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A twin flame realization

Since the time we are born, it seems as if the quest begins to find our partner or that significant other who will lead us to a level of perfection within ourselves. It is as if we are preprogrammed to seek unity with our existence, and many of us choose to do this by finding a partner.

We start the game with our eyes wide open and our hearts full of vitality and hope. We are attracted to certain things and certain people, and in our journey we choose not to ask ourselves why. We usually enter into different relationships seeking to find some kind of love through the other person, through connection we begin to discover our passion, our intimacy, our fears and ourselves. The years go by and we are now rich in experience.

New Age Twin FlameIn a way we perceive pain through our choices, we feel that someone has let us down or we let ourselves down. Later we realized the opportunities these experiences afforded, but during the immersion in the emotions of ‘that’ moment the bigger picture was not yet visible.

Our emotional experiences with others lead us to new choices and new assumptions about what we really want, what relationship we really want to manifest. Some decide to retreat to the safety of self, others become somewhat cynical and dull, and some choose to continue learning in love, transforming themselves through each experience.

The experiences we encounter can serve to lead us to our inner truth. Our connection to Spirit can blossom under various circumstances (a blessing in disguise?) We begin to gain a new freedom of self; a loving and empowered conception of our efforts is now ours. Our connection to Spirit is now strengthened, we understand what the quest was all about. It was about love, self-recognition, and self-esteem.

We are now claiming these things through the Divinity of ourselves, and maybe this is it so… maybe this ‘task done’ so to speak. We know where our love comes from, we realize that the beauty we love in others is actually the recognition of the love they radiate comes from within ourselves. It is the feeling of love that we fall in love with;

What we are looking for is not a worldly love, it is not of a physical nature – it is a love of the Divine. The Divine part of ourselves that we choose to recognize in the outer world, the encounters/mixes flow into our own Divine timetable and we already know the outcome.

First of all, our twin flame is an energy, just as we are… it can enter our existence at any moment, by anyone or anything, it can be shared for a moment or for a lifetime and in everything in between. However, one thing is for sure, you will know when you are touched, you will know flawlessly that the energy is essentially flames-A twin flame realization

You know when you have chosen the meeting; you even know how you chose to meet. It’s all just the way you wanted it. Isn’t this perfection in motion? It seems that it is now time for us as a collective to choose to reunite with each other. Some have already met their counterpart and for them there are many blessings.

Others choose to experience themselves in multiple forms and as always this is valid, some have found it themselves and therefore chose to look no further, while others come from an ‘incubation period’, where they are destined to confront the self, the purest nature of their being.

Many are here to heal the final stages, to recognize their essential beauty before making the choice to recognize it in another. The foundation has been laid

The descriptions of this ‘twin flame’ journey are a unique interpretation of this One Man experience. Everyone is invited to agree or not, but the basic rule remains that before we can truly recognize and merge with the love and Divinity of another, we must first recognize these qualities in ourselves.


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