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A spiritual cause of dyslexia (Sonia Bos)

A spiritual cause of the person with dyslexia (****):

dyslexiaMan has suffered trauma through his incarnation. People with ADHD and dyslexia in particular experience these primal traumas as a disturbed contact with the Source.

This makes it difficult for him to incarnate in matter, matter with its dualities. Dyslexia is not a failure, they have been given a gift, they are very intuitive and sensitive. Dyslexia arises because they have problems with the substance. This person wants to go back to the Source, he has a primal nostalgia for this state of being.

His task is to enliven this primal homesickness everywhere. The Creator created an army of light to secure creation. The dyslexic person is chosen for this. He has the cosmic assignment to draw matter up to Spirit. However, he wants to return to his destination, his primordial state.

This creates the syndrome of dyslexia, there is chaos in his head and there are learning difficulties. There are problems communicating in the fabric. This causes disruption in brain functions and nervous system. Layers of his Spirit are still left somewhere high in the spheres, high in the aura, this creates a disorientation in the material.

Every dyslexic is different, is in a different phase of awareness, this also depends on his karma and trauma from past lives. If they establish the integration of the higher layers in the material, they transcend their dyslexia. There are currently many children and adults with dyslexia, their task is now activated, their task must now be fulfilled.


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