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A New world is waiting for us


For many Lightworkers, the situation in the world right now is heartbreaking. The requirements and measures that are set. Children and adults in a bind. Huge destructions of nature.

The longing for a world in which we as humanity deal with ourselves, the other and the earth in a different way is growing bigger and bigger. At the same time, frustration and a sense of powerlessness increase. The waiting for a New world is so incredibly long for many Loving souls.

You long for a loving world

Do you recognize this? That you wish that life on earth would be Loving and Light again? Perhaps you even felt this as a child. The way we live now often surprised you. Which made it seem as if you were barely at home here on earth.

And even now, if you look at the world we live in. Then you would want nothing more than a huge change . If you could dream free? Perhaps a world without war and struggle. And a community of people where everyone takes care of each other, the animals and the earth. A world where there is enough. And respect, for everyone. Whether you are small or large. White or brown. You are carried and you are loved.

The New World is waiting for us

Maybe it doesn’t seem like it yet when we look at the world around us. But the change you and I are waiting for is closer than it’s been in ages. Because the difficult time in which we now live is nothing more and nothing less than a time of transition. The Transition to a Golden Age.

Because yes, it is indeed true. We are facing a change. And it’s not just any change. A brand new era is simply being born. Really, brand new. It is no longer a matter of fine-tuning what no longer works so well. It is also no longer about updating outdated models. We are talking about New. Radiant and Golden New.

We have lived Light before

Well, not entirely new. Because we live on Earth in cycles. And we go through different kinds of eras in these cycles. Eras in which we as souls can grow and develop in different ways.

The coming New Era therefore has similarities with earlier eras. And especially with the Lighter eras. Times of centuries ago when people lived on earth from unconditional Love and Divine Light. Like the ages of the Golden Atlantis or Lemuria.

And we don’t often think about it, but since we were able to live on earth as souls in human form, a lot of time has already passed. In fact, eons and eons ago, the Earth was a beautiful, glowing sphere. A planet on which no life was possible, as we know it today. And only from the moment that her crust started to solidify, did there become room for life as an animal, plant or human being.



We came to Earth from the Universe

From that time the earth lovingly offers space to souls from all corners of the Universe. Perhaps your soul came through a planet or system such as Sirius , Venus , Arcturus , Andromeda and Orion . And are you one of those beautiful souls with a Clear consciousness. A Light, Wise soul who started her incarnation cycle on earth from Love.

Or maybe you as a soul had never lived on a planet before. For example, because until that moment you had only lived in Angelic Fields or in other energetic Light Fields. For you, Earth was a first Home Planet. And what a beautiful planet, with its green fields and blue waters. With its wealth of flora and fauna.

Life on Earth is actually Magical

Life on Earth has been magical for everyone from the very beginning. The possibilities that we have here as a soul are unprecedented! Just living with a human body, emotions and senses is incredibly special. Something that we as humans do not often stop thinking about. Perhaps because living with a human body has been so painful for Lightworkers in recent centuries. But in essence, our body is a magical vehicle. A temple for our soul.

The experience of free will as we do on earth is also unique. Living in duality and a third dimensional consciousness is unprecedentedly painful for the most Light souls. But it is precisely this duality and our free will to make choices that give us possibilities that we do not have elsewhere. In fact, the beautiful Spiritual Awakening we are doing now is only possible because we were also able to forget who we really are at first.

The heaviness does not belong to the earth

The Loving beginnings of our earthly lives are essential for Lightworkers to remember at this time. So that we also start to re-member the bond of love that we have with the earth.

The gravity on earth is not something that by definition belongs to the earth. It rather belongs to the past centuries in which there was no room for Light. For after the last period of Light on Earth, during the Golden Atlantis era, that space has disappeared little by little.

Step by step, the dim light took over. And everything that is Light has kind of been ‘banished’. It sounds like a bad movie, but we don’t have to make it more beautiful. Because luckily it is also a film in which the Light wins. Life on Earth has simply become too heavy. And it is time for Light again.

It’s time for Light again

Yes really. You can let that sink in deeply. Whatever the world looks like now. It’s time for Light again. According to the Cosmic Plan, there is even a New world ready energetically. The coming eons on earth will be lived out of Love again. The Love and the Light, the Truth and Freedom that so many people crave, may be brought out again.

Even though it doesn’t always seem to be getting Lighter in the current world, behind the scenes a lot of hard work is being done on a New Light Age. By beautiful Light Masters and Light Beings from all over the Universe. And by Lightworkers like you and me. Beautiful Light souls with a unique Wisdom and Power.

Trust in the Light

Your trust in the Light is vital during this process. For your trust in the Light is like an anchor point, contributing to the smooth birth of the New Age.

So whatever happens? No matter how inhumane life seems? Be realistic. And trust the Light, in you and in me. Know that a New world is ready. A world, carried by Love and Light.

PS Not only life on earth, but also your life is in transition. I’ll tell you more about that in my next article!


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