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A soul mate is another word made by humans, so as not to have to learn their own lessons.

How do you deal with the fact that you know spiritually how things can turn out, and others don’t? This is a theme that has come up a lot this year. Answers to prayers sent years ago have surfaced in people’s lives. One of the most important prayers to be answered had to do with a long-awaited love.

These higher resonating love relationships are not based on karma , or on twin flames or soul mates. The Angels have always asked me not to advise people to ask about their twin flame or soul mates, as those are lower energy relationships. These terms were used to explain what we felt we needed in 3D.

Consider a twin flame. That indicates that there is something in a soul that is missing something ; that half of you is floating around in another body somewhere. Does that make any sense? How can a soul be separate from itself? The Angels told me this was a term created by a human, not something that is spiritually inspired.

So when someone prays for a twin flame, it attracts the energy of someone who is completely like who he is, with the same likes and dislikes, themes etc… Why would we want the same one as ourselves? These relationships are difficult, and they rarely

A soul mate is another word made by humans, so as not to have to learn their own lessons. The soul mate makes them ‘complete’, so that they don’t have to do anything anymore. Everything they need is in that other person. So in the beginning those relationships are wonderful, but then they start to crumble. The problem is that we are here to learn, and in whatever way we try to prevent it, we will eventually learn the lessons. But the longer we wait, the harder the lesson becomes.

The highest and most beautiful love you can create for yourself is not the soul mate or the twin flame. Through your prayers for your highest and most beautiful love, your soul will send a ray of light into the world, to find someone who has a similar ray of light in the soul. The more clean your heart is from lower energies (unforgiveness, condemnation, etc…), the cleaner the other’s heart will be.

This does not mean that they have already finished their lessons. It’s actually the opposite. They still have things to learn, which is why their souls are looking for a love affair. The same goes for you, which is why your soul seeks a love affair: to learn.

The highest and greatest love still brings lessons to go through, and this is perfect for your soul to learn lessons on the highest and easiest path, ONLY WHEN you allow it.

The Angels tell us that most of the time (99% of relationships) the person who comes to us is not where we are, spiritually. This is a great disappointment to many Lightworkers . The light of the two souls matched, not necessarily consciousness. There’s a reason for that.

If the soul you came together with was as spiritually aware as you are, it can quickly lead to a free will competition about who knows the most and then it can turn into a teacher/student relationship.

The student will then face resentment because he is not seen for who he really is. It’s too risky to bring two people together like that, because then the relationship can quickly fail. There is no time now for such attempts. Remember, when this person comes there will be a spiritual match, so the souls will already have an equal amount of soul light energy. That shows that it is not necessary for one to be the teacher and the other to be the student. This love affair is about two souls standing next to each other.

The other problem is that you can have spiritual insights about the future, and know from the first meeting that this could be a lifelong relationship. But the other person can’t handle such information yet, and evolves at a slower pace than you. They are still playing the dating game while you are planning your whole future together. That can be a frustratingly slow process when you’re waiting for the other person to be where you are.

What are you doing then? Just enjoy every moment of every day with this person. There is no need to rush anything. Many Lightworkers cause problems in their relationship and sometimes lose their great love because they felt the need to tell him everything they knew spiritually about the future.

The other person who cannot achieve the same spiritual understanding may feel uncomfortable, and usually feel forced to make decisions that they are not ready for, and therefore leave. It is better to keep these things to yourself. It’s not that we’re not used to being silent. We don’t share everything we know spiritually with everyone. We have experienced in the past that this sometimes has consequences that we do not like or need.

Just enjoy every moment of every day with that person. It’s not about the end result. It is about you learning as a soul through your daily life. You learn how to love yourself while being loved for who you are. Eventually someone will be able to ‘see’ you! From your soul you know what to do to be on the highest and easiest path. Make sure you don’t cause turmoil, and complications that didn’t have to happen;


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