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About Raising Indigo Children

In Kryon’s book “Working With God (Practical Information for the New Millennium)” by Kryon , a chapter is devoted to the “Indigo Children.” Lee Carroll is the man who receives messages from Kryon. In this sixth book of Kryon he summarizes what Kryon has said about the Indigo children,

Indigo refers to the main color of the ‘auras of these children . So, the following parts are not literally channeled messages. The chapter is 13 pages, and I chose a few excerpts. If you’re really interested in Kryon, who first coined the term “Indigo Children” buy the book!

One of the most amazing features of the New Age is going to come from the cradles of thousands of homes around the world. The new children of the ‘Indigo’ color have arrived en masse and are already among us. Sometimes I think this is what has been prophesied as the “mass landing” (just kidding)!

Spiritual awareness: Be aware that these new children have an overarching layer of knowledge of who they are that is different from what we had as children. On a cellular level, they “know” that they are creatures of the universe, with a wonderful purpose (not a lesson) on the planet. Their consciousness of duality is therefore different from ours. The result is multiple:

  • First, if they choose to change their vibration, they can do it much more easily than we can.
  • If they go on self-examination in their lives, they will have fewer problems with self-esteem, fear or leftovers from past lives. Often there are no lessons from past lives at all.
  • Their transition to a new vibration will be effortless, and they will fully understand some of the intricate problems about vibrational change and its effect on Earth.
  • Some will be born without karma at all.

This does not necessarily mean that the new children will all become enlightened beings of the New Age – hardly. They still have the same free choice of self-discovery, but when it does, they’ll have better tools to do the job than we had.

It would be as if the qualities of Babe Ruth (the world’s greatest baseball player) were hidden inside all of us. Some of us would never even pick up a bat, but those who did could hit the ball excellently. The other side of the coin is that their ‘special’ traits can cause problems in their personality if we don’t recognize them.raising Indigo children

… Kryon now says that as a result of the new consciousness, the child will experience a total breach of trust if instead they are told they are worthless, because they definitely know better!

He or she will know they are being song to! The result will be withdrawal and distrust. The child cannot be convinced that he deserves anything other than what he is! He intuitively knows who he is on a cellular level.

This ‘kingship’ and ‘queenship’ is the difference in how they feel. Many adults see this attribute and call the children “stubborn” or “difficult.” Instead, the kids can have good, solid self-esteem, and cellular information that they absolutely should be here right now. They asked for it, and here they are.

This can be both a blessing and a disaster depending on the child’s circumstances. For example, if the child is the only Indigo, among many children with the old consciousness (as we were), then it will seem an outsider. Inside, the child will cry, “Why does no one recognize me? Why don’t the other kids get it? Why are they doing this? They are all stupid!

An Indigo child has subtle memories about the Other Side, which gradually disappear by the age of ten. At a Kryon Home meeting , a kindergarten teacher told a story about a very angry and frustrated three-year-old girl.

She didn’t get the reaction she expected from the other children, they didn’t have the same understanding with which she was born. They were slow, didn’t listen, didn’t want to participate in the things she wanted, and clearly started to shut her out. Furious and in tears, she stomped on the woman in charge, yelling at her, “I’m sorry I came back!” (true happened)

At a Kryon Seminar, I met a family who had brought their Indigo children. It was a pleasure talking to the children (aged six and eight). I asked the little boy, “What did they call you before you came here?” , in order to find out if he had memories of a past life. Much to my surprise it was. “They Called Me Papa” he replied, as if it was nothing special.

The parents were affirming. They were united in Spirit and could respect and recognize their children in a completely different way than the old patternTwo more times since then, parents took their Indigos to a seven-hour adult gathering! No video games or cartoons – just channeling and reading. The attention of the children was impressive.

speaking of attention; an anomaly seems to have surfaced in recent years, which is almost always related to Indigos. What would it be like to be born with the knowledge of who you were, with the feeling of belonging to a Family – and then not be recognized or treated as an outsider, instead of a royal being? What would it be like to experience this as a child and not be able to do anything about it? Your mind couldn’t figure out what was wrong!

The answer, unfortunately, is; Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADD and ADHD ) .In order to survive, these children will either step out of reality, into their own non-physical world, or just the opposite – they will fly up against the walls to avoid the real problem in their lives and thus attract help.

Many parents have to medicate their Indigos because there seems to be no other way to create a somewhat normal family life, or to allow the child to develop. This will change. Already, energy workers are having good results with ADD and ADHD , but they also need to involve parents.

Sometimes it helps to change the child’s environment, but there is no guarantee that the new situation will be better. A few people have found that eating blue/green algae shows a big difference in behavior – almost as if the child’s biology is balancing itself through the ingestion of this new substance.

The best results are reported with blue/green algae grown naturally in Klamath Lake in Oregon (I don’t sell it, although it may sound like that. I do eat it. It’s food, not a supplement, and it fits in the Kryon category of life-essential substances that quickly and naturally bring the body into balance).

… Some things don’t work with the indigo kids anymore. Guilt won’t work like it did when we were young. “Wait until your dad comes home” is a term that just doesn’t deliver the results it used to. Instead, the child will not seem completely unresponsive, and the desired fear of the father finding out what the child has done simply won’t work. The inner knowing of ‘who he is’ will short-circuit many of the old tricks of discipline.

Attitude: Kryon told us that the New Age children would behave differently, and the nannies agree. Here’s an example: The New Age Children don’t line up when they’re told to. (Oh no! How’s that supposed to be at Disneyland?) Instead, the caretakers tell them what to do and give the kids a certain amount of time to work it out on their own. So instead of saying, “Okay, kids, get in line right now for lunch ,” the caregivers say, “OK, kids, it’s lunch time and you have three minutes to line up.”

Suddenly it becomes a group effort to figure out who will line up first and where to start the line. The children solve this problem themselves (!) and take responsibility for the correct action. It’s a new way of thinking for both children and adults. Apparently the Choice encourages responsible behavior (Not in my time) .

Both these and other new methods aim to provide children with more information at an early age so that they can find solutions themselves. Taking responsibility as a five-year-old? Solving a social issue (agreeing who will be first in line)? Does this sound like New Age Principles for adults or for children? It’s for both and that’s what matters. These kids have a much better understanding of how things work and you can’t fool them.

What can parents do about direction and discipline? The answer is that they should first explain to the children (no matter how young they are – even if they can’t talk yet) why they are being asked to do something and then let them make a choice (if they are old enough to do it). be first). I was at home with a three-year-old Indigo kid. If you looked at him, you could see that it was an old soul.

His parents knew who he was and were perfectly capable of giving him a meaningful place in the family. Instead of telling him to “sit down” at dinner, he was asked to choose “where to sit” (the parents had prepared a few options beforehand). A thoughtless order thus became a loving request to make a choice.

In both cases, dinner was served and some action was expected. The child looked at the situation and you could indeed see that he was taking responsibility for choosing which seat to sit on.The idea of ​​not heeding the ‘coming to the table’ never came up!

Later in the evening I once saw the child struggle (he was tired and whiny, like all children), after which he was reprimanded clearly and firmly.

The difference? He was treated with respect but still went out of his way (as all children do to test their limits). This was followed by the expected disciplinary action, with a logical, calm explanation. The difference here lay not in the way the child was addressed but in the way it was treated up to, and during, the problem. This makes the child understand: “We treat you with respect and you do the same with us”.

Don’t think you’re spoiling the kid like that. This is just a different way of interacting than it used to be. This is not ‘walking on eggshells’ with the child. This is giving the child a Choice instead of “Do as you are told and shut up!” . Kryon advises parents to befriend their children very early and try to drop the usual parent-child ratio.

Parents have also taken Indigo infants to seminars. In Beckeridge, Colorado, a newly adopted orphan from abroad was carried on her mother’s back.

The child was absolutely enchanting and you could see so much wisdom in her eyes. (You could also predict that this child would give a handful of work. She will demand attention, but not from ego. This trait comes from hidden knowledge about her cellular lineage. Parents don’t have to give in – just recognize who the children are , and expect the same in return).

During my story about Indigo children I told that one was present in the back of the room with her mother. Hundreds of people turned to look. The child’s reaction? She nodded her head, acknowledged that people honored her – and waved – as if to say:“Yes that’s me!” It was a precious moment and we all laughed heartily.

Parents will find out at a very early stage that their children respond to recognition and they may therefore have a very different relationship than we had as children with our parents. The children will be much more sensible and astonish us by the self-discipline they display (self-responsibility).

They will recognize social problems more quickly and be much more interested in ‘adult’ matters, at a much younger age – and yes, they will soon become our friends. Goodbye generation gap! That’s an old energy pattern. I have experienced it myself! Three times this year, Indigo teenagers participated in a Kryon seminar. In one case, the boy demanded that his parents take him (he had found the Kryon books himself).

The second came with his parents as a perfect equal and took all the information, meditation, toning and channeling in the same way as the adults (for seven hours). In the third case, the boy had read the Kryon books and felt a strong resonance. He got permission from his parents in Alaska to come to a Kryon seminar on his own!

In each of these cases, I spent some time with these loved ones. Okay, they were still teenagers and they talked and acted like teenagers. (Remember your own teenage years? I honor the process of growing up and pray spirit that I will never forget what it was like. I believe that helped me in my dealings with young people.)

The difference with these young people was in the factor wisdom. They asked extremely probing questions about life and their teenage role in it. We discussed a lot and when I watched them leave I thought, “There goes a whole new kind of people!”

.. So, if you didn’t already understand, here are some suggestions until an enlightened counselor or teacher writes the upcoming bestseller about the new kids

Tips: Here are some preliminary hints – until some enlightened caregiver or teacher writes the future ‘order’ book about the New Children . (NB – here’s a book to be written!)

Raising Indigo Children

  • Treat the child like a young adult from birth. In particular, use the sound of your voice. This is how you recognize his/her life force. The child expects this and will react negatively if you don’t. The recognition should always be mutual; at first, the child may not seem to understand your request for reciprocity,
  • but express it nonetheless. Mothers, your INTENTION to acknowledge and be acknowledged is the key! Make this appointment early. You cannot create this, you have to earn it with your behavior. Do this using speech. The Indigo answers cellular responsibility. Often this is the only lesson he/she gets here and this kind of input is needed.
  • Literally tell children what is going on from birth. EXPLAIN EVERYTHING. Okay, all moms now roll their eyes. But really – do it! The children can feel what is happening on a cellular level.

Mothers, I want to remind you of something that may have happened at the birth of your child. Do you remember the very first time you held your baby and looked into those eyes for a long time? Did the child look you in the eye? Yes it did! What did you feel during that first ‘eye contact’? Was there an exchange? YES!

Every mother I spoke to remembers that moment – ​​through the internal exchange! INTENTION is the power of exchange and it works from the day these children are born. They know if they are wanted or not and even if you are a new mother! They are wise in a way you were not, so you can expect them to be forerunners in many ways.

  • Let the children make choices about anything and everything as quickly as possible! Prepare playbooks for them to choose from , for eating, sleeping and playing.

Remember, it fits the “kingship” of the children to be able to choose. They will answer the ‘royal approach’ with a maturity you didn’t expect. They don’t consider you ‘non-royal’. They understand the lineage and as they grow up the recognition will be mutual. Because they are royal, they certainly believe that you are too! If you understand this attitude then daily dealings with them will be much easier.

  • Call them to order just like any other child, but do it with less emotion than you are used to. Strong emotion to impress doesn’t work for these children any more than guilt. Yelling doesn’t change them and it makes you look weak. If you ‘lose yourself in it’, they win. While my generation cringed at the loud voice of an angry parent who had lost his temper, the Indigos might even smile. Oops, you lost.

A good, quick and calm ‘punishment’, as mentioned, administered at the right time, works best – yes, even in the supermarket. Don’t worry about the other customers, they don’t have to go home with the child! Be consistent with this (I know it’s hard).

Because the Indigos are young adults, they will quickly understand what happens if they try you. The worst thing you can do to an Indigo child is ‘let them walk all over you! And they do when they get the chance. Then it is difficult to regain their esteem.

According to Nancy Ann Tappe , these children actually correspond to your emotional state. That’s different from reacting to it. Love, determination, righteousness – remember that these are all emotions too. These kids are very intuitive!

  • Watch for signs of deep frustration when interacting with other children. Some of this is ‘normal’. But severe depression and “slam up” indicate deep frustration. Later this can erupt into an overactive act, which I talked about earlier. Both are defense mechanisms that arise from a feeling of absolute loneliness, even when there are other children to play with.

Since these children are not stamped with NEW TIME INDIGO CHILD, finding other children they are comfortable with will involve trial and error. From a metaphysical standpoint, you will find other Indigo children with Lightworker parents more quickly than if you change schools and just hope the next group is better.

If you notice that some of your metaphysical friends’ children are Indigos, get the kids together regularly. It will be a good balance for all children and will certainly help them to be tolerant towards those in school who do not understand them.

Why would Lightworkers’ children be Indigos? FAMILY! Kryon often talks about it. We incarnate in spiritual groups all over the planet. “Family” is probably more spiritual than biological.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Seek out counselors and people who work professionally with children as soon as you see a problem you don’t think you can handle. Call on them if you need direction.

Many professionals who deal effectively with these children are not New Ages, but they do have experience with the practical side. These care providers have recognized the symptoms, have found a number of answers and are achieving good results.

There are many good educators and psychologists who have addressed the “indigo” problem without ascribing any spiritual importance to it. They are honored with good answers because Spirit does not belong to anyone (as I have said before).

Their INTENTION to help the children is as powerful and valuable as any Lightworker’s. Remember, it is their drive that has brought them to the right place and the right time to help Indigo children around the world.

Not all children born now are Indigos, but as time goes by there will be more and more. It all started in 1970 when a small percentage of Indigos arrived and it has now risen to about 80% (in 1998). At this rate, it will become easier for children to find like-minded friends. It is the children between the ages of three and six who are now looking. Their group was only about 30% Indigos. Soon it will be 100%.


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