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A spiritual look at 2018

Bringing relationships to a higher level

2018 will be the Chinese Year of the Dog, a year in which loyalty, friendships, cooperation and heart connections will abound. You will notice that -also by the 11/2-( master ) vibration- you are guided to bring your relationships to a higher level, and that relationships in which this does not work will gradually disappear from your energy field. Higher level relationships are relationships in which respect, love, support, inspiration is shared, in which you feel at home, and in which you can grow safely.

Growing sense of self-confidence, satisfaction and joy

Another characteristic of this year is that you can achieve more than usual if you fully use your qualities and stay focused on your goal. Steady work and perseverance will be necessary, but will also pay off more than ever, and will translate into an ever-growing sense of self-confidence, satisfaction and joy. You discover more and more that you can indeed do it.

Learning to balance and let go of emotions

The 18 is the card of the Moon in the Tarot, and 18/9 also places a numerological emphasis on learning to balance and let go of emotions, insecurities, dependencies and doubts. The feminine energy will manifest itself more powerfully in the world, but also in yourself. The ‘soft power’ is increasingly coming to the fore, and ancient traumas from the collective female consciousness are receiving a lot of healing. The key to that healing is to let yourself grow more and more in unconditional love for your real Self, from that true power flows.

A spiritual look at 2018

Putting your Heaven on Earth

If you still have certain fears that block you on your way, then 2018 is the year to go through them, and thereby free yourself and lift yourself to a higher level. The 11 propels every individual and society as a whole to continue challenges and thereby make a big growth leap. How easy you will make this leap depends on how strong you are with your Self, how strong your desire is for more joy, love, lightness and ease, and how strong your commitment is to put your Heaven on Earth. This year, more than ever, it is your commitment that determines how your results will be.

Is giving and receiving in balance?

The 18/9 will often confront you with how your balance is in giving and receiving, with the need to set boundaries. Also, the 18/9 will teach you to say “no” when it’s healthy for you. This vibration will increase your sensitivity. The 11-vibration can often greatly increase the general unrest, but also that within yourself, so find the best ways for you to relax and discharge. The peace and stability of nature are waiting for you!

Feel what you want to put down in this life

The eclipse periods this year help to release blockages and veils, clear old layers and emotions, and make you aware of the innovator and forerunner within you. You will gradually start to feel stronger and safer in what you want to achieve in this life, and you will discover that there is a lot more support on your way than you previously thought. You will often also receive a strong incentive to move forward, to take the lead when necessary and speak your truth.

The New Age needs words of Truth, not from your ego, but the Universal Source truth speaking through your body, your personality and your life! The eclipse periods are from late January to mid-February, and from mid-July to mid-August, but their impact ripples much further.

Power months of this year

  •  – February (22/4), April (222/6) and September (11/2) are pivotal months. Due to this year’s underlying 11/2 vibration, these are months where the vibration can be really high and there can be many unexpected (or expected) challenges. By going through and overcoming these, you can achieve great growth, and discover that you were capable of much more than you thought you were. Use all your tools, knowledge, wisdom, experience and energies to take this growth spurt the right way, and get the most out of it.
  • – July and November are finishing months, when many old layers, connections, places and energy disappear from your life and your system – especially if you allow it.

Bottom out of the can

2018 will be a year in which you can be challenged to get the most out of it, to put in everything and who you are, and in which you will gradually see the landscape around you change. The changes are happening quickly, there are many unexpected twists and turns, so centering is the key.

2020 turning point in your incarnation

You are gradually being guided in the direction from which you will depart in 2020, and you gradually build the (as yet vague) new setting for an important turning point in your incarnation. Take good care of your body, because it will have to assimilate to the steady high vibration, especially in the power months. Love yourself, stand 100% behind your Self, and don’t hesitate to share your Self-awareness, your Light, your infinite compassion, your inspiration and wisdom, because if 2018 has a name it must be the Year of Sharing ‘.


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