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A New Family Paradigm

(a paradigm is a new way of looking at reality)

There was a time when a family consisted of a father, a mother, two children and a pet.
The parents were married for life and everyone was happy, that was how we were told and how it was supposed to be.

Unfortunately, this family paradigm is one that never really existed. Perhaps there was a marriage, but often not happy, or things happened in the family structure that did not bring happiness or satisfaction.

This brought us into the world of divorce and “mixed” families that were often problematic because the family was not “supposed” to be.
But since there is nothing accidental in the universe, could it be possible that what happens in the family today is normal, and that what we used to try to create as the norm was not normal?

The new paradigm for a family is a step- or blended family where parents are divorced and remarried, the children come from different parents and everyone tries to live together as best they can.
If we look at these families from a karmic and soul group perspective, the biological aspect is less important than how they were brought together; that is their karmic path.
While a child may be born to one parent, it is the stepparent who must participate in the upbringing.

The first marriage may be the repayment of a karmic debt while the second marriage is more lasting and brings happiness and satisfaction.
These relationships are less about the fulfillment of a romantic dream than the fulfillment of a karmic learning process.

The brand associated with divorce and stepfamilies is slowly fading and a new paradigm about families is emerging.

And I’m glad to see it happening because we need to see life as meaningful rather than coincidental. This includes, in fulfillment of our healing purpose, all aspects of our lives, including all people we partner with in the family dynamics associated with these relationships.

We can more easily embrace our stepchildren if we look at their presence from a karmic perspective – where have we known them before, how have we known them, and what role do they play on our healing path, both for ourselves and for them?family

Nothing is certain about life, nor about how you can live, and the more we try to conform to norms of ‘normal’, the more powerless we feel because ‘normal’ usually describes a life or a lifestyle that we not have. (and many people don’t)

What we do in our families today is give ourselves a chance to reconnect with our soul group and heal karma, and stop the adaptive behavior that is a source of drama and lifelong trauma.

This situation includes children and partners with whom we seek healing as well as the lessons that we collectively resolve.

So embrace your family situation, whatever it is, and understand that this is why these people are in your life. If you can accept their presence in the spirit of unconditional love and divine purpose, you acknowledge the healing process for all.


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