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A soul love sometimes stays on a soul level


From the corner of my eye

i see you appear

in the backstage of my life.

What has the Director staged,

what role will you be shaping?

Do you feel free to act in this

or is space still limited

to improvise a bit.

My inner eye has perceived

what potential lies in this script.

I have learned my lessons!

The mise-en-scene is written in pencil.

All that actually

in the light

will be played,

is only then life-like

painted in colorful ink.

In recent years I meet more people who encounter a soul love. I mean soul love here as an umbrella term for a soul mate, a soul mate or a twin soul. Sometimes I find the distinction difficult to make.

The encounter is often intense and emotional, of an unprecedented height and depth. There is recognition, a deeply felt connection or fusion. Also a lot of confusion. Especially if one or both of them are in a marriage or relationship with another.

However, it is not automatically the case that an encounter with a soul love always leads to a relationship in personal life. Sometimes the soul love remains at the soul level because one of the two in the personal life does not recognize or does not acknowledge the soul connection.

Having to let go of a soul love because there is no mutual recognition or because it is not possible to be together can be one of the worst pains you can feel. Soul pain goes through marrow and bone, it cuts through your heart.

It therefore does not always seem the intention that encountering a soul love in the three-dimensional world should lead to a relationship form. Then the meeting is meant for something else. For example, to learn to develop a deeper sense of love or unconditional love. The encounter with a soul love can let you see and feel the depth of your own soul. It can increase your ability to love.

You can also think of encountering a soul love as a spiritual potential or a possible reality present in the universal gridwork. Of which it is not necessarily determined that love actually manifests itself in personal life, in whatever form.

Energetically you sometimes see someone approaching out of the corner of your eye or feel someone’s soul energy around you even before you meet someone in person. Just wait, feel and follow what unfolds before you.

Try not to eagerly grab the other person or the feeling. Don’t be too quick to think that you already know it or that you understand it. Follow the process for a while. Adopt a receptive attitude and let the natural course of things take its course. That can be quite a challenge for decisive people.

Do not break existing connections too quickly to be with a soul love. Sometimes there can be very different lessons hidden in the encounter than you initially think.


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