects of your Higher Self in the Collective.

They were manifestations of YOU in Spirit, so when you channel material you connect with the Highest Source of information of the Collective of Planet Earth. And also understand that Spirit always has a difficult relationship with material manifestation and materiality. Spirit does not always understand human experience, so when you decide that you want to be liberated from material life and the planet itself, your “Angels” will help you put this scenario into Thought Form so that it can become a reality.

That is why so many of you feel that your “guides” and “angels” are not connecting with you in these days. This aspect of yourself is now no longer certain of what people want. It waits to see if you choose termination as first planned, or for “continuation” of the Planet Earth program in the form of renewal.

But YOU must decide and YOU must make the choices – the Higher Aspects, called Angels, are waiting for YOUR DECISION as to where you will be and what you want for your Planet.

We’re here to help ensure enough people make the choice to continue. With every Crystal Child that is born, another vote for continuation is registered in the Collective. And we want you to know that there are already enough “continuation” voices to form a critical mass and that this can create the path to a New Earth even now.

How the Thoughtforms direct you.

The Termination programs have failed because there are enough Lightworkers and Indigo Crystal Children here to keep the balance.

But we want you to be aware that unless you Awaken, these programs can still direct you – in this they create certain emotions and feelings designed to bring about mass despair, and ultimately mass “suicide” as it were. , as you humans are getting ready for your final “Armageddon scenarios”.

These ThoughtForms lie in the Human Collective Consciousness and gain power from there. You may not be aware of them in your daily life, but because we are all connected to the group or the Collective Consciousness, these ideas will always activate your subconscious.

This is often the source of Stress, Anger and Despair that many people feel at this time. People feel that there is not “enough” to meet their needs, they fear illness and death, fear aging, struggle to maintain relationships, and are generally exhausted. They feel the effect of the Termination program as it says “End”.

No, this is not the End. It is in fact a New Beginning. It should be a time of joy and celebration. But we understand how so many of you are still struggling with the effects of your Termination programs.

But don’t let these programs guide you – become aware that there is a different future and you can make different choices for NOW and for the FUTURE.

We want you to understand that the Middle East has been the birthplace for these Thought Forms of Termination and the Middle East continues to be the place where these ideas still carry on in full force. Many of you are anxiously awaiting WWIII and the final Armageddon.

But please understand that you do not have to fuel this reality. As more and more people choose to continue, the NEED for the Middle East conflict will disappear, as will the conflict itself. The conflict is only necessary because the Thought Form program for Armageddon requires it so.

Creating New Thought Forms

We, the Crystal Children, are here to help you create a NEW THOUGHT energy based on rebirth and renewal. It can be a slow process depending on how many people hold the energy and how many Crystal Children are born, but it WILL SUCCEED. The critical moment has already passed.

We would like to remind you how many of you went through a tremendous spiritual growth “spurt” between 2000 and 2003. This was the time when many of you “voted” for continuation by upgrading/promoting yourself to multi-dimensional functioning and wake up to who you really were. This was also the time when we began arriving on the planet in increasing numbers to assist you with your shift and to ensure that the continuation program was registered and started running.

Your votes were cast and the energy of continuation was registered. The Termination program was canceled due to your efforts. But it lingers in the Collective Consciousness by those who still feed its energies through the religions and sects that still subscribe to these teachings.

It is now up to you as Lightworkers, and us the Crystal Children, to help “hold” this vision of the New Earth and assist with the “Birth” process.

It will happen – but only if it depends on us – and how firmly we can hold the vision and allow this new program to develop in the Collective Consciousness.

Continuation is on a Higher Level…

We also want to let you know that those of you who voted for the continuation scenario have also agreed to upgrade your energetic body to the higher level known as “multi-dimensional”. Many of you have already made the transition, but many of you have yet to go through this process.

Those who have already made the transition and the Crystal Children will assist those who have yet to go through the process. This process involves healing all of your Past Life/Inner Child wounds and opening your energetic field to encompass all thirteen chakras of the new Human Angel Christ being, which are becoming humans.

Gradually, the Earth will be filled with beings of Light who are multi-dimensional Human Angels, aware of who they are and why they are here. They will live and share with open hearts and love all their fellow beings.

They will honor the planet and create a Paradise of beauty. Heaven on earth. It’s not far away anymore. In fact, it will manifest in your life. Now it is a difficult time as so many of you are Bridge the two realities and indeed become the Bridge to the New Reality for many people.

Those on Earth who have chosen not to enter the New Reality will most likely live their lives normally. But they will not be able to return to Earth as Earth will only accept Multi-Dimensional Crystal or Christed Beings in the future. T

hose who do not make the transition will be released to continue their evolution in another world where they can continue with Third Dimensional learning. Earth is no longer the school for the Third Dimension – that role is done. The Earth is now the Golden Home for Human Angels. This reality is assured. We invite you to work with us to participate in the creation of the New Earth.


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